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Publication numberWO2008051822 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2007/081890
Publication date30 Oct 2008
Filing date19 Oct 2007
Priority date20 Oct 2006
Also published asCA2665862A1, CA2665862C, CA2665864A1, CA2665864C, CA2665865A1, CA2665865C, CA2665869A1, CA2665869C, CA2666206A1, CA2666947A1, CA2666947C, CA2666956A1, CA2666956C, CA2666959A1, CA2666959C, CA2667274A1, EP2074279A2, EP2074281A2, EP2074281A4, EP2074282A2, EP2074283A2, EP2074284A2, EP2074284A4, US7540324, US7562707, US7631690, US7635024, US7644765, US7673681, US7677310, US7677314, US7681647, US7703513, US7717171, US7730945, US7730946, US7730947, US7841401, US7845411, US8191630, US8555971, US20080128134, US20080135244, US20080135253, US20080135254, US20080142216, US20080142217, US20080185147, US20080217003, US20080217004, US20080217015, US20080217016, US20080236831, US20080277113, US20080283246, US20090014180, US20090014181, US20100276141, US20130056210, WO2008051495A2, WO2008051495A3, WO2008051495A8, WO2008051822A2, WO2008051825A1, WO2008051827A2, WO2008051827A3, WO2008051830A2, WO2008051830A3, WO2008051831A2, WO2008051831A3, WO2008051833A2, WO2008051833A3, WO2008051834A2, WO2008051834A3, WO2008051836A2, WO2008051836A3, WO2008051837A2, WO2008051837A3
Publication numberPCT/2007/81890, PCT/US/2007/081890, PCT/US/2007/81890, PCT/US/7/081890, PCT/US/7/81890, PCT/US2007/081890, PCT/US2007/81890, PCT/US2007081890, PCT/US200781890, PCT/US7/081890, PCT/US7/81890, PCT/US7081890, PCT/US781890, WO 2008/051822 A3, WO 2008051822 A3, WO 2008051822A3, WO-A3-2008051822, WO2008/051822A3, WO2008051822 A3, WO2008051822A3
InventorsGary Lee Beer, Tulio Rafael Colmenares, Robert James Dombrowski, John Michael Karanikas, Marian Marino, Augustinus Wilhelmus Maria Roes, Robert Charles Ryan, Etuan Zhang
ApplicantShell Oil Co, Shell Int Research, Gary Lee Beer, Tulio Rafael Colmenares, Robert James Dombrowski, John Michael Karanikas, Marian Marino, Augustinus Wilhelmus Maria Roes, Robert Charles Ryan, Etuan Zhang
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Heating tar sands formations to visbreaking temperatures
WO 2008051822 A3
A method for treating a tar sands formation is disclosed. The method includes heating at least a section of a hydrocarbon layer in the formation from a plurality of heaters located in the formation. The heat is controlled so that at least a majority of the section reaches an average temperature of between 200 C and 240 C, which results in visbreaking of at least some hydrocarbons in the section. At least some visbroken hydrocarbon fluids are produced from the formation.
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International ClassificationE21B43/24, E21B43/30
Cooperative ClassificationE21B43/30, C10G2300/4037, E21B43/243, E21B36/04, C10G1/02, E21B47/02216
European ClassificationE21B43/243, E21B36/04, E21B47/022M, C10G1/02
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25 Jun 2008121Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application
Ref document number: 07854206
Country of ref document: EP
Kind code of ref document: A2
15 Apr 2009REEP
Ref document number: 2007854206
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Effective date: 20090417