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Publication numberUS2988315 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date13 Jun 1961
Filing date20 Nov 1958
Priority date20 Nov 1958
Publication numberUS 2988315 A, US 2988315A, US-A-2988315, US2988315 A, US2988315A
InventorsEliot Saxe
Original AssigneeSaxe Brothers Inc
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Snap-catch wall bracket assembly
US 2988315 A
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June 13, 1961 E, SAXE 2,988,315


United States Patent www r. J w ,.lr .l. SNAP-CATCH W LLA BRACKET ASSEMBLY Eliot Saxe, Albany, N.Y'.,`assignor to Saxe Brothers, Inc., Albany,v N. Y., a corporation of New York Filed Nov. 20, 1958, Ser. No. 775,284 Claims. (Cl. 248-223) invention relates to wall brackets for holding articles, having particular reference to a snap-catch assembly of parts made of plastic materials, `and the provision of such articles is the principal object of the invention.

A general object of the invention is the provision of such articles that are economic of manufacture, simple yet sturdy and durable of construction, in which the several assembly parts are separately molded in dilerent colors, and in which the parts are readily assembled to be secured to any suitable wall surface.

More speciiically, it is an object of the invention to provide la wall bracket for holding articles comprising a snap-catch lassembly of parts that includes a face plate having .spaced apart openings therein, and an article holding member overlying the openings in abutting relation with one side of the plate, Ithe member having resilient elements projecting from. its plate abutting side that terminate in hooks extending through the openings resiliently embracing adjacent portions of the plate between the hooks and the abutting member in interlocking but removable and interchangeable snap-catch engagement with the plate.

Another specific object of the invention is to provide such articles as above set forth, and wherein the several parts may readily be disassembled, and in particular the `face plate land article holding members, so that they may be interchanged with others of d-iierent configuration as well as others of the same or different colors.

Other objects of the invention will in part be obvious land will in part appear hereinafter.

The invention accordingly comprises lan article of manufacture possessing the features, properties, and the relation of elements which will be exemplified in the article hereinafter described and the scope of the application of which will be indicated in the claims.

For a fuller understanding of the 4nature and objects of the invention reference should be had to the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

FIG. 1 lis `an exploded perspective view illustrating an embodiment of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a front view of an assembled portion of FIG. l broken away therefrom; and

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken .along the line 3-3 and looking in the direction of the arrows.

IReferring more particularly to the drawing, there is indicated generally at a preferred form of a wall bracket device comprising elongated face plate 11 having a plurality of spaced apart and aligned openings 12 therein. Such a face plate may readily be molded from plastic material by a conventional injection process or -any other suitable method and is preferably provided with integral resilient projecting elements 13 that tenmiuate in hooks 14 directed toward each other.

In order to secure the face plate readily into position there is provided a pair of truncated conical members 14 likewise preferably made of plastic material, each of which has coaxial openings 15 -therethrough to receive holding screws 16 whereby the same may be secured to a wall surface 17. The truncated conical members 14 are provided with lateral flanges 18, each of which has oppositely disposed guide slots 19 to receive the elements and hooks 13 and 14, respectively. When the ange portions 18 of the members 14 are brought into abutting Patented June 13, 1961 ice relation with the rear surface of the face plate 11, the tapered hooks 14 will strike the flange portions 18 adjacent the slots 19 and the plastic projection elements 13, being resilient, will be deilected yas the hooks are deflected in opposite directions until suliicient pressure will cause the hooks to override the guide slots, whereby the parts are brought into interlocking snap-catch assembly so that adjacent portions of the llanges will be embraced between the hooks and the plate. By suiciently spreading the hooks in opposite directions the parts can be disengaged with equal facility if desired.

On the opposite sides of the plate 11 are one or more article holding members indicated `generally at 20 that are adapted to overlie the openings 12 in abutting relation with one side of the plate. In order to hold them in position these members zare provided with similar resilient elements 21 projecting from the base plate abuo ting side and which likewise terminate in hooks 22 that may extend toward or away from each other as desired. These members may likewise be brought into snap-catch assembly relation with the plate 11 by pushing or forcing the hooks 22 through the openings 12 in order to embrace adjacent portions of the plate between the hooks and the abutting side of the mem-ber in interlocking but removable snap-catch engagement with the plate.

Projecting from the exposed side of the member 20, and integral therewith, are article holding members, preferably in the form of hooks 23 to hold any suitable articles such as kitchen utensils, clothes, and the like, when the entire assembly has been secured to a wall surface such as 17. The article holding members 20 are :also preferably made of plastic.

There is a distinct advantage in making all of the foregoing parts separately in different colors so that they can be interchanged with parts of similar or different configuration as well as with parts of the same or diierent colors and this lresults in considerable economy of manufacture and production.

Since certain changes may be made inthe above article and different embodiments of the invention could be made without departing from the scope thereof, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description or shown in the accompanying drawing shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

It is also to be understood that the following claims are intended to cover -all of the generic and specific features of the invention herein described, and all statements of the scope of the invention which, as a matter of language, might be said to fall therebetween.

Having described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a wall bracket for holding articles, the improvement of a snap-catch assembly comprising a face plate having spaced apart openings therein, and an article holding member having a base plate integral therewith overlying said openings in abutting relation with one side of said face plate, said base plate having elements integrally projecting therefrom which terminate in resiliently opposed hooks extending through said openings embracing adjacent portions of said face plate therebetween to hold said abutting member in interlocking but removable snap catch engagement with said face plate, and means including resiliently opposed top and bottom holding elements on said face plate adapted removably to secure said assembly to a wall surface retaining member.

2. In an assembly as delined in claim 1, and further characterized in that said means includes a. retaining member having lateral anges abutting the other side of said face plate, which plate likewise has said opposed top and bottom holding elements integrally projecting from said other side that terminate in hooks resiliently embracing adjacent portions of said anges between said hooks and 3 face plate in interlocking but removable snap'catch engagement therewith.

3. In an assembly according to claim 2, and wherein said anges have oppositely disposed guide slots to engage Vsaid top 'and bottom resilient elements on said plate.

4. In an assembly according to claim 2, and wherein said retaining member terminates in a truncated conical 'portion having a single `coaxial opening therein to receive a holding member, whereby to secure the same to a Wall surface. 5. In an assembly as dened in claim 1, and further UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,803,016 Harsted Apr. 28, 1931 2,060,760 Keil Nov. 10, 1936 2,227,761 Roethel Jan. 7, 1941 2,805,777 Larson Sept. 10, 1957

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International ClassificationF16B5/12, A47G1/16
Cooperative ClassificationF16B5/126, A47G1/16
European ClassificationF16B5/12J, A47G1/16