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Publication numberDE1227504 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1963K0050298
Publication date27 Oct 1966
Filing date22 Jul 1963
Priority date22 Jul 1963
Publication numberDE 1227504 B, DE 1227504B, DE-B-1227504, DE1227504 B, DE1227504B, DE1963K0050298
InventorsDr Manfred Keller
ApplicantKernforschungsanlage Juelich
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Elektronisches Aufnahmeverfahren fuer Strahlungsbilder geringer Quantenintensitaet und Vorrichtung zur Ausfuehrung des Verfahrens Electronic recording method for radiation images less Quantenintensitaet and device for execution of the method translated from German
DE 1227504 B
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International ClassificationH01J31/28, H01J29/39
Cooperative ClassificationH01J31/28, H01J29/39, H01J31/283
European ClassificationH01J31/28B, H01J31/28, H01J29/39