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Publication numberDE1206161 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1958T0015760
Publication date2 Dec 1965
Filing date14 Oct 1958
Priority date14 Oct 1958
Also published asUS3030443
Publication numberDE 1206161 B, DE 1206161B, DE-B-1206161, DE1206161 B, DE1206161B, DE1958T0015760
InventorsDr-Ing Horst Groll, Dr-Ing Klaus Lange
ApplicantTelefunken Patent
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Anordnung zur Einblendung zusaetzlicher Zeichen in Schirmbilder von Kathodenstrahl-roehren, beispielsweise in Radarschirmbilder Arrangement for the insertion of extra characters in screens of cathode ray tubes, for example, in radar images translated from German
DE 1206161 B
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US2711479 *30 Aug 195021 Jun 1955Philco CorpVideo mapping system
International ClassificationG01R13/20, G01S7/22
Cooperative ClassificationG01R13/202, G01S7/22
European ClassificationG01S7/22, G01R13/20B