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Publication numberDE3015184 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19803015184
Publication date22 Oct 1981
Filing date19 Apr 1980
Priority date19 Apr 1980
Publication number19803015184, 803015184, DE 3015184 A1, DE 3015184A1, DE-A1-3015184, DE19803015184, DE3015184 A1, DE3015184A1, DE803015184
InventorsGeorg Dipl Ing Heinle, Joachim Dipl Ing Thienemann
ApplicantDaimler Benz Ag
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TV camera coping with moving objects - limits charge integration to certain partial time region of scanning interval
DE 3015184 A1
The appts. is used in laboratory investigations of fast moving objects. In order to obtain well defined images the charging time of the individual capacitors forming the signal plate (3) is restricted to a fraction of the line scan and reset time for the plate. The relationship between these times has to be precisely defined. With the proposed timing alteration standard cameras and video receiving apparatus can be used. Typically either the illumination time of the photo-cathode (2) or the illumination time of the object to be recorded is limited to the desired integrating time interval for the signal plate (3) capacitors. The timing may be achieved by a shutter (5), flash illumination of the object, or electronically from inside the camera. Whichever method is used it must be synchronised to the line scanner. Either conventional or CCD cameras can be employed.
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International ClassificationH04N5/30
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/30
European ClassificationH04N5/30
Legal Events
12 Mar 19878110Request for examination paragraph 44
12 Mar 19878125Change of the main classification
Ipc: H04N 5/225
16 Jun 19888130Withdrawal