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Publication numberCA2347567 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2347567
Publication date15 Nov 2001
Filing date14 May 2001
Priority date15 May 2000
Also published asCA2347567C, US6561032
Publication numberCA 2347567, CA 2347567 A1, CA 2347567A1, CA-A1-2347567, CA2347567 A1, CA2347567A1
InventorsOsama Hunaidi
ApplicantNational Research Council Of Canada, Osama Hunaidi, Mueller International, Llc
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Non-destructive measurement of pipe wall thickness
CA 2347567 A1
The average wall thickness of a pipe carrying a fluid is determined by sensing disturbances in the pipe at two spaced locations, determining the propagation velocity of coupled propagation mode signals at low frequencies resulting from the disturbances, and calculating the average pipe wall thickness between the two locations from the propagation velocity and known constants for the pipe and fluid.
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International ClassificationG01B17/02, G01N29/07
Cooperative ClassificationG01N2291/2626, G01N29/07, G01B17/02, G01N2291/02854, G01N2291/2634
European ClassificationG01N29/07, G01B17/02
Legal Events
23 Dec 2003EEERExamination request