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Publication numberUS3928757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date23 Dec 1975
Filing date17 Apr 1973
Priority date26 May 1972
Publication numberUS 3928757 A, US 3928757A, US-A-3928757, US3928757 A, US3928757A
InventorsPaul Nelson
Original AssigneePaul Nelson
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Spot light fixture
US 3928757 A
A ceiling unit comprised of a pair of laterally spaced parallel fluorescent lamps provided with reflectors to respectively direct the light therefrom toward the ceiling and a pair of incandescent spot-light lamps between the fluroescent lamps, a first lamp directing the light therefrom downwardly and the other at an angle toward the light path of the first lamp.
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0 United States Patent 1 1 1111 3,928,757

Nelson Dec. 23, 1975 SPOT LIGHT FIXTURE 2,557,129 6/1951 McDaid 240/51.11 R x 2,625,646 l/l953 Goebel... 240/9 R [76] Inventor. Paul Nelson, 34 Allee Emm 2,647,985 8/1953 Biller 240/51.11 R Chabaer, Parc Roy d Espagne, 2,654,830 10/1953 Runge et al 240/9 R x Marsellle, France 22 Fl A 17 1973 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 1 l e 1,533,444 6/1968 France 240/51.11 R [21] Appl. NO.Z 351,844 1,521,503 3/1968 France 240/51.11 R

Primary Examiner-Richard L. Moses [30] Foreign Apphcauon Pnonty Data Attorney, Agent, or Firm-William Anthony Drucker May 26, 1972 France 72.19622 52 US. Cl. 240/51.11 R; 240/9 R; 240/41.1; [57] ABSTRACT 240/41 6; 240/78 R A ceiling unit comprised of a pair of laterally spaced [51] Int. Cl. H05b 33/02 parallel fluorescent mp pr h r fl tors o [58] Field of Search 240/9 R, 51,11 R, 41 R, respectively direct the light therefrom toward the ceil- 240/1 4, 41,6, 78 R, 78 DA, 41 1 ing and a pair of incandescent spot-light lamps between the fluroescent lamps, a first lamp directing the [56] References Cit d light therefrom downwardly and the other at an angle UNITED STATES PATENTS toward the light path of the first lamp. 2,313,131 3/1943 Elias 240/51.11 R 2 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures US. Patent Dec. 23, 1975 3,928,757

SPOT LIGHT FIXTURE The invention relates to a ceiling device intended for lighting wards in hospitals, clinics and similar places.

In the devices hitherto known, use was made for traditional lighting of bedside lamps, bedstead lamps and ceiling lamps; for purposes of examinations or applying dressings, portable lamps were used, but in any case there was no universal, simplified and functional lighting system meeting all the needs of a bedridden patient.

The device according to the invention does away with these drawbacks and makes it possible, starting from the provision of a lighting unit, to effect a homo geneous, multi-directional area of light illuminating the whole of the surface, in spite of screens that may be interposed, so as to do away with casting of shadows and thereby assisting clinical examinations, care,observation of sores and the invalids complexion, without change in colour, while enabling the patient to read in any position, even away from the background wall, and without the neighbours being able to perceive directly the sources of light.

It consists of the combination of (i) direct axial projection by adjustable incandescent lamp, positioned at appropriate intervals for vertical emission and oblique emission, and (ii) indirect bilateral projection by luminescent tubes, whose flux is thrown on to the ceiling, each source of light being arranged to be lit simultaneously, separately or combined with one another to meet all practical requirements.

The accompanying drawings, given by way of nonrestrictive example of one of the forms of carrying out the object of the invention, show:

FIGS. 1, 2 the lighting unit in cross-section and elevation;

FIGS. 3 and 4 the whole of the ceiling unit in longitudinal sectionand elevation;

FIGS. 5 and 6 one of the applications of the device.

The ceiling fitting (FIGS. 1, 2,3, 4) consists of a central casing l in which are mounted two jointed slewable incandescent or spot lights, 2, 3 and provided with directional reflectors 4, 5 and 6, 7.

The shade 6 is vertical and the shade 7 slightly oblique to the light path from shade 6 at an angle of about 60. On the lateral faces of the casing 1 are mounted the luminescent tubes 8, 9' inside the casings 10, 11,-provided with reflectors 12, 13 shown in crosssection and transparent protecting walls 14, 15.

Ventilating hoods l6, l7, 18 are provided on the lateral surfaces and on the longitudinal surfaces 19. There are then obtained direct beams of light A B as shown by arrows in FIG. 3 and the indirect projections C D, as shown by the arrows in FIG. 1, which ensure a luminous environment by reflection on the ceiling.

These combined light fluxes make it possible, according to the example given in FIGS. 5 and 6, for a person seated away from the wall to read in positions 20, 21, 22 of FIG. 5.

Likewise, a person seated in the positions 23, 24, 25, 26 will be able to read without any trouble with lighting that does not cast a shadow.

For medical attention, dressings, and examinations, the lighting unit provides with the maximum of clarity the lighting of the portion to be treated. It is also possible to condition the lighting to create a determined environment, enabling the patient to be seen as he is.

It is also possible to vary the intensity of lighting, by lighting for instance one or two fluorescent tubes without the incandescent lighting, or by using both and a single incandescent light combined or not with one of the two indirect lighting elements.

The shapes, dimensions and arrangements of the different components may vary within the limit of equivalence, as moreover the materials used for their manufacture, without thereby changing the general concept of the invention that had just been described.

I claim:

1. An overhead lighting fixture comprising, in combination,

a housing provided with a first pair of laterally spaced elongated casings and a second central elongated casing,

a pair of parallel coextensive fluorescent lamp tubes respectively supported within said first pair of casings,

means including a separate reflector below each tube to provide for directing the light therefrom at an angle to the ceiling, the directed light having vertical and oppositely directed lateral components away from the first pair of respective casings,

a .pair of incandescent spotlight lamps within the elongated central casing and spaced therealong,

means supporting one of said spotlight lamps in said elongated central casing to project the light therefrom without obstruction in a downwardly vertical direction, and

means supporting the other of said spotlight lamps in said elongated central casing for projecting the light therefrom without obstruction in an oblique direction both downwardly and toward the one spotlight.

2. An overhead lighting fixture according to claim 1 wherein said spotlight lamps are provided with reflectors and shades for directing the light from the incandescent lamps in said respective directions, the light transmission paths of said incandescent lamps being at an angle of 60 to each other.

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