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Publication numberWO2006115580 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2006/007516
Publication date15 Feb 2007
Filing date1 Mar 2006
Priority date1 Mar 2005
Also published asDE602006014538D1, EP1860989A1, EP1860990A1, EP1860991A1, EP1860992A1, EP1860993A1, EP1860994A1, EP1860995A1, EP1860996A1, EP1860997A1, EP1863380A2, EP1895892A1, EP1895892B1, EP2228005A1, EP2286721A2, EP2286721A3, EP2305104A2, EP2305104A3, US7377794, US7563110, US7596398, US7647083, US7729733, US7761127, US7764982, US7957780, US8050728, US8130105, US8190223, US8224411, US8255027, US8301217, US8385996, US8483787, US8560032, US8581732, US8626255, US8634889, US8718735, US8849365, US8912909, US8929964, US9131882, US9167995, US9241662, US9351675, US9549696, US9750443, US20060211922, US20060211923, US20060211924, US20060211925, US20060211932, US20060220881, US20060226992, US20060229509, US20060238358, US20060241358, US20060241363, US20080220633, US20100022859, US20100049020, US20100228108, US20110009719, US20110237914, US20120046530, US20120161970, US20120232359, US20120232363, US20130172701, US20130317327, US20140142399, US20140142402, US20140194709, US20140309506, US20150087938, US20150133755, US20160073967, US20160166182, US20160310052, WO2006094107A1, WO2006094108A1, WO2006094109A1, WO2006094155A1, WO2006094168A1, WO2006094169A1, WO2006094170A1, WO2006094171A1, WO2006094279A1, WO2006115580A2, WO2006118654A1
Publication numberPCT/2006/7516, PCT/US/2006/007516, PCT/US/2006/07516, PCT/US/6/007516, PCT/US/6/07516, PCT/US2006/007516, PCT/US2006/07516, PCT/US2006007516, PCT/US200607516, PCT/US6/007516, PCT/US6/07516, PCT/US6007516, PCT/US607516, WO 2006/115580 A3, WO 2006115580 A3, WO 2006115580A3, WO-A3-2006115580, WO2006/115580A3, WO2006115580 A3, WO2006115580A3
InventorsAmmar Al-Ali, Chris Schultz
ApplicantMasimo Laboratories Inc, Ammar Al-Ali, Chris Schultz
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Multiple wavelength sensor attachment
WO 2006115580 A3
A physiological sensor is adapted to removably attach an emitter assembly and a detector assembly to a fingertip. The emitter assembly is adapted to transmit optical radiation having multiple wavelengths into fingertip tissue. The detector assembly is adapted to receive the optical radiation after attenuation by the fingertip tissue. The sensor has a first shell and a second shell hinged to the first shell. A spring is disposed between the shells and urges the shells together. An emitter pad is fixedly attached to the first shell and configured to retain the emitter assembly. A detector pad is fixedly attached to the second shell and configured to retain the detector assembly. A detector aperture is defined within the detector pad and adapted to pass optical radiation to the detector assembly. A contour is defined along the detector pad and generally shaped to conform to a fingertip positioned over the detector aperture.
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Ref document number: 2007558238
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