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Publication numberUS678460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date16 Jul 1901
Filing date8 Apr 1901
Priority date8 Apr 1901
Publication numberUS 678460 A, US 678460A, US-A-678460, US678460 A, US678460A
InventorsHenry W Dressler
Original AssigneeHenry W Dressler
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Jacketed vessel.
US 678460 A
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Patented my |6,- mm.-y H. w. nnEssLE.


(Applimion mea Apr. s, 1901.)




SPECJCFIUATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 678,460, dated July 16, 1901.

Application filed April 8, 1901.

T @ZZ whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY W. DREssLER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and Improved Construction for a .Iacketed Vessel of Sheet Metal; and I do declare the following to be a clear, full, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, attention being called to the accompanying drawings, with the'reference-numerals marked thereon, which form also a part of this specification. f

This invention relates to and consists of improvements in the construction of jacketed vessels which have to be manufactured of material sufficiently heavy and strong to stand steam-pressure.

In particular it relates to vessels which are used for various purposes,manufacturin g and otherwise, where material is to be acted upon by heat while contained in said vessels, the heat being provided by steam supplied to and contained in a jacket surrounding the vessel. In the vessel which is the subject of my invention heavy sheet metal is to be used of a thickness approaching to-and in many cases equal to boiler-iron.

In the following specification, and particularly pointed out in the claims following, is found a full description of the invention, together with its parts and construction, which latter is also illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in Whiehy Figure lis a side view, partly in section, of a jacketed vessel constructed in the man'- ner contemplated by my invention. Fig. 2 is a top view of the same with parts of the lid broken away.

l1 is the upright side, and l2 the bottom, of the vessel, and 11a and 12a are the corresponding parts of the surrounding jacket, the latter being suciently larger in diameter and height to obtain the desired steam-space 10 between them. As a material for both I use heavy sheet metal or boiler-iron. They are held apart by a ring 13, interposed between them at the top, which ring is placed in position while hot and permitted to shrink and afterward calked at 14 to obtain a tight joint. Below they are held apart by a washer 15,

Serial No. 54,804. (No model.)

which maybe held in place by rivets, and in conjunction with the added thickness of the two bottoms furnishes a body of metal suiciently thick to permit tapping for the reception of one end of the outlet-pipe 16. This latter may be provided with a cock 17 to control passage through it. Around the top edge of the outer shell which forms thejacket there is another ring 18, also shrunk on to hold the wall of this outer shell tight against ring 13. The joint at 19 is also calked. This outer ring projects sufficiently above all other parts to form a suitable recess 21 to receive a lid 22. The steam enters space 10, circulating through pipes 23 and 24, which may tap the jacketatanysuitable points. Theyareshown as entering at the bottom, the thickness of the metal at the point of their attachment being'increased by additional pieces 25, forming bosses, whereby the thickness is increased sufficiently to permit cutting ot' a screwthread.

The Whole structure rests on legs 2G, held in position byhavingtheir upper ends inserted in sockets 27, which are riveted to the side of the jacket.

The seam where bottom and side, respectively, of the vessel and jacket join each other is constructed as illustrated in my former patent, No. 428,807, issued to me on May 27, 1890, and Where the use of rivets is dispensed with. No rivets are used at the seams where the upright edges of the sides are joined, and brazing is resorted to to render the joints tight for higher pressures, if necessary.

A jacketed vessel thus constructed of wrought-iron without rivets has many advantages as against one constructed with riveted seams. As to material, it is considerably cheaper than copper or cast-iron. In addition to that and as against this latter material it is also lighter, since cast-iron could not be cast at such reduced thickness. The coringof the jacket is also a matter of extreme difficulty and results in many failures during process of casting and manufacture. The greater thickness of the east-iron presents also the additional objection of requiring more heat to obtain the desired temperature.

Having described my invention, I claim as new- 1. A vessel constructed with a surrounding IOC) jacket, both formed of wrought sheet-iron, a ring interposed between Vessel and jacket at their upper edges, closing thereat the space between them, which ring is shrunk on and -around the vessel and a ring shrunk on the jacket around the upper part thereof.

2. A vessel constructed with a surrounding jacket, both formed of wrought sheet-iron, a ring interposed'between vessel and jacket at their upper edges, closing thereat the space between them, which ring is shrunk on and around the vessel, a ring shrunk on the jacket around the upper part thereof and a Washer interposed between the bottoms and providing with the added thickness of these latter suiiicient metal to receive a tap-hole.




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Cooperative ClassificationA47J39/00