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Publication numberUS922948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date25 May 1909
Filing date14 Sep 1908
Priority date14 Sep 1908
Publication numberUS 922948 A, US 922948A, US-A-922948, US922948 A, US922948A
InventorsThomas G Portmore
Original AssigneeDennison Mfg Co
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Baggage and other check.
US 922948 A
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-A c: R Rca.


Da1e... .........`......L...19o...

van.. .....'.............l...1aa.;

Tem. Il',l |||I I Issued oh Trar Via,...


Issued on Train No.. Issue@ on Train No..................-. Issued on TraiN N0...

Desc'rIpHon. D scripioryg.;

I *A @if @MM @f- Patented May 25, 1909.

MORE, of South Framin -dleseig State of Massac ked an' Im rovementiiri `Checks, o


To all' 'whom it may concern:

Beitgknownthat I, THOMAS G.l PORT- ham, county of-Midusetts, have invent-r BaggageV and other which the following is'a specification.y I This invention relates to baggage and other checks and particularly to consecu-z tively numbered checks composed of two or more'integiral, separable sections, and identiymatching the numbers .thereon g and has for its object to rovidev the -ficatio`ii, such for instance as figures, the identificationis made by superpositionv .i rof' two vsections of the check,`

sectionsof the checks with symbo s o f identiwhereby l Without the mind being called upon to recognize the videntification symbols, as such. -As a result, mental transposition of the identificap tion symbols and other errors dueto carryingthe i entiiioation symbo roadcompanie's reduced.

Fifrure 1 isv is invention, made particularly for use as'abaggage check,v and ,Figs 2 and 3 are modifications to'b'e referred to.

` used as a or more 'integra The check-herein shown for the pur ose of illustratinor my invention, is: arrange to be bagga e checky ,separable sections, and in Fig. lvtliree sections-c, b and c are shown and f .in the remaining iguresfonly two Sections are other purposes it will ymattei' thereon..

.shownf :Eachsection .has printed on 'it thel usual information, such as-the nameI of`the railroad company,

. the check is the baggage and suchz otherinformation as.

the date, the place where issued, and the destination of When the check is used for have other printed The sections are made of ythe same widthl and preferablyof the same length, so that when superimposed they will may be desired.

re ister with each other. -Manila, white, or

" ot er paper or card-.board maybe lemployed linthe manufacture of the checks. :Ll-Dach section has corresponding f of. j identification printedl r pe o y' 55 "any other two contrasting may`be employed symbols as for instance, 'a number asthe `identification symthe large distinct type,

bol. Thei enticationgsymbollonone.o

. v1; or in lieu thereof .ilors may' heem- Fig. 4; or the ls in the mind are y l L obviatedV and the attendant loss to the railt1ons, 1f more than two sections are ein have corresponding symbols of identification afront View ofacheck embody-- formed by cutting the-sections like unto a identification, `which -resphd in shape andposition to the symbols It comprises two.'

rated-vv .in

ployed oi the-.identification symbol may be:

i Patented May 25, 190e.`

printed in bla'ck or other coloroi'i a` lainv I manila* check, thebackgroundl beingpo the color of the pa er` composing the check, see ackground may be colored, leayinv the .number or other identification* symboV of the color of the the check, see Fig. 2; or, as shown in ig. 3,

vthe number or vother identication symbol maybe cut in the section like unto a stencil, forming e apertures therein, and the background surrounding the apertures left of the' color of the pa 'ercdmposing the check, or colored. Whet er printed Oi` perforated, thev result is the same, in that distinct symbols of identification are" roduced'; and whether the background is co oi'ed or left the colorof the paper composing the check, the result is the same, in that a istinct contrast between the background and identification l symbol is produced.

The'section b, and if desired the other secloyed stencil, apertures being therebyY formed in` the section,` The aperturedy symbols' of" may be al number, corof identification lon the Section a.

Theidentification numbers may comprise any number of digits, four being herein shown for illustration, but in any event like spaces will be provided on each section for as many digits as vthe largest number willcomprise,1 and the portions-of said spaces which are not used, instead lof being left blank, will be filled with any suitable symbols, such for instance, aszeros, see Fig. 1', so that there will be no liability of making a mistake, as for. instance, by the placing of-lSl on 2131 and assuming that they match. Further- -more, there is liability of confusion unless care is usedin the design. of the identification symbols, so as to make themof va distinctly different design, particularlyif iguressuch as Sand 8 oi'letter's such as c and o are used. Foriinstance, referring to Fig. 1 the figure 3 is ofsuch design that Ia figure 8 couldreadilyf5 bis made in which every part of the figure 3 would be found by merely extending the lines of ,theB to make it -form an 8. if this paper com osing ioo.


were done and a section having an ii'lentiieation symbol suchA as P131 were placed over a section having an identification symbol (1181,

the color of the background 'ol' identification on section c,

superimposed, substantially the fact that the identification symbol did not register would not appear. The figures l and 4 are similarly liable to confusion. Therefore, all the symbols placed upon the check must be so designed that every symbol when placed over any other symbol used in a series. o'lI checks will cause some part of the background surrounding the symbol beneath to show through the perforations.

The section b or the portion thereof surrounding tlie apertures may be of the color oi' the paper composing the check, or it may be ol' any other color,`but ease oi identification will be greater if the color diiiers from on section af, for instance, ii' the background on section ay is red and the section b is plain manila, then when the sections are superimposed the failure to register is more readily recognized by the appearance of the red background on section c than if ythe section D and the background on section a were of thev same color.

In the manufacture of the checks if numbers are used Vlor symbols of identification, consecutive numbers will be employed..

When checking baggage or other things, one oi' the sections will be given to the passeriger and the other will be' attached to th'e baggage, and when claiming the baggage the agent will look for a number or other symbol oi' identiiication correspondingjo the number or symbol oi identiiication on the section which is handed to him, but when completing the identification of the baggage he will place the apertured section upon the section a, to see if the apertures in the section b correspond to and register with the symbols and if so correct identiiication has been made; otherwise not. Thus final identification oi' the baggage is performed by the eye of the agent, the mind not being-called upon to exercise any material function.

Having thus described my invention, what claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is :d

1. A check comprising two or more see-` tions, one section having symbols oi' identiiication and at least one oi the other sections having apertures corresponding in sha e and position to the aforesaid symbols ol;l ic entiii-` cation, so .as to register therewith when an aperured section is placed upon the iirst named section, substantially as described.

2. 'A check com rising two or vmore sections, one section having a number and at tures corresponding in shape and positionto the number on the first named section, so as to register therewith when the sections are as described.

3. A check comprising two or `more integral separable sections, one section having least one of the other sections having aperbeiI on the first named section,

printed thereon a number and at least one of the other sections having apertures corre'- spondir'ig irl-shape and position to the nurnertured section is section, substanter therewith when an a placed upon the printe tially as described.

4. A check comprising two or more sec-wA tions, each section having a space forA an identification number composed of a predeone section havtermined number of digits, ing an identilication number in the space provided for it and having other 'symbols ofv identiiication arrangedtoiillsaid space ,and at least one ol' the other sections having aperte, tures in the space-providedl for them corres ondiiig in shapeand position to 'the identiiication number and other symbols of iden;v tification on the aforesaid section, so as vto lregister therewith when an apertured section" upon' the aforesaid section, substan is placed tially as described.

5. A check comprising two. or more sec/- tions,` one section having thereon figures of distinctly so as to regis# different designs'and at least one so p of the other sections having apertures corre- .sponding in shape and position to said figures, so as to register therewith when an apertured section is placed upon the iirs't named section, substantially as described.

' 6. A check comprising two or more integral separable sections, one printed thereon certain figures of na consecutive series ofidentiication symbols and at vleast one of the other sections having per.-

iorated therethrough the same iigures of identiiication symbols, so placed and designed that the perforated symbols will register with the printed symbols when a perf rated-section is placed upon the printed section and will not appear to register with the printed symbols of the printed section of any-- section having,

other check of the series, substantially as described. I

7. A check comprising two or more sections, one section having symbols of-identiii cation in a background of a contrasting color, and at least one of the other sections having apertures in a background oi' a color diii'erent from the background oi' the` al'oresaid section, which correspond in shape and position to the symbols of identiication on the aforesaid section, so as to register therewith whensaid apertured section is placed on the aforesaid section, substantially as described. 1 A

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification, two subscribing witnesses.

THOMAS G. PORTMORE. Witnesses:v p B. J.Norns,

H. B. Davis.-

in the presence of

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Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/10