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Publication numberUSD639052 S1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberUS 29/356,799
Publication date7 Jun 2011
Filing date2 Mar 2010
Priority date2 Mar 2010
Publication number29356799, 356799, US D639052 S1, US D639052S1, US-S1-D639052, USD639052 S1, USD639052S1
InventorsAndy Fathollahi
Original AssigneeIncipio Technologies, Inc.
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US D639052 S1
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  1. I claim the ornamental design for a case, as shown and described.

FIG. 1 is a top end view of a case showing our new design;

FIG. 2 is a bottom end view of the case;

FIG. 3 is a left side view of the case;

FIG. 4 is a right side view of the case;

FIG. 5 is a front view of the case;

FIG. 6 is a back view of the case; and,

FIG. 7 is a back perspective view of the case.

The broken lines in the FIGURES showing the accessory holes are for illustrative purposes only and form no part of the claimed design.

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U.S. ClassificationD03/269