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Publication numberWO1998017031 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/IB1997/001272
Publication date9 Jul 1998
Filing date13 Oct 1997
Priority date16 Oct 1996
Also published asDE69737441D1, DE69737441T2, EP0873621A2, EP0873621B1, US6046978, US6842430, US7573813, US20050117526, WO1998017031A2
Publication numberPCT/1997/1272, PCT/IB/1997/001272, PCT/IB/1997/01272, PCT/IB/97/001272, PCT/IB/97/01272, PCT/IB1997/001272, PCT/IB1997/01272, PCT/IB1997001272, PCT/IB199701272, PCT/IB97/001272, PCT/IB97/01272, PCT/IB97001272, PCT/IB9701272, WO 1998/017031 A3, WO 1998017031 A3, WO 1998017031A3, WO 9817031 A3, WO 9817031A3, WO-A3-1998017031, WO-A3-9817031, WO1998/017031A3, WO1998017031 A3, WO1998017031A3, WO9817031 A3, WO9817031A3
InventorsGeorge A Melnik
ApplicantPhilips Electronics Nv, Philips Norden Ab
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A method for configuring and routing data within a wireless multihop network and a wireless network for implementing the same
WO 1998017031 A3
A method for configuring a wireless data packet network comprising a control node and multiple individual nodes includes the following steps: organizing the network into multiple bands Bi each band including individual nodes located i hops away from the control node; assigning a logical address to each individual node. A routing logical address is added to every data packet and each individual node compares its own logical address to the routing address of a received packet. In dependence on the result of the comparison, the packet is discarded, re-transmitted or processed in the node. The network is preferably a packet-hopping wireless network in which data packets are transferred from node to node over a common RF channel.
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Cooperative ClassificationH04L45/34, H04W40/34, H04L45/28, H04W40/02, H04W40/32, H04L45/00
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27 May 1998WWEWipo information: entry into national phase
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7 Mar 2007WWGWipo information: grant in national office
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