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Publication numberUS403850 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date21 May 1889
Filing date10 Oct 1888
Publication numberUS 403850 A, US 403850A, US-A-403850, US403850 A, US403850A
InventorsArthur H. Merrill
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US 403850 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.


,No. 403,850. Patented May 21 1889.

(No Model.) 2 Shets-Sheet 2.

A. H. MERRILL. BED LOUNGE- No. 403.850. Patented May 21 1889.


as a lounge.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 403,850, dated May 21, 1889. Application filed October 10, 1883- Serial No. 287,729. (No model.)

.To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, ARTHUR H. MERRILL,

of the city and county of Hartford, Connecti-,

out, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bed Lounges, which improvements are described in the following specification, and are illustrated by the accompanying drawings.

My invention is an article of household furniture, consisting of a lounge and a folding bed combined and co-operating in a special manner.

The object of my invention is to utilize the base of a folding bed as the support of a lounge, the sides of a bed-case as the arms of a lounge, and the bottom of a mattress-frame as the back of a lounge, and also to lock such mattress-frame in a vertical position and support the same in a horizontal position by means of a reversible lounge-seat.

Figure 1 of the drawings is a perspective view of a bed-lounge constructed in accordance with my invention and arranged for use Fig. 2 is a side View of the same in a position which will be hereinafter mentioned. Fig. 3 is a side view of the same in position for use as a bed, but with one side of the bed-case removed. Fig. 4 is a detail sectional view, on an enlarged scale, showing the position of the parts when the mattressframe is locked in a vertical position.

In the drawings the numeral 1 denotes a mattress-frame. This frame is preferably of the general form of a shallow rectangular box open on one side. The open side of this frame is upward in Fig. 3. Within this frame is stretched a spring fabric, which is not shown in the drawings. This fabric is designed for the support of a mattress and other bedding within said frame in the usual manner. The opposite side of the frame 1, being the bottom of the'bed-case in said Fig. 3, is closed, as seen in Fig. 1, and a part of the same is cushioned or upholstered upon the under side, as seen in Figs. 1 and 3. Frame 1, so upholstered, is pivoted in a bed-case, 2, by means of a straight bar or rod, 3, which passes through frame 1 transversely, protrudes through both sides or side rails of the same, and rests in two slotted cleats, 4, which are placed within case 2 and are respectively screwed to the opposite sides of the same.

The lower part of case 2 being deeper than the upper part of the same, the opposite side pieces of that case, which are seen respectively in Figs. 2 and 3, are made to present the form of the two arms of a lounge or sofa, and are upholstered as such. For convenience of handling and transportation, the upper and lower parts of case 2 are separable from each other upon the line 17. A sofa-seat, 5, covered with a cushion, 6, is fastened by hinges 7 to the front side, 8, of an anterior chamber which is formed in the enlarged base of case 2.

Upon a'level with hinges 7 a cleat, 9, is secured interiorly to each side of case 2 for the support of seat 5 when in the position shown in Fig. 1. The under side of seat 5 is covered with plush or other soft material 18 for contact with frame 1. Seat 5 is provided with two legs, 10, which are located at the opposite ends of the free edge of said seat. The latter is also provided with two hooks or pins, 11, which may be regarded as upward extensions of legs 10. At each end of seat 5 and near its hinged edge is a hook, 12, which, together with catch properly disposed on the bed-frame, is adapted to hold frame 1 and seat 5 firmly together when the bed-lounge is arranged as in Fig. 3.

The numeral 13 in Fig. 3 denotes a series of coiled springs, each of which is attached to the bottom of frame 1, and is also attached interiorly to the base of case 2 and tends to draw frame 1 to a vertical position.

The numeral 16 in Fig. 3 denotes duplicate socket-pieces and sockets on frame 1 for engagement with pins 11. One of these socketpieces 16 is shown in detail in Fig. 4, where a portion of its path is indicated by dotted lines. The head of frame 1 is provided in the usual manner with a hinged head-board, 14, capable of sliding up and down in the usual manner in an inside groove, 15,which is formed on each side piece of case 2.

All remaining particulars of construction of this bed-lounge will be readily understood from the drawings and from the mode of operation which is now to be explained.

When the mattress-frame stands upright in the bed-case, as in Figs. 1 and 2, and the seat lies in the position indicated in Fig. 1, hooks 11, resting in sockets 16, lock frame 1 in its vertical position. Thisprevents frame 1 from being accidentally or forcibly tipped forward upon the occupant of seat 5. At the same time the legs 10 stand hidden and unobserved 5 in an inverted position between the arms of the lounge and the adjacent ends of the cushion or upholstering on the back of the lounge. The bed-lounge, as already indicated, is then in position for use as a lounge. In order to arrange the same for use as a bed, seat 5, with its cushion 6, is turned down to a horizontal position, as seen in Fig. 3, and fastened rigidly to seat 5 by hooks 12. When so arranged, the weight of the mattress-frame and contents is mainly supported by rod 3 and legs 10. When seat 5 and frame 1 are fastened together by hooks 12 and catches, as described, it is impossible that case 2 should be tipped forward under the influence of springs 13 or otherwise, so as to fall upon or cover that frame, for the pivotal line of the whole structure is then transferred to the extremity of legs 10. Hooks 12 thus operate not only to hold the mattress-frame down,but also indirectlyto hold the bed-case up in its vertical position.

This bed-lounge presents this advantage, namely, that the frame is not betrayed by any connected legs, and the supportsof the inverted lounge-seat occupy secluded positions when not in use; also, space is economized, and two articles of household utility are produced in one, with the expenditure of less money and material than would be involved in making them separately.

Such being the construction, operation, and

advantages of my improved bed-lounge, I claim as my invention- 1. In a bed-lounge, a bed-case and a mattress-frame which is pivoted in said bed-case and is provided with socket-piece 16, in combination with a lounge-seat'hinged to said bedcase and provided with pins 11, which are adapted to engage said socket-pieces, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

2. In a bed-lounge, a bed-case, a mattressframe which is pivoted in said bed-case, and a reversible lounge-seat which is provided with legs 10 and is hinged to the base of said bed-case, in combination with one or more eyes and hooks 12, whereby said seat and frame are fastened rigidly together when such bed-lounge is arranged for use as a bed, substantially as and for the purpose specified. 3. In a bed-lounge,- a bed-case, a mattressframe which is provided with a socket-piece,

,16, and is pivoted in said bed-case, and one or more springs which are adapted to facilitate the manipulation of said mattress-frame, in combination with a seat fitted to said bedcase and provided with a pin which is adapted to enter said socket when the bed-lounge is disposed as a lounge, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

4. In a bed-lounge, a bed-case, a mattressframe which is pivoted in said bed-case, and a reversible seat which is hinged to the base of said case, in combination with one or more hooks and eyes, which are attached to said seat and mattress-frame and are adapted to fasten them firmly together when said bed 1 lounge is'disposed as a bed, substantially a's and for the purpose specified.

5. In a bed-lounge, a bed-case, a mattressframe which is pivoted in said bed-case, a spring engaging both said mattress-frame and said bed-case. and tending to' raisethe former.

to its erect position, and a reversible seat which is hinged to the base of said bed-case, in combination .with one or more hooks and eyes, which are attached to said seat and mattress-frame and are adapted to fasten said seat and mattress-frame firmly together when the bed-lounge is disposed as a bed, substantially'as and for the purpose specified,

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my name in the presence of two witnesses;


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