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Publication numberDE3045660 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19803045660
Publication date9 Jun 1982
Filing date4 Dec 1980
Priority date4 Dec 1980
Also published asDE3045660C2, EP0053721A2, EP0053721A3, EP0053721B1, US4435974
Publication number19803045660, 803045660, DE 3045660 A1, DE 3045660A1, DE-A1-3045660, DE19803045660, DE3045660 A1, DE3045660A1, DE803045660
InventorsHelmut V Dr Ing Fuchs, Gerold Dipl Ing Schupp, Carl-Alexander Voigtsberger
ApplicantFraunhofer Ges Forschung
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Verfahren und einrichtungen zum orten von leckstellen in rohrleitungen Procedures and equipment to locate leaks in pipes translated from German
DE 3045660 A1
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Non-Patent Citations
1 *Engineering Applications of Correktion an Spectral Analytics, Julius S. Bendet and Allan G. Piersol, Verl. John Wiley u. Sons USA, 1980, S. 121-145
2 *Proceedings of Ineko Symposium on Flon Measurement and Control in Industry, Tokyo, Japan, 13.-16. Nov. 1979, S. 199-204
Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE3607913C1 *10 Mar 198613 Aug 1987Fraunhofer Ges ForschungMethod for locating leaks in pipelines
International ClassificationG01M3/24, G01M3/28
Cooperative ClassificationG01M3/243, G01M3/2807
European ClassificationG01M3/28A, G01M3/24B
Legal Events
9 Jun 1982OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
14 Oct 1982D2Grant after examination
24 Mar 19838363Opposition against the patent
7 Apr 19888330Complete disclaimer