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Publication numberDE1117225 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1960H0038863
Publication date16 Nov 1961
Filing date9 Mar 1960
Priority date9 Mar 1960
Publication numberDE 1117225 B, DE 1117225B, DE-B-1117225, DE1117225 B, DE1117225B, DE1960H0038863
InventorsDr Med Otto Hug, Dipl-Phys Otto Balk
ApplicantDr Med Otto Hug, Otto Balk Dipl Phys
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Autoradiographisches Verfahren mit radioaktiven Stoffen, insbesondere fuer Gewebeschnitte, bei dem die von einem Praeparat ausgesandten Betastrahlen auf dem Wege zum Strahlendetektor eine elektrische Potentialdifferenz durchlaufen The autoradiographic method with radioactive substances, in particular for tissue sections, in which the preparation of an emitted beta rays pass through on the way to the radiation detector an electrical potential difference translated from German
DE 1117225 B
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US2297478 *28 Sep 194029 Sep 1942Ernst KuhnDevice for the production of visible or photographic images with the aid of a beam of neutrons as depicting radiation