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Publication numberUS2589439 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Mar 1952
Filing date26 Mar 1951
Priority date26 Mar 1951
Publication numberUS 2589439 A, US 2589439A, US-A-2589439, US2589439 A, US2589439A
InventorsSeidel William L
Original AssigneeWillson Products Inc
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US 2589439 A
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lMarch 18, 1952 W. L. SEIDEL GOGGLES Filed March 26, 1951 nventor Gttorneg Patented Mar. 18, ,1952

VIVGQGGLES `lZVillliam l.,L. LSeidel, .,Wxomissi'ng, Pa, .assigner t0 ls l frets; Incl, Readme; Para cprpq- ,feprleatiengrerae, lesnsrinno-211,487

The present inventionlrelates toimlllQl/Tements in goggles and, more particularly'jtoansaldapti' or eyesnieid to which mayLbenuicklyattaendfeyepieces of various 'designs or having diierttypes of lenses for various industrial uses.

In the past, goggles have ,been employed formed in the shape of a plastic frame to the rim'of'which was sewn or attached an eyeshield for completing the goggles and for providing, a light-'tight en'- closure as the result of a close t between the shield and the portions of the face of the lwearer surrounding the eyes. An outstanding disadvantage of such construction is that it does n ot enable replacement 01V plastic framesfor protection against different workl conditions, also,l it does not enable substitution of different sizedeyeshields so as to conform more'clsely to different sized faces. f

An object of the present invention is to provide goggles for industrial' use which' are devoid of the above-named disadvantages and which are readily and easily assembled in a quickly deta'chable manner.

A more specific object of the invention is to provide a pair of goggles comprising separate cup-shaped, lens supporting pieces which vare-detachably secured to a exible eyeshield; which shield is held by straps closely against lthe faceof the wearer so as to positively exclude light from the eyes or the wearer irrespective of Variations in contours of the face of diiferent Wearers.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparentv froni'a study of the following description taken with the'acc'ompanying drawings wherein:

Fig. l is a perspective view ofa pair of goggles embodying the principles of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged, fragmentary, longitudinal cross-sectional View showing' the joint lbjetween the'plastic lens supporting cup and eyeshield;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary horizontal cross-sectional View taken substantially along line 3-3 of Fig. 1

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary plan view of the nose surrounding portions of the lens supporting cups;

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary View of the portion of the flexible shield which surrounds and supports the parts shown in Fig. 4

Fig. 6 is an enlarged perspective View of the nose pad shown in Figs. 1 and 3;

Fig. 7 is a side view of the nose pad shown in Fig. 6;

rel-Fila Fig-1.8 legalen Viet/of theserewean member gesealblvshewn in Fiss. y1 `and 3y and 9 eeside .reref the, assembly shown ieferrinemere partienlerlrtegige- 1.2 ,ande eff tffew.drawin ,`n lsv/land L2 `denote substanmberaerei ahlrllredeef liable meierlel, elle .having supported thereon lenses, such as 3, by means of retaining rings, ksuch as 13,4 `which are screw threaded to correspondinglyinternally threaded portiers ef l'the eelsheeed .members l end 2- Th cup-shaped members l and2 have a mouth yor X marginal portion whichis dared Voutweftrdly and 'wardly'awayfomthe nose ofthe wearer so? that the 'depen er the" eupshaped "mariners alongltheterple 'covering perte'n'e deeper than tne'ipdrtioj fmediatelyadiaeem the nose. The

` wearer.

shaped eyeimembers Iu and 2 j in the'event new eye mfembersfsuclas those 'having' a 'di'ifererit type can be done simply and very quickly. Replacement is done with equal facility and speed.

Shield or mask T is so shaped as to closely nt the contour of the wearers face which surrounds the eyes, the peripheral edge being somewhat thinner than the remaining portion to provide a comfortable t. Shield 'I is held against the face by means of straps 8 which extend through slits 9 formed in the shield as well as through registering slits IU formed near the outermost peripheral edge portions of the cup-shaped elements i and 2. The innermost portions of strap 8 are folded back and sewn to form thickened end portions for anchoring them against the inner surface of the cup-shaped members. "Therefore, as strap 8 is tightened about the perimeter of the head, it will exert inward pressure against the side portions of the shield I so as to insure a sufficiently close t so as to exclude the entry of light into the interior of the goggles and prevent the shield from being detached too easily when worn.

As shown more clearly in Fig. 4, the lens rims of cup-shaped elements I and 2 have integral, inwardly extending-bridge portions Il and l2 which have slits I3 extending therethrough. Corresponding slits I4 are provided in the nose bridging portion of shield l, as shown in Fig. 5, which will be in registry with slits I3 when the cup-shaped members are atta-ched to shield 1. A nose pad I5 is provided, as shown in Figs. 6 and 7, which is made of felt, leather or other suitable material, and which has integral extensions I5a which are slid through the registering slots I3 and I4, as shown more clearly in Fig. 3, and which nally emerge through corresponding registering slots Ila formed in a plate I'I to which plate is integrally secured screw stud I6. Thus, by screwing an internally threaded cap member I8 on the stud I6, the base portion thereof will clampingly engage the ears or extensions I5a between it and plate I'I and thereby lock the parts in assembled relation- V ship.

Of course, pad I5, plate I1, stud I6 and screw cap I8 may be omitted under certain circumstances wherein locking of the parts is not deemed indispensable.

VThus it will be seen that there is provided in accordance with the present invention, an eilicient pair of goggles comprising an assembly of parts that are quickly detachable or attachable to allow a wide variety of substitutions, such as different designs of goggle cup-shaped members or of different types of goggle lenses, to make the goggles exible and adaptable for a wide variety of industrial'uses. Y

While I have illustrated and described one specinc embodiment of my invention, it will be understood that this is Vby way of illustration only, and that various changes and modifications may be made within the contemplation of my invention and within the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

l. A'pair of goggles comprising, in combination, a pair of cup-shaped lens supporting members having disposed about each of their mouth portions a substantially radially and outwardly extending bead, said mouth portions Haring outwardly and rearwardly from the portion of said cup-shaped members closest to the nose of the wearer, a exible shield having a pair of openings of the same contour as the mouth portions of said cup-shaped members, a groove disposed about the paeriphery of each of said openings and being shaped and ared so as to receive and closely t said beads in tight frictional relationship to enable said cup-shaped members to be quickly attachable in assembled relationship with said shield and quickly detachable therefrom, thereby permitting ready replacement of. theV parts of the goggle assembly, said cup-shaped members have ear-like extensions, each adapted to surround half of the top portion of the nose of the wearer, each of said extensions having a slot, slots corresponding to and in registry with the last-mentioned slots formed in a nose bridging portion of said shield, a screw threaded stud having a base plate containing slots in registry with both of said registering pairs of slots, a nose pad having a pair of ears extending therefrom which extend through all of said registering slots and having extremities thereof extending outwardly of the bridge portion of said shield, and a screw threaded cap in threaded engagement with said stud for clamping said pad extensions between it and said base plate so as to securely lock all of the parts of said goggles in assembled relationship.

2. A pair of goggles comprising outwardly and rearwardly flared cup-shaped lens supporting portions of hard material each having a side temple covering portion, a light-shielding mask of resilient material and having a pair of openings whose perimetrical portions have grooves so shaped as to detachably, frictionally and yieidably receive the mouth portions of said lens supporting portions, the outer rim portion of said light-shielding mask being shaped so as to closely lt the contour of the face portion surrounding the eyes of the wearer, a slot provided in the sides, temple-covering portion of each of said cup-shaped lens supporting portions, and strap means having portions which engage the outside surface of the Ytemple-covering portions of said mask and extend through said slots and terminate in enlarged end portions which are larger than the slots, so that as said strap means is tightened, it will press said temple-covering portions of the mask against the temples of the wearer to insure a secure and light-excluding ilt of the mask.


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