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Publication numberWO2006116308 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2006/015467
Publication date7 May 2009
Filing date25 Apr 2006
Priority date25 Apr 2005
Also published asEP1875693A2, EP1875693A4, EP1875693B1, US7715312, US8705350, US20060239271, US20100265826, WO2006116308A2
Publication numberPCT/2006/15467, PCT/US/2006/015467, PCT/US/2006/15467, PCT/US/6/015467, PCT/US/6/15467, PCT/US2006/015467, PCT/US2006/15467, PCT/US2006015467, PCT/US200615467, PCT/US6/015467, PCT/US6/15467, PCT/US6015467, PCT/US615467, WO 2006/116308 A3, WO 2006116308 A3, WO 2006116308A3, WO-A3-2006116308, WO2006/116308A3, WO2006116308 A3, WO2006116308A3
InventorsNabeel Cocker, Bhumip Khasnabish
ApplicantNabeel Cocker, Bhumip Khasnabish, Verizon Serivces Corp
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Methods and systems for maintaining quality of service (qos) levels for data transmissions
WO 2006116308 A3
A system is provided for maintaining Quality of Service ('QoS') parameters of data transmissions. A packet-switched network framework is provided. The network framework includes at least one router for routing the data transmissions over the network framework. The network framework also includes multiple links, including a first link and a second link. The first link forms at least part of a first path over the network framework, and the second link forms at least part of an alternate, second path over the network framework. A link utilization monitor is configured to monitor a link utilization rate of the first link and to determine whether the rate has exceeded a predetermined maximum utilization threshold. The router is configured to reroute data transmissions over the second link when the rate is determined to have exceeded the predetermined maximum utilization threshold.
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International ClassificationH04L12/56
Cooperative ClassificationH04L45/586, H04L45/24, H04L45/22, H04L47/11, H04L47/122, H04L45/00, H04L45/3065, H04L49/351, H04L45/125, H04L47/10
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