Street View trusted photographers policy

This policy applies to all Street View trusted participants that collect imagery on behalf of their customers to be used on Google products.

Our Street View trusted photographers policy covers four areas:

Transparency requirements

For customers to fully realize the benefits of uploading imagery on Google products, they need to have the right information to make informed decisions. Therefore, we require all of our trusted participants to be transparent with information that affects these decisions. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined below, trusted participants must make reasonable efforts to provide their customers with other relevant information when requested.

When selling your photographic services to others, it's important you embody the same transparency and that you understand your duties and rights as they pertain to other people, brands, and local laws.

Icon Services fees and costs

Services fees and costs

Participants in the trusted program often charge a management fee for the valuable services they provide, and imagery buyers should know if they are going to be charged these fees. At a minimum, inform new customers in writing before each first sale and disclose the existence of your fees and costs on customer invoices.

It's especially important for imagery buyers with smaller budgets -- who may not have the resources or expertise of large imagery buyers -- to know what they can expect when working with a Street View trusted photographer.

Icon Honest representation

Honest representation

As a participant in the Street View trusted program, you must not represent yourself in a way that suggests you are employed by Google. Present yourself truthfully as a fully independent business entity, and communicate to clients about Google's limited role as a publishing service.

Icon Individual responsibility

Individual responsibility

While published images are typically visible on Google Maps within seconds, these images may subsequently be rejected if they are not in compliance with Maps User Contributed Content Policy or the Google Maps Terms of Service.

  • Should commissioned imagery be removed from Google Maps, resolving the issue remains the responsibility of the photographer and the business owner.
  • We recommend that photographers promptly correct or replace images that are against our policies - and ensure they're approved for Google Maps - or else fully refund their client in the event that the issue cannot be resolved.

Icon Image ownership

Image ownership

We recommend that when photographers and business owners engage, both parties enter into a written contract that specifies the terms of the agreement, warranty, and future ownership rights.

  • Determine who will own the imagery after the shoot is completed. If the photographer will retain ownership, make sure the business owner is aware how they may use the imagery without infringing on the photographer's copyright. The same image should not be published twice under two accounts (such as the photographer's and the business owner's accounts).

Icon Local laws compliances

Legal compliance

Be sure to abide by all applicable law when serving clients. Do not misrepresent your skill or the end quality of the work that you perform. Also make sure you carry the appropriate insurance necessary to perform work you have been hired to complete.

Icon Image visibility

Image visibility

Google will rank images on Google Maps irrespective of any contractual or commercial agreement between third parties, including agreements between business owners and photographers. The fact that a business owner has paid a professional photographer for a shoot will not influence how the imagery is ranked or appears in Google Maps.

Icon No conflict of interest

No conflict of interest

Some Google programs - notably Local Guides - require that you participate in a non-professional capacity (e.g., that you are not compensated for the content that you contribute). If you offer services for hire (such as marketing yourself as a Street View trusted provider), it's important that you do not bundle these professional services with any other non-professional services that imply impartiality (such as your ability to post a rating or review as a Local Guide).

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Appropriate use of the Google Brands

Only photographers or companies that have earned trusted status can use the Google Maps Street View brand and trusted badge as marketing assets. As a trusted photographer, we invite you to leverage them to celebrate your distinguished status. Trusted pros can use the trusted badge, word mark, and branding elements, including Google Maps and Street View, or any other related logos. Below are some things you can and can't do with them. If you believe someone is violating Google's permitted uses of our brand assets, you can report issues here. For all other Google brand assets, you can report inappropriate uses here.

Icon Trusted Badge usage

Trusted Badge usage

  • Only use the trusted badge and branding elements if you're a certified member of the Street View trusted program.
  • Only show the trusted badge against a white background with enough padding, no matter where you display it.
  • Only use the trusted badge in combination with your name or company name and logo.
  • You may use the trusted badge and branding elements in websites, presentations, business apparel, and printed sales materials.
  • Ensure that the badge and branding elements aren't the most prominent elements on the page/clothing.
  • Don't change any of the Google Maps, Street View, or trusted badge, logos or wordmarks, including adding any graphics, stretching the images, or translating them.
  • Don't use the badge in a misleading or abusive way. For example, using the badge in a way that suggests a Google endorsement for any product or service.

Icon When selling your services

When selling your services

  • Offer professional 360 photos as one of your business services.
  • Don't misrepresent or hide that you're part of the trusted program when you're interacting with businesses.
  • Don't bundle any services you offer for hire (such as marketing yourself as a Street View trusted provider) with your Local Guide membership.

Icon Branding your website

Branding your website

  • Don't use Google, Google Maps, Street View, trusted badge, or any other Google trademark - or its likeness - in a domain name.
  • You may display the trusted badge on your website.

Icon Your vehicle branding

Your vehicle branding

  • When displaying graphics on a vehicle, you may only use your own brand and logo.
  • Don't display any Google branding elements including the Street View icon, badge and logo on a vehicle.

Icon nadir/zenith of 360 images

Branding in the nadir/zenith of 360 images

  • Use the logo/name of your company in the respective size as the nadir/zenith. Consult the policy guidelines for any format specific criteria.
  • When including branding in the nadir of your imagery or on the roof of your vehicle, you must:
    • have permission to use the branding.
    • only display content that is relevant (for example, promoting local tourism) or is otherwise limited to attribution.
  • In the case of sponsorship/attribution, the displayed branding must:
    • not be accompanied by a Google brand asset.
    • not be accompanied by any promotional graphics or language (unless it is relevant to the location shown).
    • include "sponsored by" or a translated equivalent.
  • Don't use the trusted badge or any other Google branding in the nadir/zenith of your 360 images (including in any rooftop graphics that may be visible to your camera).

In addition to these guidelines, please ensure that you follow Google's Rules for Proper Usage, Brand Terms and Conditions, Geo Usage Guidelines, and all other usage guidelines for Google trademarks.

Icon Advertising your business on Google Ads

Advertising your business on Google Ads

If you wish, you may advertise your Business on Google Ads by using the term 'trusted photographer program' in your ads. Please note that you are not allowed to use the "Street View" brand by itself or any other Google brand in your ads.

Icon Branding your Google Business Profile

Branding your Google Business Profile

If you have a Google Business Profile, you are expected to respect the Google Business Profile policies, and specifically the Guidelines for representing your business on Google.

Don’t use Google, Google Maps, Street View, or any other Google trademark — or its likeness, in the name of your Google Business Profile.

You may upload your trusted badge on your profile once you have been granted trusted status.

Note: If you don't follow these guidelines, you may lose your status in the program and the right to use the trusted badge and other branding elements.

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Trusted Imagery Quality Requirements

Icon Image Quality

Image quality

  • 7.5 MP or larger (3,840 x 1,920 px)
  • 2:1 image aspect ratio
  • No gaps in image around horizon
  • No significant stitching errors
  • Adequate detail in light/dark areas
  • Sharpness: no motion blur, in focus
  • No distracting effects or filters, including in the image nadir

Icon Connectivity


  • All connected 360 photos must maintain a clear line-of-sight
  • Shoot at 1 meter spacing indoors and every 3m outdoors
  • Increase the chances of connecting with us by extending your collection to a street

Icon Appropriateness


  • Consent to show people and place
  • Geographically accurate placement
  • No computer generated spaces or special effects, including image mirroring or warping
  • No attribution beyond nadir area
  • No hateful or illegal content

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Prohibited practices

Icon Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content

Prohibited and Restricted Content can be found on the Maps User Contributed Content Policy.

You can report inappropriate content using the "Report a problem" link.

Icon False, misleading, or unrealistic claims

False, misleading, or unrealistic claims

We want Street View trusted photographers' clients to make informed decisions about working with Street View trusted photographers, which means you need to be upfront and truthful when describing your company, your services, the costs associated with those services, and the results that your clients can expect. Don't make false, misleading, or unrealistic claims.


  • claiming false affiliation with Google
  • guaranteeing top placement on Google Street View or Google Maps

Icon Harassing, abusive, or untrustworthy behavior

Harassing, abusive, or untrustworthy behavior

Street View clients should get as great a service from a Street View photographer as they would get if working directly with Google. Don't use harassing, abusive, or untrustworthy tactics with potential or existing customers.


  • repeatedly cold-calling potential customers
  • putting undue pressure on an advertiser to sign up or stay with your agency
  • having others take Google certification exams on your behalf
  • phishing
  • offering Google Ads vouchers in exchange for payment

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About our policies

It's important that you familiarize yourself with and keep up to date on Google's Street View trusted photographer's policy. If we believe that you violate our policies, we may contact you to conduct a detailed review of your practices and request corrective action. In cases of repeated or serious violations, we may exclude you from the trusted program and may contact your customers to notify them accordingly. We also may prevent you from contributing to Google Maps products.

These policies are in addition to any existing terms and policies that may apply to third parties, including these:

Icon What happens if you violate policy

What happens if you violate policy

Compliance review: We may review your business for compliance with Street View trusted photographer's policy at any time. If we contact you to request information related to compliance, you're required to respond in a timely manner and swiftly take any corrective action needed to comply with our policies. We may also contact your customers to verify compliance.

Notification of non-compliance: If we believe that you're violating Street View trusted photographer's policy, we'll usually contact you to request corrective action. If you fail to make the requested corrections within the time period given, we may take enforcement action. In cases of serious or repeated violations, we may take action immediately and without notification.

Third-party program suspension: Your participation in Google third-party programs, such as Google Street View trusted, is predicated upon compliance with Street View trusted photographer's policy and may be limited or suspended if we find that you're violating our policies or if you fail to cooperate with our efforts to review your business for compliance.

Maps account suspension: We may suspend your Google Maps accounts if you commit a serious policy violation. In cases of repeated or especially serious policy violations, your Google Maps accounts may be permanently suspended, and you may no longer be able to contribute to Google Maps. Furthermore, we may contact your customers to notify them accordingly.

Icon Report a violation

Report a violation of third-party policy

Do you think a third-party partner is violating this policy? Let us know:

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