Google Analytics gives you insights you can turn into real results: from choosing the right benchmarks and content to testing channel and campaign performance. And it's easy to share what you learn with everyone in your organization.

Test. Adapt. Succeed. Repeat.

Once you know how well your latest promotion is converting, it's time to act. Start testing! From marketing plans and ad keywords to the photo on your front page, Google Analytics is built to help you compare different approaches and see which performs best. Make changes, re-measure, and test some more. That's the smartest way to make the most of your business and meet your performance goals.

Share with colleagues

Share valuable insights with your boss, her boss, and everyone else who needs to know. Google Analytics lets you create dashboards and reports tailored to the needs of different teams, then use custom alerts to notify colleagues when there's a big change in traffic patterns. Break down the internal silos that block your business, so you and all your colleagues can get behind the same data-driven truths and one unified strategy.