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Publication numberDE1126159 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1958G0023976
Publication date22 Mar 1962
Filing date21 Feb 1958
Priority date21 Feb 1958
Publication numberDE 1126159 B, DE 1126159B, DE-B-1126159, DE1126159 B, DE1126159B, DE1958G0023976
InventorsDr Med Hermann Gernet
ApplicantDr Med Hermann Gernet
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Brille zur Korrektur von Sehfehlern Glasses for vision correction translated from German
DE 1126159 B
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE102005054792A1 *15 Nov 200531 May 2007Bobbert, ElenaUse of eyeglasses for seeing a screen, involves filtering effect for passing light by filter device whereby filter device, for filtering passing light, has only certain polarization spectrum and only certain polarity area
International ClassificationG02C7/10, G02C7/12
Cooperative ClassificationG02C7/12
European ClassificationG02C7/12, G02C7/10