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Publication numberCA2397174 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2397174
PCT numberPCT/CA2001/000030
Publication date19 Jul 2001
Filing date12 Jan 2001
Priority date14 Jan 2000
Also published asCA2397174C, DE60114366D1, DE60114366T2, EP1250578A2, EP1250578B1, US6453247, WO2001051904A2, WO2001051904A3
Publication numberCA 2397174, CA 2397174 A1, CA 2397174A1, CA-A1-2397174, CA2397174 A1, CA2397174A1, PCT/2001/30, PCT/CA/1/000030, PCT/CA/1/00030, PCT/CA/2001/000030, PCT/CA/2001/00030, PCT/CA1/000030, PCT/CA1/00030, PCT/CA1000030, PCT/CA100030, PCT/CA2001/000030, PCT/CA2001/00030, PCT/CA2001000030, PCT/CA200100030
InventorsOsama Hunaidi
ApplicantNational Research Council Of Canada, Osama Hunaidi, Mueller International, Llc
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Pc multimedia-based leak detection system for water transmission and distribution pipes
CA 2397174 A1
This invention pertains to the detection of leaks in plastic water distribution pipes by processing the sound or vibration induced in the pipe by water escaping under pressure. Acoustic leak signals are measured at two (or more) contact points with the pipe, e.g., fire hydrants or valves, using vibration sensors or hydrophones.
The signals are digitally recorded using the computer's soundcard. The leak is located using the difference in arrival times of two leak signals as determined from the cross-correlation function traditionally used in leak detection applications or an enhanced impulse response function. The enhanced impulse response function eliminates the need to filter leak signals before processing and hence avoids the uncertainty involved in selecting filter cutoff frequencies for non-experts. Listening to leak sound in plastic pipes is made possible in software by shifting their low-frequency content to an audible higher range. The software implementation of this system can be readily integrated with commercially available RF-based data transmitters and leak sensors - thus providing a complete, flexible, and inexpensive leak detection system.
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US97722508 Jun 201226 Sep 2017Mueller International, LlcLeak detector and sensor
US98493229 Sep 201526 Dec 2017Mueller International, LlcInfrastructure monitoring devices, systems, and methods
International ClassificationG01M3/24
Cooperative ClassificationG01M3/243
European ClassificationG01M3/24B
Legal Events
22 Dec 2003EEERExamination request