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Publication numberWO2010062764 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2009/063142
Publication date19 Aug 2010
Filing date3 Nov 2009
Priority date3 Nov 2008
Also published asCN102227862A, CN102257708A, CN102257709A, EP2342800A2, EP2342802A2, EP2342803A2, US7851965, US7868508, US7923886, US7994678, US8008821, US8030819, US8193679, US8242658, US20100109452, US20100109453, US20100109462, US20110050010, US20110062723, US20110148225, US20110259659, US20110273035, US20120001501, WO2010062764A2, WO2010062765A2, WO2010062765A3, WO2010062766A2, WO2010062766A3
Publication numberPCT/2009/63142, PCT/US/2009/063142, PCT/US/2009/63142, PCT/US/9/063142, PCT/US/9/63142, PCT/US2009/063142, PCT/US2009/63142, PCT/US2009063142, PCT/US200963142, PCT/US9/063142, PCT/US9/63142, PCT/US9063142, PCT/US963142, WO 2010/062764 A3, WO 2010062764 A3, WO 2010062764A3, WO-A3-2010062764, WO2010/062764A3, WO2010062764 A3, WO2010062764A3
InventorsDavid G. Calley, Thomas F. Janecek
ApplicantMotor Excellence, Llc
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Transverse and/or commutated flux system stator concepts
WO 2010062764 A3
Disclosed are transverse and/or commutated flux machines and components thereof, and methods of making and using the same. Certain exemplary stators for use in transverse and commutated flux machines may be configured with gaps therebetween, for example in order to counteract tolerance stackup. Other exemplary stators may be configured as partial stators having a limited number of magnets and/or flux concentrators thereon. Partial stators may facilitate ease of assembly and/or use with various rotors. Additionally, exemplary floating stators can allow a transverse and/or commutated flux machine to utilize an air gap independent of the diameter of a rotor. Via use of such exemplary stators, transverse and/or commutated flux machines can achieve improved performance, efficiency, and/or be sized or otherwise configured for various applications.
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International ClassificationH02K21/26, H02K21/28
Cooperative ClassificationH02K2201/15, Y10T29/49012, H02K37/02, H02K1/02, H02K2201/12, H02K1/246, H02K41/025, H02K1/04
European ClassificationH02K37/02, H02K41/025, H02K1/24C
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21 Jul 2010121Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application
Ref document number: 09829681
Country of ref document: EP
Kind code of ref document: A2
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