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Publication numberUS3216681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date9 Nov 1965
Filing date23 Mar 1964
Priority date23 Mar 1964
Publication numberUS 3216681 A, US 3216681A, US-A-3216681, US3216681 A, US3216681A
InventorsTagliavia Paolo
Original AssigneeTagliavia Paolo
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Base for large sunshades of the beachumbrella type, with variable weight
US 3216681 A
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Nov. 9, 1965 P. TAGLIAVIA 3,216,681


PAOLO TAGLIAVIA BY WW AGENTS United States Patent 3,216,681 BASE FGR LARGE SUNSHADES OF THE BEACH- UMBRELLA TYPE, WITH VARIABLE WEIGHT Paolo Tagliavia, Via Cavour 117, Palermo, ltaiy Filed Mar. 23, 1964, Ser. No. 354,043 3 Claims. (Cl. 248-44) The present invention relates to improvements in a base for beach and like umbrellas.

Various firm bases for large umbrellas have been proposed to secure the umbrella shaft in position. Many of such bases have the disadvantage of being extremely heavy and, therefore, difficult to remove from the spot where they have been placed. Furthermore, economic mass production of such heavy umbrella bases is not feasible because the high transportation charges for shipping such heavy and bulky goods would undo any price advantage achieved in production. On the other hand, if the base is not heavy enough to withstand pressure from sudden gusts of wind, it is not very useful.

It is the primary object of the present invention to provide a novel base for large umbrellas, which may be mass produced at low cost and readily transported.

This is accomplished with a base comprising an upright shaft adapted to support an umbrella and a horizontal base plate afiixed to a lower end of the upright shaft. A plurality of like containers are removably mounted on the upright shaft for receiving a weighting material. The containers are stacked one upon another, with the lowest container resting on the horizontal base plate and the uppermost container having a horizontal top plate useful to serve as a table.

A preferred embodiment of the base of this invention is illustrated in the single figure of the accompanying drawing showing a side view, partially broken away and in section, of two like containers mounted upon each other to form a receptacle for weighting material.

As shown, the base includes a horizontal base plate 1 affixed to the lower end of upright shaft 2 which has an axial bore 3 for receiving the umbrella pole (not shown). The shaft and base plate are jointed together in the illustrated embodiment by means of a threaded stud 4 threadedly engaging a tap hole 5 in the lower end of the upright shaft.

The base plate carries a resilient gasket 6 and a washer 7 is interposed between the lower flange 8 of the shaft 2 and this friction member.

Like containers 9, 9 are removably mounted on upright shaft 2 where they are stacked one upon another. As shown on the drawing, the lowest container rests on the horizontal base plate, with gasket 6 being interposed between the container and the base plate. The uppermost container has a horizontal top plate 10 useful to serve as a small table on which may be placed bottles, glasses, ashtrays and similar objects.

In the illustrated embodiment, each container has a flat bottom wall and is open at the top. A rim portion 9 projects circumferentially outwardly around the open top of each container and the containers are stacked with their rim portions engaging each other.

The illustrated weighting material placed inside the containers may be stones 11, for instance, and/ or bags 12 fi ed With sand.


If desired, more than two containers may be stacked one upon another.

An umbrella base of the described type has many advantages. It may be readily assembled and disassembled to be shifted from place to place, the base components being very light and the weighting material being usually readily available on the beach or in similar places where there are stones, sand and the like.

Also, when taken apart, i.e. when the shaft is removed from the base plate, the base components take up very little room in shipment and suitable containers may be provided on the spot. Furthermore, by simply adding containers and/or weighting material, the base can be made strong enough to withstand any wind.

Production and transportation costs of the base components are very low.

While the invention has been described and illustrated in connection with a preferred embodiment, modifications and variations will readily occur to those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined in the appended claims.

What I claim is:

1. A base for beach and like umbrellas, comprising (a) an upright shaft adapted to support an umbrella;

(b) a horizontal base plate affixed to a lower end of the upright shaft; and

(c) a plurality of like containers removably mounted on said upright shaft for receiving a weighting material,

(1) said containers being stacked one upon an other, (2) a lowest one of the containers resting on the horizontal base plate and (3) an uppermost one of the containers having a horizontal top plate useful to serve as a table.

2. The base for beach and like umbrellas defined in claim 1, further comprising a resilient gasket interposed between the horizontal base plate and said lowest container.

3. The base for beach and like umbrellas defined in claim 1, wherein each of said containers has a flat bottom wall and is open at the top, a rim portion projecting circumferentially outwardly around the open top, and adjacent ones of said containers being stacked with their rim portions engaging each other.

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