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Publication numberWO1990000109 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/JP1989/000661
Publication date11 Jan 1990
Filing date30 Jun 1989
Priority date1 Jul 1988
Also published asDE68926614D1, DE68926614T2, EP0378703A1, EP0378703A4, EP0378703B1, US5066902
Publication numberPCT/1989/661, PCT/JP/1989/000661, PCT/JP/1989/00661, PCT/JP/89/000661, PCT/JP/89/00661, PCT/JP1989/000661, PCT/JP1989/00661, PCT/JP1989000661, PCT/JP198900661, PCT/JP89/000661, PCT/JP89/00661, PCT/JP89000661, PCT/JP8900661, WO 1990/000109 A1, WO 1990000109 A1, WO 1990000109A1, WO 9000109 A1, WO 9000109A1, WO-A1-1990000109, WO-A1-9000109, WO1990/000109A1, WO1990000109 A1, WO1990000109A1, WO9000109 A1, WO9000109A1
InventorsAtsushi Watanabe
ApplicantFanuc Ltd
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Nominal data automatic setting method of visual sensor system
WO 1990000109 A1
This invention provides a nominal data automatic setting method in a visual sensor system capable of setting accurately, rapidly and easily nominal data and a correction data calculation method executed on the basis of the nominal data that are set automatically. When the visual sensor system is judged operating in the nominal mode at the start of execution of a predetermined portion of a user's program by a visual sensor system fitted to an industrial robot (S200), a message inquiring whether or not nominal data setting is to be executed is displayed (S201). When a nominal data setting instruction is inputted by an operator (S202), work position and posture data in a sensor coordinates system at that point of time obtained on the basis of density image data are converted to the work position and posture data in the robot coordinates system and memorized as nominal data (S203). The visual sensor system calculates the operation position and correction data for correcting the posture on the basis of the work position and posture data worked out similarly and the nominal data, and sends them to the robot.
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International ClassificationG01B21/00, B25J19/04, B25J9/16, G05B19/401, B25J19/02, G05B19/42
Cooperative ClassificationG05B19/4207, B25J9/1697, B25J19/021, G05B19/4015, G05B2219/36417
European ClassificationG05B19/42B2, B25J9/16V1, G05B19/401C, B25J19/02B
Legal Events
11 Jan 1990AKDesignated states
Kind code of ref document: A1
Designated state(s): US
11 Jan 1990ALDesignated countries for regional patents
Kind code of ref document: A1
Designated state(s): AT BE CH DE FR GB IT LU NL SE
15 Feb 1990WWEWipo information: entry into national phase
Ref document number: 1989907821
Country of ref document: EP
25 Jul 1990WWPWipo information: published in national office
Ref document number: 1989907821
Country of ref document: EP
5 Jun 1996WWGWipo information: grant in national office
Ref document number: 1989907821
Country of ref document: EP