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Publication numberWO2014209901 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2014/043699
Publication date5 Mar 2015
Filing date23 Jun 2014
Priority date25 Jun 2013
Also published asCA2916595A1, CN105684356A, EP2920922A2, US9036529, US9036632, US9124521, US9191209, US9326307, US9338810, US9345058, US9451573, US9462624, US9629193, US9674885, US20140376405, US20150016407, US20150023293, US20150023294, US20150023339, US20150149781, US20150249605, US20150249728, US20150257190, US20160041821, US20160227506, US20170070491, US20170272416, WO2014209901A2
Publication numberPCT/2014/43699, PCT/US/14/043699, PCT/US/14/43699, PCT/US/2014/043699, PCT/US/2014/43699, PCT/US14/043699, PCT/US14/43699, PCT/US14043699, PCT/US1443699, PCT/US2014/043699, PCT/US2014/43699, PCT/US2014043699, PCT/US201443699, WO 2014/209901 A3, WO 2014209901 A3, WO 2014209901A3, WO-A3-2014209901, WO2014/209901A3, WO2014209901 A3, WO2014209901A3
InventorsGrant M. Erickson, Jay D. Logue, Christopher A. Boross, Zachary B. Smith, Osborne B. Hardison, Richard J. Schultz, Sunny P. Gujjaru, Matthew G. Neeley
ApplicantNest Labs, Inc.
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Efficient communication for devices of a home network
WO 2014209901 A3
Systems and methods are provided for efficient communication through a fabric network of devices in a home environment or similar environment. For example, an electronic device may efficiently control communication to balance power and reliability concerns, may efficiently communicate messages to certain preferred networks by analyzing Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) packet headers that use an Extended Unique Local Address (EULA), may efficiently communicate software updates and status reports throughout a fabric network, and/or may easily and efficiently join a fabric network.
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