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Publication numberDE1004725 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1953D0014796
Publication date21 Mar 1957
Filing date11 Apr 1953
Priority date11 Apr 1953
Publication numberDE 1004725 B, DE 1004725B, DE-B-1004725, DE1004725 B, DE1004725B, DE1953D0014796
ApplicantDurag Appbau G M B H
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Schaltungsanordnung zum Nachweis schwacher Elektronenstroeme und zur Ausloesung von Schaltvorgaengen bei AEnderung der Staerke dieser Elektronenstroeme Circuitry for detecting weak Elektronenstroeme and release of Schaltvorgaengen at change of the strength of this Elektronenstroeme translated from German
DE 1004725 B
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GB537784A * Title not available
US2951898 *25 May 19536 Sep 1960Gen ElectricIconoscope
International ClassificationG01T1/185
Cooperative ClassificationG01T1/185
European ClassificationG01T1/185