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Publication numberCN100540828 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200410007737
Publication date16 Sep 2009
Filing date5 Mar 2004
Priority date5 Mar 2004
Also published asCN1664278A
Publication number200410007737.2, CN 100540828 C, CN 100540828C, CN 200410007737, CN-C-100540828, CN100540828 C, CN100540828C, CN200410007737, CN200410007737.2
Inventors克里斯蒂安普夫卢格勒, 里科里希特
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Interactive amusement park in winter
CN 100540828 C
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明提供了一互动式冬季游乐公园,用于一个或多个参与者消遣和娱乐,该公园计划位于半干旱或沙漠地区。 The present invention provides an interactive winter amusement park, for one or more participants in recreation and entertainment, the park project is located in semi-arid or desert areas. 该冬季公园包括多个相互连通的房屋构造,其均适于安全地容纳参与者及至少一个基于人造雪和/或冰介质的冬季设施;多个活动装置,适用于各个该冬季设施,当在所述雪和/或冰上使用时能创造出所需的效果;其中参与者在一冬季设施中使用一活动装置的结果,与一个或多个其他参与者在同一或另一冬季设施中使用相同或另一活动装置的活动互动地相联系。 The Winter Park house structure comprising a plurality of interconnected, which are suitable to safely accommodate the participants and at least one on artificial snow and / or ice in winter Facilities medium; a plurality of active devices, applies to all the facilities in winter, when the and the snow / ice when used to create a desired effect or; wherein participants to use the results of a movable means in a facility in the winter, with the use of one or more other participants in the same or another facility in Winter interactive activities to the same or another active device linked. 根据本发明的房屋构造适于将内部温度保持在冰点以下,而不论正常外部温度有多高。 Adapted to house constructed in accordance with the internal temperature was kept below the freezing point of the present invention, regardless of how high the temperature is outside the normal. 该游乐公园还包括多个活动装置,如雪橇或冰鞋,适合用在各个冬季设施中使用,以在冰和/或雪上创造所需的效果。 The amusement park also includes a plurality of active devices, such as skis or skates, suitable for use in various facilities in winter to ice and / or snow to create the desired effect.
Claims(17)  translated from Chinese
1.一冬季游乐公园,用于一个或多个参与者消遣和娱乐,其包括: 多个相互连通的房屋构造,其均适于安全地容纳参与者及至少一个基于人造雪和/或冰介质的冬季设施; 多个活动装置,适用于各个该冬季设施,当在所述雪和/或冰上使用时能创造出所需的效果; 其中参与者在一冬季设施中使用一活动装置的结果,与一个或多个其他参与者在同一或另一冬季设施中使用相同或另一活动装置的活动互动地相联系。 1. A winter amusement park, for one or more participants recreation and entertainment, which includes: a plurality of interconnected building construction, which are adapted to safely accommodate the participants and at least one on artificial snow and / or ice media a plurality of active devices, applicable to all the winter facility, when used in the snow and / or ice can create the desired effect;; wherein the participants to use an active device in a winter facility results in winter facilities , with one or more other participants using the same or another active device in the same or another facility in winter activities interactively linked.
2. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该冬季设施选自包含下列设施的组:滑雪坡道、跳台滑道、雪橇滑道、滑雪板半管、长橇滑道、雪地汽车跑道、滑冰场、冰壶球场或冰球场。 2. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 1, wherein the winter facility containing the group selected from the following facilities: the ski slope, jumping slide, snowmobile trails, half-pipe snowboard, bobsled slide, snowmobile track , skating rink, curling or ice hockey stadium.
3. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该冬季设施还包括一冬季野生动植物园、主要由冰建造的一城市、或一村庄。 Winter amusement parks according to claim, wherein the winter facilities also include a winter wildlife park, mainly by ice build a city or a village.
4. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中冬季设施的其中之一包括一跳台滑雪设施,且其中该跳台坡道的长度和倾斜角度能调。 The winter amusement park as claimed in claim 1, wherein one of winter facilities include a ski jumping facility, and wherein the length of the platform and the angle of the ramp can be transferred.
5. 如权利要求4所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该跳台滑雪设施包括一观众竞技场,该观众竞技场围绕该跳台坡道下的着陆区域而设置。 5. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 4, wherein the ski jumping arena amenities include an audience, the audience jumping arena around the landing area of the ramp provided under.
6. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该冬季设施的其中之一包括位于一管状构造内的一封闭的长橇滑道。 6. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 1, wherein one of the winter facility comprises a closed bobsled slide within a tubular structure.
7. 如权利要求6所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该长橇滑道的地面具有导轨,其露出,以运送带有轮子的长橇来娱乐滑行。 7. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 6, wherein the bobsled chute having a guide surface, which is exposed to transport bobsled with wheels to entertain glide.
8. 如权利要求6所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该长橇滑道的地面具有导轨,其被冰遮盖,以承载带有刀片的长橇作专业使用。 8. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 6, wherein the bobsled chute on the ground with a guide, which is ice covered, to host the bobsled with a blade for professional use.
9. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该活动装置包括雪橇、滑雪板、雪犁、长橇、雪地汽车、冰鞋、冰球装备或冰壶球用具。 9. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 1, wherein the movable means includes skis, snowboards, snow plow, bobsleigh, snowmobiles, skates, hockey equipment or Curling appliances.
10. 如权利要求l所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该房屋构造的一外部表面由轻重量的半透明建筑材料形成,该材料具有反射紫外线辐射的一涂层。 10. Winter amusement parks according to claim l, wherein an outer surface of the housing is formed by a lightweight structure translucent materials, the material having a coating of reflecting ultraviolet radiation.
11. 如权利要求10所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该房屋构造的该外表面至少部分地覆盖有用于发电的太阳能电池。 11. Winter amusement parks according to claim 10, wherein the outer surface of the housing structure at least partially covered with solar cells for power generation.
12. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该房屋构造成形为圆穹顶状或隧道状,以容纳该冬季设施。 12. Winter amusement parks according to claim 1, wherein the housing structure shaped like a circular dome or tunnel-shaped, to accommodate the winter facility.
13. 如权利要求l所述的冬季游乐公园,其中在一个或多个该房屋构造中设有雪和/或冰生成机,该生成机由来自一太阳能电池组件的电力供电。 13. Winter amusement park of claim l, wherein the housing structure is provided with snow and / or ice forming machine in one or more of the forming machine powered by electricity from a solar cell module.
14. 如权利要求13所述的冬季游乐公园,其中该太阳能电池组件一体形成于游客停车场的顶棚构造中。 14. Winter amusement park as claimed in claim 13, wherein the solar cell module is formed integrally with the roof structure in the parking lot of tourists.
15. 如权利要求1所述的冬季游乐公园,其中在该活动装置上设置有传感器,所述传感器检测的信息被传至一中央信息处理系统中。 15. Winter amusement parks according to claim 1, wherein is provided on the movable device has a sensor detecting information is transmitted to a central information processing system.
16. 如权利要求15所述的冬季游乐公园,还包括接收装置,其能与所述中央信息处理系统通信。 16. Winter amusement parks according to claim 15, further comprising receiving means, which can communicate with the central information processing system.
17. 如权利要求16所述的冬季游乐公园,其中所述接收装置为无线或无线电接收装置,并带有显示器。 17. Winter amusement parks according to claim 16, wherein said receiving means is a wireless or radio receiving apparatus, and with a display.
Description  translated from Chinese

互动式冬季游乐公园 Interactive winter amusement park

技术领域 Technical Field

本发明总体上涉及游乐公园的领域,特别是涉及一公园,其具有冬季娱乐设施,用于儿童、青少年以及成人安全地进行娱乐和消遣。 The present invention relates generally to the field of amusement parks, and more particularly to a park, which has a winter recreation facilities for children, adolescents and adults safely entertainment and recreation.

背景技术 Background

诸如主题公园的商业游乐设施近来变得普及,其被设计来满足家庭以及成人的娱乐需求。 Such as theme park rides business recently become popular, which is designed to meet the entertainment needs of the family as well as adults. 传统的商业设施常适合于特定主题,如水上运动、旧时西部场景、奇幻情境等。 Traditional commercial facilities often adapted to a particular topic, such as water sports, the old west scene, fantasy scenarios like.

典型的游玩设施可以包括不同游玩类型的几个游玩区域,并且常以滑道、隧道、桥梁以及步行路径或类似物相互连接在一起。 Typical play facilities may include several different types of play area play, and often slide, tunnels, bridges and walking paths or the like connected to each other.

传统的游玩设施常被设计为户外使用,并且被建构在游乐公园或主题公园中。 Traditional play facilities are often designed for outdoor use, and are constructed in amusement parks or theme parks. 由于此原因,这类公园位于气候较温和的南方地区,那里冬季温暖, 即使在冬季冰雪也不会经常出现。 For this reason, this type of climate milder Park is located in the south, where the warm winter, snow and ice even in winter does not often appear. 另一方面,在如此温和的气候中,许多居民从没见过雪,并且从没尝试过冬季体育运动,例如滑雪、雪橇或滑冰。 On the other hand, in such a mild climate, many residents had never seen snow and never tried winter sports such as skiing, sledding or skating. 在这样的地区,甚至在美国西南部的沙漠地区,或在中东或亚洲一些国家中, 存在着参加涉及冬季游乐活动的需求,然而这在很大程度上由于缺少寒冷的冬季天气而被阻碍。 In this area, even in the American Southwest desert areas, or in the Middle East or Asia, some countries, there is a requirement to participate in activities related to winter recreation, but this lack of cold winter weather is largely hampered.

因此,本发明的目的是提供一种冬季游乐公园,其具有适于冰雪运动的互动式冬季设施,该公园可座落于非常温和、干旱或甚至是沙漠的气候中。 Accordingly, the present invention is to provide a winter amusement park, which has adapted to the interactive winter snow sports facilities, the park can be located in very mild, arid or even in the desert climate.

专利号为5,194,048的美国专利公开了一个非常大型的商业性水上公园, 其结合了互动式水上游玩设施。 U.S. Patent No. 5,194,048 discloses a very large commercial water park, which combines an interactive water play facilities. 除去单纯的消遣之外,包括儿童及成人在内的参与者都发现了这类公园在娱乐及教育上的益处。 Remove than a simple pastime, participants include children and adults have been found, including the benefits of such parks in the entertainment and education. 发明内容 DISCLOSURE

按照本发明,提供一冬季游乐公园,用于一个或多个参与者消遣及娱乐, 其包括多个相互连通的房屋构造,其均适于安全地容纳参与者及至少一个基于人造雪和/或冰介质的冬季设施;多个活动装置,适用于各个该冬季设施,当在所述雪和/或冰上使用时能创造出所需的效果;其中参与者在一冬季设施中使用一活动装置的结果,与一个或多个其他参与者在同一或另一冬季设施中使用相同或另一活动装置的活动互动地相联系。 According to the present invention, there is provided a winter amusement park, for one or more participants recreation and entertainment, which includes a plurality of interconnected housing construction, which are adapted to safely accommodate the participants and at least one on artificial snow and / or winter ice media facilities; a plurality of active device for each of the winter facility, when used in the snow and / or ice can create the desired effect; in which the participants use a moving device in a winter facility The result, with one or more other participants with the same or another active device in the same or another facility in winter activities linked interactively.

其中的多个相互连通的房屋建筑例如为圆穹顶或隧道。 Wherein a plurality of interconnected housing construction, for example, a round dome or tunnel. 该冬季设施基于冰和/或雪的介质,并且可包括例如滑雪坡道、跳台滑道、雪橇滑道、滑雪板半管、长橇滑道、滑冰场、冰壶球场或类似物。 The winter facility on ice and / or snow medium, and may include for example the ski slopes, jumping slide, snowmobile trails, half-pipe snowboard, bobsled slide, skating rink, curling stadium or the like. 该活动装置包括例如雪橇、 滑雪板、雪犁、长橇、雪地汽车、冰鞋等等。 The device includes activities such as skis, snowboards, snow plow, bobsleigh, snowmobile, skate and so on.

例如,若一名参与者使用一长橇装备打破了一项长橇的速度纪录,闪光灯、声音及焰火就能被启动,且同时所有其他在当时持有长橇票的参与者都将得到一次免费的滑行。 For example, if one of the participants using a bobsled bobsleigh equipment broke a speed record, flash, sound and fireworks can be started and at the time and all other ticket holders bobsleigh participants will get a free glide. 作为另一实例,当一监控系统识别出几乎最大数量的雪橇(作为活动装置)正在某一滑雪坡道上被使用,且同时正在滑冰场上使用冰鞋的参与者的数量最小,则滑雪坡道上的参与者能够被奖励一张滑冰场的一小时奖券。 As another example, when a monitoring system to identify the maximum number of sled nearly (as the active device) is being used on a ski slope, and at the same time is the skating rink skates use the minimum number of participants on the ski slopes Participants can be awarded a one-hour lottery skating rink. 参与者活动的这一互动性,由活动装置上的传感器所探测, 并由参与者携带的无线接收器所发送,极大地增加了来到游乐公园的游客的消遣和娱乐效果。 This interactive participant activities, detected by the sensor on the active device, sent by the participants to carry a wireless receiver, which greatly increases the pleasure and entertainment of visitors came to amusement parks.

本发明在不存在雪或冰的地区拓展了这类冬季运动公园的游乐概念。 The present invention is in the absence of snow or ice area expands the concept of such winter sports amusement park. 如滑雪、雪橇、滑雪板、滑冰等的冬季运动,不仅为从未体验过冰雪的参与者提供了消遣,而且对于那些从未面临过冬季环境的人,能够取得相当大的教育效果。 Such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding, skating and other winter sports, not only provides entertainment for the participants never experienced snow and ice, but also for those who have never faced a winter environment, and be able to make considerable educational effect.

该冬季游乐设施基于冰雪介质,并且使用了建筑构造,例如滑雪坡道、 跳台滑道、长橇滑道、雪橇坡道、具有半管的滑雪板区域以及滑冰场。 The winter snow rides based media, and the use of building construction, such as the ski slopes, jumping slide, bobsled slide, ski slopes, the ski area has a half-pipe as well as a skating rink.

该游乐公园通常应位于人造或天然的坡面上,如山腰或丘陵的斜坡。 The amusement parks should be located on a natural or man-made slope, such as the mountain slopes or hills. 该建筑构造,即滑雪坡道、滑冰场等,被包含在宽度可达ioo米、长度可达l 千米的建筑物内。 The building structure, namely the slopes, skating rink, etc., are included in the width of up to ioo meters, length up to l km of buildings.

在另一实施例中,游乐设施包括一出发建筑物,处于丘陵或山的坡面上 In another embodiment, the recreational facilities include a departure building, or on mountain slopes in the hills

的一较高位置,在那里2或3条滑雪坡道、雪橇坡道等从一起始点沿不同方 A higher position, where 2 or 3 ski slopes, sledding ramps along different directions from a starting point

向以隧道状的构造朝山下发散。 With tunnel-like structure to the hill diverge. 在又一实施例中, 一跳台滑道和一长橇滑道可从距出发建筑物一短距离处进入。 In yet another embodiment, a platform and a bobsled chute slide can start building a short distance from the distance entered.

在另一具体实施例中,坡道的覆盖物以至少部分透明的顶棚材料建造, 其极大地消除了对于人工照明的需要。 In another particular embodiment, the cover ramps at least partially transparent roof construction material, which greatly eliminates the need for artificial lighting. 而且,大面积的顶棚可以具有光电电池(太阳能电池),以供应游乐设施的电力需求。 Moreover, a large area of the roof may have photovoltaic cells (solar cells), to supply the electricity needs of the rides. 特别是,在温和或干旱的气候中,太阳能强度足够高,以致能够供应该设施大部分的能量消耗。 In particular, moderate or arid climates, solar intensity is high enough so that the facility can supply most of the energy consumption.

在又一实施例中,该设施的顶棚部分形成为圆形,例如覆盖滑雪坡道的隧道状区域具有弯曲的表面,以提高对太阳辐射的使用。 In yet another embodiment, the ceiling portion of the facility is formed circular, for example, covering the slopes of the tunnel-like region has a curved surface, in order to improve the use of solar radiation. 换句话说,当太阳从早到晚在天空运行时,其总能近乎垂直地照射到弯曲顶棚的一部分以及相关的太阳能电池上,以获取最优化的太阳能利用。 In other words, when the sun from morning to night run in the sky, its total energy irradiated near perpendicular to the curved portion of the ceiling and the associated solar cell, in order to obtain an optimal use of solar energy.

作为选择,顶棚面积的一较小部分可具有太阳能电池,而包括至少5英亩的该设施的停车场,可被一太阳能电池顶棚组件所覆盖,用于产生电力。 Alternatively, a smaller portion of the roof area may have a solar cell, including the facility's parking lot and at least 5 acres, can be covered by a solar roof module for generating electricity. 在一些沙漠地区,气温常高于4(TC,无论如何必须遮盖停放的车辆。通过提供一侧面敞开、但顶棚大面积建造了太阳能电池板的建筑,即可方便地达成。 在这种情况下,隧道状构造的顶棚可由轻重量的半透明材料制成,其优选地可覆盖一涂层,以反射紫外线或其它高强度的太阳辐射。 In some desert regions, temperatures often higher than 4 (TC, parked vehicles must be covered in any event by providing one side open, but covered a large area solar panels built building, can be easily reached. In this case, , the ceiling of the tunnel-like structure may be lightweight translucent material, which preferably may be covered with a coating to reflect ultraviolet light or other high-intensity solar radiation.

附图说明 Brief Description

图1是本发明的一个优选实施例的具有冬季游乐构造的游乐设施的立体图。 Figure 1 is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment of the present invention has a structure winter amusement rides.

图2示出了本发明另一实施例的具有跳台滑雪的游乐设施。 Figure 2 shows a ski jumping rides another embodiment of the present invention. 图3示出了图2的实施例的顶视图。 Figure 3 shows a top view of the embodiment of FIG.

图4示出了一条坡道的剖开图,其中示出了保持雪的冷却管道系统。 Figure 4 illustrates a cutaway diagram of the ramp, which is shown holding snow cooling duct system.

其中,附图标记说明如下: Wherein reference numeral as follows:

1包括全景餐厅的下山出发建筑物 1 includes a panoramic restaurant down the departure building

2长橇滑道 2 bobsled chute

3高难度滑雪坡道——世界杯级别 3 difficult slopes - World Cup level

4中级滑雪坡道■~~滑雪及滑雪板各占半个管道 4 intermediate slopes ■ ~~ each ski and snowboard half pipe

5初级滑雪坡道——雪橇、滑雪或滑雪板 5 junior ski slopes - skis, ski or snowboard

6娱乐活动区,滑雪坡道的终点,滑冰场,驯鹿雪橇骑乘设施,冬季圣诞市场 6 entertainment district and ends at a ski slope, skating rink, reindeer sleigh rides, winter Christmas Market

7滑雪及滑雪板学校一一发电所,造雪器材的设备间,采水及供水8旅馆——夜总会——购物中心 7 ski and snowboard school one power plant, between snowmaking equipment, equipment, water harvesting and water supply 8 Hotels - Nightclub - Shopping center

9瑞士山村一冬季野生动植物园一越野及步行路径一主题区域10、 11轿车、公共汽车及直升机的停放场地12入口道路 9 Swiss mountain village a wildlife park in winter a cross-country and walking trails a subject area 10, 11 cars, buses and parking lots for 12 helicopters entrance road

13跳台滑雪竞技场 13 Ski Jumping Arena


如图1所示,冬季娱乐设施主要包括多个彼此相互连通的被覆盖的区域, 该设施通常位于斜坡地形上。 1, winter recreational amenities include a plurality of regions covered by communicating with each other, the facility is usually located on a slope terrain. 如上所述,该设施可安置于非常温和或甚至是干旱的气候中,由于参与者或游客通常完全不习惯于冬季体育运动这一事实,这就提升了娱乐及教育的价值。 As described above, the facility can be placed in a very mild or even arid climate, since the participant or visitor does not typically accustomed to the fact that winter sports, which enhance the value of entertainment and education.

图2和图3示出了一实施例,其包括具有观众竞技场13的跳台滑雪设施14。 Figures 2 and 3 shows an embodiment, which includes a ski jumping facility spectators Arena 13 14.

旅馆、购物及管理建筑物7和8将使用在干旱气候下所通用的建筑技术来建造。 Hotels, shopping and management of buildings 7 and 8 will be used in the arid climate of the general construction technique to build. 顶棚构造可以是圆形的或穹形的,以便于太阳能的利用。 Roof structure may be circular or dome in order to make use of solar energy. 然而建筑物通常不需要成为圆形构造,但可以改为传统建筑,其可以更易于满足当地的建筑物规范。 However, usually do not require building a circular structure, but can be changed to traditional architecture, which can be easier to meet local building code. 此外,如上所述,太阳能采集面板也可选择性地或附加性地提供于停车场区域的上方。 In addition, as described above, the solar collection panels also optionally or additionally provided above the parking area.

隧道状构造3、 4、和5以及活动区域6和9将以重量轻、高隔热并具有足够的强度和耐久力的材料建造以抵挡当地的天气状况。 A tunnel-like structure 3, 4, and 5, 6 and 9 and the activities of the region will be light weight, high heat and having sufficient strength and durability of materials constructed to withstand the local weather conditions. 由于隧道区域3、 4 和5的内部通常应保持在0。 Since the tunnel area 3, 4 and 5 interior should normally be kept at zero. C (32下)以下的温度,以将雪的损失减到最小, 所以要非常强调高度的热隔离。 C temperature (under 32) or less, to minimize the loss of snow, so be very stressed high degree of thermal isolation. 提高热隔离的一种方法是涂层材料的使用, 该涂层材料可被设置于隧道的外壳表面以阻挡高强度的太阳辐射。 A method of improving the thermal isolation is to use a coating material, the coating material may be disposed on the shell surface of the tunnel to block high intensity solar radiation.

融化的雪被作为发电站7的一部分的一水收集系统所收集,并被再利用以产生新的雪。 Melting snow as part of a power plant 7 is collected by a water collection system, and reused to produce new snow. 常规型号的吹雪机可设置在沿着滑雪坡道3、 4和5以及瑞士山村和在冬季公园9中选定的地点。 Conventional models of snow blowers may be disposed along the slopes 3, 4 and 5 and the Swiss Village and in Winter Park 9 selected locations. 以此种方式,用于产生冰雪的水消耗在一闭环系统中运转。 Water in this way, the consumption for producing ice in a closed-loop system running. 一旦设施处于运作中,用于冰雪本身的水消耗就会减小到绝对的最小值。 Once the facility is in operation, water consumption for snow itself is reduced to an absolute minimum.

发电基本上是由设置在隧道状构造3、 4和5和/或停车场的覆盖物(见 Power basically is set in a tunnel-like structure 3, 4 and 5 and / or covering the car park (see

图2)上的光电电池来供给。 Figure 2 photovoltaic cells) to supply on. 只有峰值用电时需要地方电网或自备发电机来补给。 Only need local power grid or owned generators to supply electricity at peak.

如上所述,这些管道状构造3、 4和5可以跨越最大IOO米的宽度,且可具有最大i千米的长度。 As described above, these pipes like structure 3, 4 and 5 across the width of the largest IOO meters, and may have a maximum length i kilometers. 该设施总的覆盖面积约为75000平方米。 The facility covers a total area of approximately 75,000 square meters. 此外, 当圆形隧道位于南北朝向时,可持续地跟踪穿过天空的太阳的运行,以最优化太阳能的利用。 In addition, when the circular tunnel located in Northern and Southern Dynasties, the sustainable track the sun across the sky run to optimize the use of solar energy. 另外,安装在隧道上的或停车场顶棚上的部分太阳能面板, 当需要时可机械地随动跟随太阳。 Also mounted on the tunnel ceiling or part of the solar panels on the parking lot, when you need to follow mechanically follow the sun.

处于干燥或干旱的气候中,所需的加热能力很低,而冷却需求很高。 In dry or arid climates, the required heating capacity is very low, and high cooling requirements. 主要的电力用户是冰雪生成机,以及滑雪电梯、缆车、火车或升降机,用于将参与者运送到高处的出发建筑物1。 The main electricity generating machine user is snow, and ski lifts, cable cars, trains or elevators for transporting the participants to the starting height of building 1. 在图1和图2的实施例中,滑雪牵引设备和电缆牵引设备位于隧道构造3、 4、和5中,以将人们运送到出发建筑物1。 In the embodiment of FIGS. 1 and 2, the ski traction equipment and cable pulling equipment is located in the tunnel structure 3, 4, and 5 in order to transport the people to start building one. 在图2和图3的实施例中,提供了一列附加的火车15,例如经常用于瑞士阿尔卑斯山中的嵌齿轮火车,以增强山脉场景的主题体验。 In the embodiment of FIGS. 2 and 3, it provides a list of 15 additional trains, for example, often used in the Swiss Alps cogwheel train to enhance the theme of experience mountain scene.

为产生雪,可使用传统的吹雪机,其中水被加压、并通过一喷雾嘴而被扩展开后被吹动以产生雪。 To generate snow using conventional snowblower, in which water is pressurized by a spray nozzle is spread out after blowing to produce snow. 这种方法特别是在区域9中被选用,以模拟森林中或小山村中的降雪。 This method was chosen especially in region 9, to simulate a small village in the forests or the snow. 其中一区域9也可被建造为一冬季野生动植物园,该园拥有高山鹿、野兔、狐狸等。 One area 9 can also be built as a winter wildlife park, the park has alpine deer, hares, foxes. 在这些区域中,在森林或一小的瑞士或阿尔卑斯村庄上产生降雪效果,这对孩子们尤其有教育性,并且能引起来自干燥及干旱地区游客的兴趣。 In these areas, resulting in the forest or a small Swiss alpine village, or snow effect, which is particularly educational for children, and can cause drying and arid regions of interest from tourists.

另一方面,区域9可以被建成主要由冰结构构成的"冰城",其中设有旅馆、商店、咖啡屋以及公园。 On the other hand, it can be built in the region 9 structure composed mainly of ice, "ice city", which has hotels, shops, cafes and parks. 可以重新创造出北纬城市冬天的氛围,包括圣诞市场、堆雪人儿、打雪仗、制作冰雕等等。 You can re-create the atmosphere of a winter city north latitude, including the Christmas market, children snowmen, snowball fights, making ice, and so on. 此外,区域9大致在同一高度上,并且可由通道互相连接,如图2的实施例所示。 In addition, the region 9 is substantially at the same height, and the channel may be connected to each other, as shown in Example 2. 这就使得游客更加灵活及便利地体验不同的主题。 This allows more flexibility and convenience of visitors to experience a different theme.

滑雪坡道、雪橇及滑雪板坡道,其本身优选是采用更为环保的供雪方式。 Ski slopes, ski and snowboard slopes, which itself is preferably adopt a more environmentally friendly way for snow. 水被喷射在混凝土墙壁上,该墙壁例如通过使用氨基冷却剂而保持在冰点以下。 Water is sprayed onto the concrete wall, the wall, for example by using amino coolant kept below freezing. 混凝土墙壁表面上形成的冰和霜被刮掉,并由雪犁或雪地汽车运送至滑雪坡道。 Formed on the surface of the concrete walls of ice and frost is scraped off by the snow plow or snowmobiles transported to the slopes. 滑雪坡道的下表面优选是由例如一地下管道系统所冷却,在该地下管道系统内循环有冷却剂,如图4所示。 Preferably the slopes of the lower surface is cooled by, for example an underground piping system, the underground piping system in circulating coolant, as shown in Fig.

图2和图3的实施例的特别的优点和吸引人的特点是提供了跳台滑雪17,其达到了跳台滑雪的国际规则权威机构的标准。 Special advantages and attractive features of the embodiment of FIGS. 2 and 3 is to provide 17 ski jumping, ski jumping it up to the standard rules of international authority. 该跳台滑雪设施17在较低的着地区域连接于竞技场13,该竞技场可容纳至少15000名观众。 The ski jumping facility 17 in the lower ground area 13 is connected to the arena, the arena can accommodate at least 15,000 spectators. 该跳台滑雪可被使用于"室内"跳台滑雪比赛,也可在空闲季节中用于滑雪跳跃者的训练区域。 The ski jumping can be used for "indoor" ski jumping tournament, also be used for training the region's ski jumping in the idle season. 在一具体实施例中,跳台滑道至少部分地在其长度上是可调节的,例如在较低的平台处可调节,滑雪跳跃者从该平台离开坡道。 In a specific embodiment, the jumping ramp is at least partially over its length is adjustable, for example in the lower platform of the adjustable ski jump to leave the ramp from the platform. 而且, 平台的角度可调,通过改变跳台滑雪难度的能力极大地促进了训练课。 Moreover, the platform angle adjustable by varying difficulty ski jumping ability has greatly promoted the training session.

可设法使跳台滑道的上部也可调角度。 It may seek the upper platform slide also adjustable angle. 与在欧洲固定地建造在山体侧面中的传统的跳台滑道相反,本发明的跳台滑道可被建造为一活动结构,其长度和角度可以根据给定的需要而调节。 And fixedly built on the mountain side in the European tradition of jumping chute opposite, jumping ramp of the present invention may be constructed as a movable structure, the length and angle can be adjusted given according to need. 可为比赛调节出高难度的情景,而对于训练,能够实现任何水平的跳台滑雪。 You can adjust the difficulty of the game scene, and for training, to achieve any level of ski jumping. 而且,跳台滑道的长度和角度可被调节,以模拟在国际比赛中使用的欧洲及北美的任何知名的跳台滑道。 And, jumping slide length and angle can be adjusted to simulate any known jumping slide Europe and North America for use in international competitions.

在图2和图3的实施例的另一方面,长橇滑道2被设计为符合国际比赛的标准,而且可被用于一种新的可能的"室内"长橇比赛。 In Figures 2 and 3 embodiment of hand, bobsled chute 2 is designed to meet international competition standards, and can be used for a possible new "indoor" bobsled competition. 作为选择,在另一实施例中,在长橇隧道内提供了护栏或导轨的系统,其可被用于"业余爱好者"来回滑动。 Alternatively, in another embodiment, in a bobsled tunnel provided a fence or rail system, which can be used to "amateur" sliding back and forth. 换句话说,运行在导轨上的特别的雪橇可用于游客(业余爱好者)的娱乐目的,这确保了安全而又令人愉快的长橇滑行。 In other words, a special sled run on the rails can be used for tourists (amateur) entertainment purposes, which ensures a safe and enjoyable bobsled slide. 当举行比赛或用于职业长橇选手的训练时,导轨可以被收回和/或埋入冰中,以提供比赛的滑行环境。 When the competition was held or used for occupational bobsleigh athletes training guide can be recovered and / or embedded in the ice in order to provide competition gliding environment.

在一特别有益的实施例中,在消遣效果中增加了互动性。 In a particularly advantageous embodiment, the effect of the increase in recreational interactivity. 如上所述,该冬季设施可以包括滑雪坡道、跳台滑道、雪橇滑道、滑雪板半管、长橇滑道、 雪地汽车跑道、滑冰场、冰壶球场、冰球场及类似物。 As described above, the winter facility may include slopes, jumping slide, toboggan runs, snowboard half pipe, bobsled slide, snowmobile track, skating rink, curling stadium, ice rink, and the like. 由参与者使用的活动装置包括下山雪橇、滑雪板、雪橇、长橇、雪地汽车、冰鞋、冰球用具、冰壶球用具等等。 Active device used by the participants include downhill skis, snowboards, skis, bobsled, snowmobiles, skates, hockey equipment, Curling appliances and so on. 不仅在活动装置中设置了传感器,而且也设置在各个设施中, 以监控各参与者的活动。 Not only set the sensor in the active device, but also provided in each facility in order to monitor the activities of the participants. 信息被收集在一中央信息处理系统中,其具有告知各参与者其当前活动的能力。 Information is collected in a central information processing system, which has informed the participants of its current activities. 为此目的,提供给每个参与者一带有有显示器的无线或无线电接收装置,例如连接在他或她的手腕上。 For this purpose, there is provided to the radio or the radio receiving apparatus having each participant has a display, e.g., attached to his or her wrist. 以此种方式,他或她不仅能够接收关于其活动的信息,而且也能接收其它类型的信息。 In this manner, he or she can not only receive information about their activities, but also to receive other types of information.

在本发明的互动性方面中, 一名参与者的表现或活动可以为另一名参与者带来益处或惊喜。 In the interactive aspect of the present invention, a participant's performance or events may benefit or surprise another participant. 例如,当在长橇滑行中达到接近纪录的高速时,就能为驾长橇者带来奖品或为所有其它在当时持有长橇票的参与者带来免费的滑行。 For example, when reached near-record speed in bobsleigh taxiing, it can bring prizes for the bobsled ride or for all other taxi at the time to bring free ticket holders bobsleigh participant. 滑行的速度可由长橇上的传感器检测,该信息传至信息处理系统,免费票通过与他们的无线接收装置的通信而奖励至其他参与者。 Glide speed by sensor bobsleigh on the information transmitted to the information processing system, free ticket communicate their wireless receiving apparatus and incentives to other participants through.

在另一实例中,在跳台滑雪设施上一14岁少年的一次优异的跳台滑雪可由雪橇上的监控器探测到,这能为那名特别的参与者带来附加的3次免费跳跃。 In another example, the ski jumping facility in excellent ski jumping once a 14-year-old boy on a sled by a monitor to detect, it can bring an additional three free-hop that were special participants. 作为对年轻参与者的奖励,其也能为所有其他14岁以下的参与者带来免费的跳跃。 As a reward for the young participants, it also for all other participants 14 years of age to bring free jump. 作为选择,也可以奖品奖励这名参与者的表现。 Alternatively, it can also show the name of the prize rewards the participants.

该交互性方面也可从一个设施传递到另一个。 The interaction also can be passed from one facility to another. 例如,若探测到在滑雪板半管中有太多的参与者,也就是该半管达到了其容量,这种状况可以再次被滑雪板上的传感器探测到。 For example, if there are too many detected in the snowboard half-pipe in the participants, it is the half-pipe has reached its capacity, this situation can again be detected by the sensor snowboard. 在这种情况下,玩滑雪板的人能够通过他们的例如为表状显示器形式的无线接收器而被通知,得知他们已被奖励免费进入冰球场且包括滑冰1小时。 In this case, the player who skis for example through their wireless receiver display tabular form and be notified that they have been rewarded free access to the ice skating stadium and includes one hour. 可以认识到的是,参与者得到奖励、奖品或奖金的许多可能性的存在,极大地增加了总体娱乐效果。 We can recognize that there are many possibilities to give the participants a reward, prizes or money, which greatly increases the overall entertainment experience. 在另一实例中,若该雪橇 In another example, if the sled

传感器测定出某一滑雪橇者在超过一给定时间段(例如1/2小时)内再三跌 Sensors measured by a sled in over a given period of time (such as 1/2 hour) repeatedly fell

倒,此人就可通过无线接收器而被告知,暂停一下也许更可取,并且他被邀请到最近的咖啡馆或餐馆享用免费的饮料。 Down, this person can be through wireless receiver and was told that a pause may be preferable, and he was invited to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant to enjoy free drinks.

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