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Publication numberUS2856607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date21 Oct 1958
Filing date24 Oct 1955
Priority date24 Oct 1955
Publication numberUS 2856607 A, US 2856607A, US-A-2856607, US2856607 A, US2856607A
InventorsWilmett H Richardson
Original AssigneeWilmett H Richardson
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Rain hat with veil
US 2856607 A
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1958 w. H. RICHARDSON 2,856,607

RAIN HAT WITH VEIL Filed Oct. 24, 1955 United States Patent-O RAIN HAT WITH VEIL Wilmett H. Richardson, San Francisco, Calif. Application October 24, 1955, Serial No. 542,313 1 Claim. (Cl. 2-172) The present invention relates to improvements in a veil for a rain hat, and its principal object is to provide a veil of the character described which will protect the hair and the face of the wearer against wind and rain, and will, at the same time, serve to hold the hat against the wind.

More particularly, it is proposed to provide a veil made of thin and soft plastic material and suspended from the hat to completely enclose the head of the wearer, and to extend downwardly to the neck, where it may be tightened upon the neck by any suitable means.

It is further proposed to provide a veil of the character described which may be readily made of a single sheet of material and may be permanently secured upon the rim of the hat, if desired, or which may be detachably secured thereon.

It is still further proposed to make the veil of material adapted for effectively shedding the rain, and on the other hand, which is sufficiently soft and thin for convenient folding or nesting in the hat when not in use.

And finally, it is proposed to provide a veil of the character described which is inexpensive, may be readily applied by the wearer, and is distinctive and artistic in appearance.

Further objects and advantages of my invention will appear as the specification proceeds, and the new and novel features of my veil will be fully defined in the claim attached hereto.

The preferred form of my invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, forming part of this application, in which:

Figure 1 shows a perspective 'view of my veil as applied to a ladys hat, in actual use;

Figure 2, a similar view, with the veil concealed, or nested in the hat;

Figure 3, an enlarged and fragmentary detail view of the upper portion of the veil as attached to the hat, a portion being shown in section;

Figure 4, a perspective view of the hat in inverted position, with the veil nested therein; and

Figure 5, a detail view of the veil by itself, in extended condition.

While I have shown only the preferred form of my invention, it should be understood that various changes or modifications may be made within the scope of the claims attached hereto, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Referring to the drawing in detail, the hat 1 shown for the purpose of illustrating my invention, may be of conventional form, as long as it provides a suitable rim to which my veil may be attached. It is here shown as compromising, in its principal features, a cylindrical rim 2,856,607 Patented Oct. 21, 1958 ice fullness where desired. Its top and bottom edges 7 and 8 are of a length corresponding to the circumference of the hat, and are suitably reinforced by borders 9, the upper border 9 serving as attaching means for snap fastener elements 10, and the lower border being preferably made hollow for receiving a draw-string 11.

The side edges 12 of the sheet are of a suitable length to reach from the rim of the hat to the neck region of the wearer, and are provided with reinforcing borders 13 and 14, which carry snap fastener elements 15 by means of which they may be secured upon one another at the back of the head.

The sheet is preferably perforated at desired locations, as at 16, to provide ventilation.

In applying the veil, the upper edge 7 is placed against the lining 3 inside of the rim of the hat and along the upper edge thereof as shown, by means of the snap fastener elements 10 cooperating with correspondingly located, complementary elements 17 secured upon the lining of the hat.

The veil then freely falls from the rim of the hat, with the side edges 12 of the sheet forming a split at the rear of the hat, which may be bridged by securing the snap fastener elements 15 upon one another.

The hat may now be placed upon the head of the wearer, with the veil depending from the rim and entirely enclosing the head and extending downwardly to the neck region. The bottom border may then be tightened upon the neck by the draw-string 11, with a bow 18 tied upon the back of the neck. The bow is preferably made of a color harmonizing with the color of the hat, for artistic accent.

The gathering of the veil material at desired points provides fullness, where fullness is desirable, as about the face and the hair of the wearer.

The veil, when thus applied, completely protects the head and hair of the wearer against wind and rain, and definitely adds an artistic and graceful touch to the appearance of the women, as will be readily appreciated by reference to Figure 1.

In case the wearer should desire to dispense with the veil, possibly upon the sun breaking through, she merely unties the bow, takes off the hat, folds the veil into the hat, in the manner shown in Figure 4, and replaces the hat upon her head, whereupon every trace of the veil is eradicated from the outside appearance, as shown in Figure 2.

The veil, being made of a single unitary sheet of thin and soft plastic material, will nest in the hat without any discomfort to the wearer.

It is apparent that different fastening means may be used to suit various conditions, and that the veil may also be permanently attached to the hat.

I claim:

In combination with a rain hat having an annular, substantially vertical rim and a substantially fiat top secured upon the upper edge of the rim, a unitary veil of thin and soft plastic material having means for suspending the same from the upper edge of the rim inside of the hat, the upper edge of the veil being in length substantially c0- extensive with the circumference of the rim and the veil being of sufiicient depth to drop from the rim to the neck portion of a person Wearing the hat, so as to completely surround the head when thus suspended, and the inside space ofthen-hat being. dimensioned ,with respect to .the overallvolume of the veil to allow the latter to be, folded; and nested within the inside of the, hat underneath the; top thereof, while leaving the rim substantially free t-for fitting upon the :head .ofthe wearer.

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