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Publication numberWO2006113408 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2006/014022
Publication date26 Jul 2007
Filing date13 Apr 2006
Priority date13 Apr 2005
Also published asCA2604358A1, CA2604358C, CA2738777A1, CN101185042A, CN101185042B, EP1875320A2, EP1875320A4, US7727181, US7753873, US7753874, US7766864, US8343093, US20050235732, US20090177160, US20090179044, US20090182276, US20100312177, US20110224615, WO2006113408A2
Publication numberPCT/2006/14022, PCT/US/2006/014022, PCT/US/2006/14022, PCT/US/6/014022, PCT/US/6/14022, PCT/US2006/014022, PCT/US2006/14022, PCT/US2006014022, PCT/US200614022, PCT/US6/014022, PCT/US6/14022, PCT/US6014022, PCT/US614022, WO 2006/113408 A3, WO 2006113408 A3, WO 2006113408A3, WO-A3-2006113408, WO2006/113408A3, WO2006113408 A3, WO2006113408A3
InventorsBenjamin M Rush
ApplicantBenjamin M Rush, Therasense Inc
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Fluid delivery device with autocalibration
WO 2006113408 A3
A micro fluid delivery device is particularly useful in medical applications. The device may be worn or carried by the user and may deliver drugs or other medicaments to the user or patient. The device has a control system that accepts input from the user and controls all aspects of operation of the device. The control system measures the output of the pump and adjusts the output of the pump to achieve the desired dosage rate and size. This eliminates differences from pump to pump that result from inevitable variations in the manufacturing of such small scale affordable devices.
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