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Publication numberWO2016111823 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2015/066375
Publication date20 Oct 2016
Filing date17 Dec 2015
Priority date19 Dec 2014
Also published asWO2016111823A2
Publication numberPCT/2015/66375, PCT/US/15/066375, PCT/US/15/66375, PCT/US/2015/066375, PCT/US/2015/66375, PCT/US15/066375, PCT/US15/66375, PCT/US15066375, PCT/US1566375, PCT/US2015/066375, PCT/US2015/66375, PCT/US2015066375, PCT/US201566375, WO 2016/111823 A3, WO 2016111823 A3, WO 2016111823A3, WO-A3-2016111823, WO2016/111823A3, WO2016111823 A3, WO2016111823A3
InventorsJeffrey Cesnik
ApplicantClutch Authentication Systems, Llc
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System and method for communication over color encoded light patterns
WO 2016111823 A3
The present invention includes a light communication method and system wherein messages are transmitted via color code flashes. The light communication: includes calibration components that enhance the accuracy of the method and system, may be framed with calibration elements, and may include error correction elements.
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International ClassificationG06K19/06
Cooperative ClassificationH04B10/116, H04L1/0059, H04L1/0041, H04L1/0045