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Publication numberUS2009498 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date30 Jul 1935
Filing date23 Apr 1932
Priority date25 Apr 1931
Publication numberUS 2009498 A, US 2009498A, US-A-2009498, US2009498 A, US2009498A
InventorsAlexander Kerr
Original AssigneeAlexander Kerr
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Television apparatus
US 2009498 A
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July 30, 1935. A. KERR 2,009,498

' TELEVISION APPARATUS File d ApriLZS, 1932 Unoen/or 6 assistance of Braun tubes.

Patented July 30, 1935 PATENT OFFICE TELEVISION APPARATUS Alexander Kerr, Berlin, Germany Application April 23, 1932, Serial No. 607,079

In Germany April 25, 1931 1 Claim. (Cl. 1'l86) This invention relates to a method of producing oscillograms, more particularly for television purposes.

It is known to produce oscillog'rams with the This known method consists in causing a cathode ray, which is defiected by magnetic or electrical fields in conformity with the values to be recorded, to be made visible on a fluorescent screen. This method is accompanied by the disadvantage that the oathode ray, practically speaking, does not emerge from the tube, so that the fluorescent screen requires to be arranged within the tube itself. The size of the screen, andjaccordingly the size of reproduction which is capable of being obtained, is, therefore, limited by the dimensions of the tube. It is necessary to either employ tubes of unhandy size, or to make do with a relatively According to the invention, a bundle of X-rays is produced on an anti-cathode with the assistance of. a cathode ray, which is controlled by means of deflecting plates, deflecting coils or the like. The control of the cathode ray and the generation of the X-rays are features which are known per se, and to which, therefore, no claim is made.

The bundle of x-rays is, in accordance with the invention, conducted through the wall of the tube towards the outside. A thin bundle is separated from the same by means 01 a perforated shutter, and is made visible by means of a fluorescent screen situated outside of the tube.

For performing the method according to the invention there may be employed any desired form Braun tube of the kind known per se, the fluorescent screen of which is substituted by an anti-cathode arranged at a corresponding angle to the axis of the tube.

The invention will be described more fully with reference to the accompanying drawing.

In the latter, i is a Braun tube having the cathode H, the pairs of defiectingplates 3 and 4 and the. anti-cathode 2, I a shutter furnished with a perforation, and 8 afluorescent screen. The cathode ray 5 is deflected by the pairs of plates 3, 4 and meets against the anti-cathode at 9. At the point 9 there is formed a from'which the X-ray 5' is separated'with-the assistance of the shutter'l. Theray meets at the point 9' against the image screen. 6 is a second, corresponding cathode ray, which is assumed to strike against'the anti-cathode at the point I0. At this point there is also formed a bundle of X-rays, from which there is separated by the perforated shutter I the ray 6, which meets against the image screen 8 at the point Ill. The visible (X-ray) oscillogram which is thus obtained on the image screen 8 coincides completely with the oscillogram-described on the anti-cathode 2 by the original cathode ray.

The method according to the invention is particularly suitable for television purposes, and also for the production of talking films; the same,

however, is also capable of use foroscillographic .the cathode rays and 2' pairs of deflecting plates arranged between said cathode and said anticathode, a fluorescent screen arranged outside said Braun tube to make said X-rays visible, and a shield having a small opening, said shield being bundle of X-rays,

interposed inthe path of said X-rays between said Braun tube and said fluorescent screen.

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U.S. Classification348/776, 313/461, 378/1
International ClassificationH01J31/12
Cooperative ClassificationH01J31/12
European ClassificationH01J31/12