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Publication numberDE1052002 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1956L0026457
Publication date5 Mar 1959
Filing date18 Dec 1956
Priority date18 Dec 1956
Publication numberDE 1052002 B, DE 1052002B, DE-B-1052002, DE1052002 B, DE1052002B, DE1956L0026457
InventorsDr Phil Juergen Rottgardt, Dipl-Phys Wolfgang Berthold
ApplicantStandard Elektrik Lorenz Ag
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Anordnung zur Wiedergabe von nur kurzzeitig zu belichtenden Roentgenbildern
DE 1052002 B
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Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
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US2747132 *18 Dec 195122 May 1956Emanuel Sheldon EdwardDevice sensitive to invisible images
US2761084 *30 Mar 194928 Aug 1956Emanuel Sheldon EdwardDevice for intensifying images of invisible radiation
International ClassificationG02B27/02
Cooperative ClassificationG02B27/023
European ClassificationG02B27/02C1