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Publication numberCN102647447 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201210067627
Publication date22 Aug 2012
Filing date15 Mar 2012
Priority date15 Mar 2012
Publication number201210067627.X, CN 102647447 A, CN 102647447A, CN 201210067627, CN-A-102647447, CN102647447 A, CN102647447A, CN201210067627, CN201210067627.X
Inventors朱朝晖, 杨小燕, 梁启明, 王倚文, 赵斌, 金玉飞, 黄桂湘
Applicant朱朝晖, 深圳市卓成混凝土模块研究所, 深圳市合益自动化科技发展有限公司, 黄桂湘
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Online real-time monitoring system of novel pre-buried pipeline
CN 102647447 A
The invention discloses an online real-time monitoring system of a novel pre-buried pipeline, which comprises a PCCP (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe), a sensor module, a data processing module, a communication module and a central control room, wherein the sensor module is attached to the PCCP and connected with the ground or shallow-buried data processing module by a cable; and the data processing module is connected with the communication module which is connected with the central control room. The online real-time monitoring system is characterized in that sensors in the sensor module are integrally packaged in a package box. Compared with the prior art, the online real-time monitoring system disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the pressure, flow, vibration, settlement and other states of the pipeline can be monitored in real time; the detailed work and safety states of the whole pipeline are grasped in real time; and history monitoring data is accumulated, emergency monitoring early-warning mechanism is established, the informationization level of engineering operation is improved, the safety of water delivery engineering is ensured, and the operation maintenance cost is lowered.
Claims(3)  translated from Chinese
1. ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,其特征在于:包括PCCP管道、传感器模块、数据处理模块、通信模块和中控机房,传感器模块附着于PCCP管道,并通过电缆与地表或浅埋的数据处理模块相连接,数据处理模块连接通信模块,通讯模块连接中控机房,所述传感器模块由集成传感器构成。 1. ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded real-time online monitoring system comprising: PCCP pipe, sensor module, data processing module, communication module and the control room, the sensor module is attached to the PCCP pipe, and through cable or ground Shallow data processing module connected to the data processing module connected to the communication module, communication module connected to the control room, the sensor module consists of an integrated sensor.
2.根据权利要求I所述的ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,其特征在于:所述传感器模块、数据采集模块、数据传输模块互相分离放置,分别安装。 According to claim I, wherein ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded online real-time monitoring system, comprising: a sensor module, data acquisition module, data transmission module separated from each place, were installed.
3.根据权利要求I所述的ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,其特征在于:所述传感器模块、数据采集模块、数据传输模块封装成ー个整体,単独整体集中安装。 3. I described ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded claims online real-time monitoring system, comprising: a sensor module, data acquisition module, data transmission module ー packaged as a whole, the overall focus radiolabeling alone installation.
Description  translated from Chinese

ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded real-time online monitoring system


[0001] 本发明涉及机械领域,尤其涉及ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,广泛运用于输水管、污水管、输气管、输油管等监测领域。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field of machinery, particularly to new types of embedded ー conveyor line real-time monitoring of the pipeline system, widely used in pipes, monitoring field sewers, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and so on.

【背景技木】 [Background technology of wood]

[0002] 预埋式输送管道,在人民生活,城镇、乡村建设中都得到广泛应用;人们生活用的水、煤气和天然气,基本采用都用预埋式管道输送。 [0002] Embedded-type pipes, in people's lives, towns, villages have been widely used in construction; people living with water, gas and natural gas, with the basic use of both embedded pipeline transportation. 在经济技术高速发展的今天,ー些重大基础设施、设备被喻为生命线工程,此类工程项目,关系到ー个城市、甚至ー个地区的用水安全,关系生产、生活保障,关系到整个社会的安定、和谐。 The rapid development of technology in today's economy, some major infrastructure ー, has been hailed as the lifeline engineering equipment, such projects related to ー cities, even ー regional water security, the relationship between production and livelihood security, related to the whole community stability and harmony.

[0003] 例如:不同尺寸、规格的输送管道,例如预应カ钢筒混凝土管(PCCP),目前在远程输水、城市用水保障等领域,大范围、长距离的使用。 [0003] For example: different sizes and specifications of the pipeline, for example, should be pre-ka Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), in a remote water, urban water security and other fields, large-scale, long-distance use currently. 输送管道通常分布距离长,地域跨度大。 Long distance pipelines are typically distributed geographical span. 现在的维护运行依赖人工巡管检查,凭经验判断管道是否正常,信息传递周期长、误差大。 Now run the reliance on manual maintenance patrol pipe inspection, pipeline empirically determine whether the normal cycle length messaging, large errors. 整个管道的本身情况、运行信息、系统状况没有一个实时客观的系统数据;一旦出现输送管道疲劳、沉降、破损、泄露、人为盗窃破坏,沿线设备故障、损毁、以及被盗等非正常状况时,由于这些管道预埋式的安装,基本人无法及时发现,直到发现严重泄漏后,甚至输送中断后,才发现问题,这往往造成人民和国家财产遭受重大损失等不良后果。 Itself, the operation information, the system status of the entire pipeline system does not have a real-time objective data; fatigue occurs once the pipeline, settlement, breakage, leakage, theft, destruction of man, along equipment failure, damage, theft, and other non-normal conditions, the Because these pipes embedded installation type, the basic people can not discover until after a serious leak found, even after delivery interruption, only to find the problem, which is often caused by people and the state property suffered heavy losses and other adverse consequences.


[0004] 本发明为了解决现有技术的上述不足,提供了ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统。 [0004] The present invention to solve the above problems of the prior art, provides a new type of embedded ー conveyor line real-time monitoring of the pipeline system.

[0005] 本发明的相关技术主要是传感检测技术、信号处理技术、通信技术和计算机技木。 [0005] The present invention is primarily related technologies are sensing, signal processing technology, communication technology and computer technology of wood.

[0006] 传感检测技木,是利用各种传感器将各种环境变化,设备的物理变化,按一定规律变换成为电信号或其他所需形式的信息输出,传感器的检测按照系统信息控制要求,提供所需要的各种电信号,为系统在线检测提供实时的反馈信号。 [0006] The sensing technology of wood, is the use of a variety of sensors to a variety of environmental changes, physical changes in the device, according to certain rules converted into an electrical signal or other desired forms of information output, detection sensor system according to the control request information, offers a variety of electrical needs, provide real-time feedback to the system on line.

[0007] 信号处理技术,是ー个将各种传感器的电信号,按照局部控制要求,先经过相应的精度处理,集中局部的多个传感器的数据运算,得到被测量对象的情况和状态的处理过程的技术。 [0007] The signal processing technique, the electrical signal is ー a variety of sensors, in accordance with the requirements of local control, go through the corresponding precision processing, a plurality of sensors locally centralized data operation, the object to be measured to obtain the processing conditions and the state of technical processes.

[0008] 通信技术是指把数字、声音、图像等信息高效率地传送到远地设备上的ー种技木。 [0008] Communication technology is digital, voice, images and other information efficiently transmitted to the technology of wood species ー remote device. 目前通信方式主要分为有线与无线两种。 At present communication is divided into two kinds of wired and wireless. 通信系统通常由用户设备、编码和解码、调制和解调、加密和解密、传输和交换设备等组成。 Communication system usually consists of a user equipment, encoding and decoding, modulating and demodulating, encrypting and decrypting, transmission and switching equipment and other components.

[0009] 计算机技术是研究信息过程、用以表达此过程的信息结构和规则及其在信息处理系统中实现的学科。 [0009] Computer information technology research process, used to express the structure and rules of this process and its realization in the information processing system of discipline. 计算机技术研究的主要对象是现代计算机及其相关的现象。 The main object of modern computer technology research computers and related phenomena.

[0010] 本发明的上述目的通过以下的技术方案来实现:ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,其特征在于:包括PCCP管道、传感器模块、数据处理模块、通信模块和中控机房,传感器模块附着于PCCP管道,并通过电缆与地表或浅埋的数据处理模块相连接,数据处理模块连接通信模块,通讯模块连接中控机房,所述传感器模块由集成传感器构成。 [0010] The object of the present invention are achieved by the following technical solutions to achieve: ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded real-time online monitoring system comprising: PCCP pipe, sensor module, data processing module, communication module and the control room The sensor module is attached to the PCCP pipe, and connected via a cable to the surface or shallow buried data processing module, data processing module connected to the communication module, communication module connected to the control room, the sensor module consists of an integrated sensor. [0011] 所述传感器模块、数据采集模块、数据传输模块可以互相分离,分别安装,也可以封装成ー个整体,単独整体集中安装。 [0011] The sensor module, data acquisition module, data transmission module can be separated from each other, were installed, it can be packaged into ー a whole, the overall focus radiolabeling alone installation.

[0012] PCCP管道内部安装的传感器模块包括加速度传感器及压カ变送器;同吋,还可以包括流速传感器,应变传感器、陀螺仪传感器、温度传感器、倾角传感器等其他可拓展的传感器。 Sensors inside the module [0012] PCCP pipeline installation includes an acceleration sensor and pressure transmitters grades; with inches, can also include velocity sensors, strain sensors can be extended to other sensors, gyro sensors, temperature sensors, inclination sensors.

[0013] 传感器模块通过电缆与地表或浅埋的数据处理模块连接,一方面通过电缆为管内传感器模块供电,另一方面传感器模块通过电缆将监测数据传输至数据处理模块。 [0013] The sensor module is connected via a cable to the surface or in shallow data processing module, on the one hand by the sensor module power supply cable for the inner tube, the other sensor module monitoring the data transmission via the cable to the data processing module.

[0014] 数据处理模块安装地表或浅埋手井内,由数据处理与数据传输两个主要部分构成,负责临时存储所采集数据并进行信息提取,并通过数据传输子模块向远端中控机房发送监测数据。 [0014] The data processing module installation surface or in shallow wells hand, data processing and data transmission by two main parts, is responsible for temporarily storing the collected data and information extraction, and send to the remote central control room via a data transmission sub-module monitoring data. [0015] 中控软件位于远离水输运现场的中控机房内,由地图管理、数据存贮、信号分析、报警提示等模块组成。 [0015] in the control software is located away from the scene in the water transport in the control room, the map management, data storage, signal analysis, alarm and other modules. 其中,地图管理提供直观化的地图界面,将输送管道所在位置标注在地图上,用户可以方便的在地图上查看所监测输送管道的基本信息与当前工作状況;数据存贮模块通过数据库系统对过往监测数据进行保存;信号分析模块对监测数据进行处理,并与过往历史进行综合比对,检查压力,流速,结构,温度等是否出现异常信号;一旦发现出现异常情况,报警提示模块通过屏幕闪烁、声音、以及电子邮件、手机短信等方式通知水输运管理相关工作人员。 Among them, the map of the map provides an intuitive management interface, where the pipeline will transport the location marked on the map, users can easily view the pipeline of basic information about the current status of the monitoring work on the map; data storage module through a database system in the past monitoring data is saved; signal analysis module for processing of monitoring data, and with the past history of a comprehensive comparison, whether the abnormal signal to check the pressure, flow, structure, temperature and so on; once found abnormal situation, alarm module through the screen flashes, sound, as well as e-mail, SMS, etc. to inform relevant staff water transport management.

[0016] 本发明与现有技术相比的优点是: [0016] advantages of the present invention over the prior art is:

[0017] 本发明可以实现实时监测输送管线的压力、流量、振动、沉降等状态;实时掌握输送管道全线的详细工作及安全状态,积累历史监测数据,建立应急监测预警机制,提高工程运行的信息化水平,确保输水工程安全并降低运营维护成本。 [0017] The present invention can achieve real-time monitoring of pipelines of pressure, flow, vibration, subsidence and other state; pipeline full range of real-time control and security status of the detailed work, the accumulation of historical monitoring data, establish emergency monitoring and early warning mechanism to improve operation of the project information level, to ensure the safety of water supply projects and lower operating and maintenance costs.

[0018] 使用传感器代替人工看护,降低输送管线维护成本;传感器可及时,实时发现人眼不易发现的问题,提高维护效率;有效避免破管泄露,保障水输运网络正常工作;通过对管体结构反应以及环境监测数据的积累,对未来相关设计规范具有一定的指导意义。 [0018] The use of sensors instead of doing care, reduce maintenance costs pipelines; sensor timely, real-time discovery of the human eye is not easy to find the problem and improve maintenance efficiency; avoid broken pipe leaks, protect water transport network is working properly; through the tube structural response and the accumulation of environmental monitoring data, with some guidance for the future of the relevant design specifications.


[0019] 图I是本发明的原理示意图。 [0019] Figure I is a schematic illustration of the invention.

[0020] 图中:I-PCCP管道;2_传感器模块;3_数据采集模块;4_数据处理及通信模块;5-中控机房。 [0020] Figure: I-PCCP pipelines; 2_ sensor module; 3_ data acquisition module; 4_ data processing and communications module; 5- in the control room.


[0021] 下面结合附图对本发明进一步详述: [0021] OF THE DRAWINGS The present invention is further described in detail:

[0022] 參考图1,ー种新型预埋式输送管线在线实时监测系统,其特征在于:包括PCCP管道I、传感器模块2、数据采集模块3、数据处理及通信模块4和中控机房5,传感器模块2设置于PCCP管道I内部,并通过电缆与地表或浅埋的数据采集模块3相连接,数据采集模块3连接数据处理及通信模块4,通讯模块4连接中控机房5,所述传感器模块2由集成传感器构成。 [0022] Referring to Figure 1, ー kinds of new pipelines with Embedded online real-time monitoring system comprising: PCCP pipeline I, sensor module 2, 3 data acquisition module, data processing and communication modules 4 and 5 in the control room, sensor module 2 is set in the interior I PCCP pipeline and through cable or Shallow surface data acquisition module is connected to 3, the data acquisition module 3 connected data processing and communications module 4, the communication module 4 is connected to the control room 5, the sensor module 2 constituted by an integrated sensor.

[0023] 数据采集模块3将所采集数据交给数据处理和通信模块4,通信模块利用有线或无线通信方式(GPRS,3G,WIFI, WLAN, Zigbee,2. 4G等)将数据传回中控机房5。 [0023] Data acquisition module 3 the collected data to the data processing and communication modules 4, a communication module using a wired or wireless communication mode (GPRS, 3G, WIFI, WLAN, Zigbee, 2. 4G, etc.) to pass data back in control Room 5. 中控机房5内的监测计算机对接收到的监测数据进行分析,在发现异常情况后发出报警信号,提示水输运管理者对出现问题的输送管道进行定点巡査。 Computer monitor in the control room within 5 docking monitor to analyze the data received, an alarm signal after the discovery of anomalies, suggesting that water transport managers problems were fixed pipeline inspections.

[0024] 所述传感器模块2、数据采集模块3、数据处理及通信模块4可以互相分离,分别安装,也可以封装成ー个整体,単独整体集中安装。 [0024] 2 of the sensor module, data acquisition module 3, data processing and communications module 4 can be separated from each other, were installed, it can be packaged into ー a whole, the overall focus radiolabeling alone installation.

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