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Publication numberUS901545 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date20 Oct 1908
Filing date22 Oct 1906
Priority date22 Oct 1906
Publication numberUS 901545 A, US 901545A, US-A-901545, US901545 A, US901545A
InventorsAndrew M Morrison
Original AssigneeAndrew M Morrison
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Sanitary plumbing connection.
US 901545 A
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Patented Oct. 20, 1908.





901,545. Patented oct. 2o, 1908.


Qd/366666.' `Aj/ m2675507@ E@ n j@ certain new and ANDREW M. MORRISON, OF DUBUQUE, IOWA.


speemntion af new Patent.

Patented oet. so, 190s.

Application ld' October l22, IM. SerialNo. 889,946.

To all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, ANDREW MoRnrsoN, a citizen of the United States, and a resldent of the city of Dubu ue, in the county of..

Dubuque and State o Iowa, have invented useful Improvements in Sanitary Plumbing Connections; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being-had` to the accompanying drawin s, and to the letters of reference marke thereon, which form a part of this specification.

Heretofore in connectin various fixtures, as for instance a water c'oset, with a soil pipe, lead pipe has been employed and' careful measurement has been re uired to vproperly locate the closetand a s illed plumber is" always necessa inasmuch as the lead joints must be wipe Furthermore when connected in this manner considerable time is consumed on each joint thus rendering such constrrctions unnecessarily expensive. Furthermore should the joint become defective it can only be repaired and at considerable expense by one especially skilled at such work.

Theobject of this invention is to afford a connection between various fixtures and the soil pipe whereby the use of lead piping is entirely obviated and instead cast iron pipe with calked joints are used.

It is a `further object of the invention -to allord a construction in which the pipe section or sections connecting the soil pipe with the closet, is united both with thev soil pipe and with the closet connection by slip joints thereby avoiding the necessity for exact measurement.

It is a further object of the invention to so connect the pipes as to enable the slip joints to be calked externally at the closet end of the connection.

The invention consists in the matters hereinafter described and more fully pointed out and defined in the appended claims.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a vertical section of a device embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a section taken on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 3-3 of Fig. l. 4 is a reduced side elevation ypartly in vertical section showing a plurality of tees connected by sli joints to receive the battery of closets d1schar ing to thesoil pipe.

Fig. 5 is a similar view j ut showing the sanrtary tees laid upon their sides and'connected by slip joints. Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view of the cast elbow. Figs. 7 and 8 illustrate a joint formed in the soll ipe.

As shown in the drawings: A in lcatesa sanitary tee of novel construction in which as shown the discharge end a is reduced in size as is usual and the ln `tudinally alined receiving end is of' such diameter as to re-" ceive the receiving end A of the corres onding tee to afford a slip joint therewit A branch a.3 in which ts the longer end of an el.- bow C or Cz` which may extend nearly the entire len h of the branch is enlarged at the outer en to afford a hub to receive the oakum and lead calking which closes the oint. Stops aff-a5 are provided in the vranch a.a and in the receivm end a of the tee near the inner end of the ranch to limit the inward adjustment of the pipe ends received therein to prevent the same obstructing the flow.

In connecting with closets, the floor B is cut to provide a relatively lar e aperturey therethrou' h and a pipe Bwhic ma be of any desire length extends downward y into the upwardly turned. end C of said elbow in which is provided a stop c to prevent said pipe B obstructing the flow.` Said` upturned end C is cal'ked around the pie B to afford a ti ht joint. Said end C o the elbow may e of anydesired length so that said pipe BJ en aged therein permits relative adjustment of t e parts before calking and is screw threaded at its upper end to engage in a collar which is bolted to 'the iioor and on\ which the closet sets and .is secured. Said tubes or pipes B' may be constructed of .the same or dllferent lengths but the ends G of the elboware constructed sufficiently long to permit the relative'- adjustment of f the parts before calking.

Said construction as shown affords a slip joint corres ending with that at the o posite end of t e elbow and permitting pac ng before the collar b is screwed upon the upper end of the pipe or tube B.

As shown the elbow C is tapped and pro.n vided with screw plugs one on each side thereof beneath the upturned end C and also a little above the axis in the bend. Said plugs are indicated by c-c3. Said elbow is ofcourse usually cast metal and may be provided with hubbed apertures instead of threaded, as shown in Fig. 6, in which the el-I bow C2 is plu ed by means of the stops c-c7 which are ca' ed with lead and oakum the same as the slip joints. Said apertures afford means for attaching either a vent pipe or the waste pipe or pipes from any other justing the pipes B thereln 'to afford slip joints elevatm'g the'in'ner end ofsaid pipes sufficiently to insure the flow to the soil pipe.`

. In the construction in Fig. 5 sanitary tees A2 such as before described are connectedyby inserting the discharge end of one 1nto the ythe receiving end of the other with the branches extending laterali therefrom. Said tees are arranged upon t eir sides and the branches a3 of eachextend parallel with their outer ends in alinement and into each extends the long end of an elbow C as before described thus enabling any desired number of closets to be arranged in battery if desired, and owing to the construction of said tees enabling the same to be adjusted relatively of each other owin to the slip joint connections for the teest e tees and elbows and the elbows and closet pipe.

The operation is asfollows: In-connecting said fittings many different variations of adjustment are ossible. ,x T e soil pi e having been erected in suitable osition t e closets if single may be connected therewith by means of the tee and an elbow. If in battery, tees either with or without the elbows are used or Ys may be used. Inasmuch as the upwardly turned end of the elbows when used or of the tees when connected as shown in Fig. 4 afford a hub to receive the oakum andy lead for calking, and inasmuch as said upwardly turned end is of such length, the samel therewith where t e space between the ceiling and the floor is very small and also where the space is considerable and obviously in calking the joints formed by the pipe B and the shorter end C of the elbow or the upturned branches of the tees all the calking is done externally and there is nothing to afford l lodgment or to be contaminated by the waste to the soil pipe.

Should a slip joint not be desired. in th soil pipe a ring a6 may be inserted'in thehub to stop the end of the succeeding tee and the packing therefor as shown in Fig. 8.

Owing to the simplicity of the construction a single workman can install many closets in the course of an ordinary working day and when installed the construction is much more satisfactory and sanitary than where connected by methods heretofore used.

'While' I have described my invention as Yapplied to connecting closetswith soil pipes viously the same is adaptable for use for other purposes and I do not purpose limiting this a plication for patent otherwise than necessltated by the prior art as many details:

of construction ma be varied without departing from the principles of my invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. In a device of the class described the combination with a main Waste pipe having a lateral branch provided with a hubbed end, a stop in said branch, an elbow havin f a long end affording a slip joint with the ranch, aifording space for calking and limited by the stop from extending into the main lwaste passage, said elbow at 1ts opposite end provided with a hub and having apertures for Waste and Vent connection, plugs adapted to be threaded into said apertures, a pi e or sleeve affording a sli joint with the hu bedk .pipe and having its end directed at an an le therewith and affording a sli joint with t e soil pipe and opening lateral y in the latter, said cast section having hubbed ports for connection with ventA and waste pipes and plugs calked in and closing said ports when.

not connected with a soil or vent pi e.

3. In a device of the class descri ed the ioo combination with a sanitaryy tee adapted for connection with a soil ipe of a sanitary elbow having at oneenri) a long hub and the other end beinfg plain for engagement-inthe waste pipe an a stop within the short end of the elbow just above the head.

4. In a device of the class described the combination with the soil pipe having a laterally directed branch, of a main waste pipe opening into said branch and affording a slip joint therein and comprisin a plurality of similar sanitary fittings each affording a -slip joint in the other, ahubbed branch oneach, ipes extending through the iioor into the branch past the hub aording a space for calking and aording a slip joint in each branch, means limiting ,the movement of each pipe thereby. reventing the same from projecting into the main waste passa e and a collar secured on each pipe and ail'or ing a tight joint and adapted to bear on l the oor.

ture at the axis thereof, a plug adapted toA close each aperture, a stop 1n said elbow above said axlal aperture and a pipe adapted to fit aroundY the closet-bowland afford a slip joint with the upturned end ofthe elbow.

6. In a device of the class described the combination with a sanitary tee having its alined ends of different diameter, a braiclz opening intermediate the same, an inwar projecting stop in the branch, a stop`in the ower of said alined ends, an elbow af'ording l a slip joint with the branch having apertures for vent or soil connections at the bend,

subscribing witnesses.

one of which is on a different plane fromv the others and an internal stop at the bend of said elbow.

7. The combination with a sanitary tee having its alined ends of dierent diameters, an elongated hub on one end adapted to receive calking and to afford a slip joint with' itsconnection, an internal stop below said hub, an external flange on the opposite end adapted to fit within a hubbed connection y and to support the c'alking, a branch opening intermediate said ends, a stop therein,

an elbow affording at one end a slip joint with said branch, a pi affording a slip joint with the u turne end of'said elbow and a stop at the end of said elbow.

-In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribedumy name in the presence of two ANDREW M, MORRISON.

Witnesses: v i


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