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Publication numberUS3225914 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date28 Dec 1965
Filing date10 Jun 1963
Priority date10 Jun 1963
Publication numberUS 3225914 A, US 3225914A, US-A-3225914, US3225914 A, US3225914A
InventorsSolomon A Klein, Polakoff Louis
Original AssigneeSolomon A Klein, Polakoff Louis
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Kit for spot removal
US 3225914 A
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Dec. 28, 1965 s. A. KLEIN ETAL 3,225,914

KIT FOR SPOT REMOVAL Filed June 10, 1963 INVENTORS Sokvmon A. K l 'm Lows. POI XKO8 BY Womb WWW ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,225,914 KIT FOR SPOT REMOVAL Solomon A. Klein, Newton, Mass. (355 Lexington St., Auburn 66, Mass.), and Louis Polakoif, Newton, Mass. (82 Stanley Road, Waban 68, Mass.)

Filed June 10, 1963, Ser. No. 286,591 1 Claim. (Cl. 20647) This invention relates to a kit of materials and directions for removing various spots from fabrics. The most effective known liquid solvents for the purpose are supplied in bottles which are conspicuously marked as by contrasting colors, one bottle having diatomaceous earth or like absorbent powder therein. The bottles are arranged in a convenient box or case with an applicator, blotters and printed directions for using the kit for the removal of any one of a large number of substances which are apt to get on fabrics and cause spots thereon.

For a more complete understanding of the invention, reference may be had to the following description thereof, and to the drawing, of which FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the kit when closed;

FIGURE 2 is a similar view of the kit with the cover swung back for access to the bottles within; and

FIGURE 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of FIGURE 1.

The kit illustrated on the drawing comprises an elongated box having a cover 12 which is preferably hinged to a long side thereof. Within the box are transverse partitions 14 dividing the interior into compartments in which are fitted a plurality of bottles 16 one to each compartment. Some or all of the bottles may contain liquid solvents of diiferent kinds such as have been found to be most useful and effective in removing different kinds of spots. For example, the red bottle may contain perchloroethylene for use as a grease solvent in removing stains made by chocolate and similar substances. The blue bottle may contain acetone for use in removing spots made by ball point pen ink, nail polish, and the like. The green bottle may contain a sulfonated aliphatic alcohol solution for use in removing spots made by fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, milk or candy. The white bottle may contain ammonia for use in removing spots made by soft drinks or blood and may be used to supplement liquid from the green bottle in removing milk spots. The black bottle may contain Stoddard solvent, which is a fraction of petroleum distillation. This is useful for removing grease spots such as may be made by butter, car grease or cosmetics.

The bottles 16 have closures 18 which include medicine droppers 20 by which small quantities of the contents of the bottles may be easily applied where wanted. As shown, one of the bottles may have a plain cap closure 22, the contents of the bottle being a suitable absorbent pulverulent material such as kieselguhr or tripoli.

Packed in the box or its cover 12 is an applicator 3,225,914 Patented Dec. 28, 1965 which may conveniently consist of a bit of stiff pile fabric 24 secured to the end of a stick 26, and one or more pieces of absorbent sheet material such as blotting paper 27. Detailed directions 28 are supplied with the kit for using the contents of the bottles in removing spots made by specifically listed substances.

We claim:

A kit for home use in removing spots from fabrics, comprising a box, partition means dividing said box into a plurality of compartments, a cover hinged to said box, a bottle in each of said compartments, one of said bottles having a fiat screw cap closure thereon, the remaining bottles being provided with a closure having a squeeze bulb drop dispenser, each of said bottle closures having a different colored identification indicia thereon, at least one sheet of blotting paper housed on the inner face of said hinged cover, said one bottle having the flat screw cap closure containing an absorbent pulverulent material, the remaining bottles containing respectively perchloroethylene, acetone, a sulfonated aliphatic alcohol, ammonia, and Stoddard solvent, an applicator for said pulverulent material, and an instruction sheet housed on the inner face of said hinged cover, said instruction sheet indicating which cleaning agent is to be used for treatment of any type of spot by reference to said colored indicia.

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THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner.



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