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Publication numberUS2822616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date11 Feb 1958
Filing date16 Mar 1956
Priority date16 Mar 1956
Publication numberUS 2822616 A, US 2822616A, US-A-2822616, US2822616 A, US2822616A
InventorsGangl William A
Original AssigneeGangl William A
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Luminescent gun sight
US 2822616 A
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AR w, A 4

Feb. -11, 1958 w. A. GANGL 2,822,616

LUMINESCENT GUN SIGHT l Filed March 16, 1956 VFIG. I

, 4 FlG. 3 l INVENTOR William A. Gangl United St.

This invention relates to improvements in gun sights.

It is known to provide gun sights of luminescent plastic capable of gathering and concentrating and reflecting light rays. For the most part such sights have expensive gun barrel mounting means. It is the primary purpose of my invention to provide a relative simple and inexpensive gun sight having a mounting means which can be quickly and securely attached to a gun barrel by an inexperienced person.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a light gathering and piping iridescent plastic gun sight having a flexible securing means for its efficient and proper attachment upon a gun barrel in accurate relation with respect to the conventional gun sight of the barrel.

In the drawing wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown the invention:

Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevation of a gun barrel showing the improved irradiated gun sight.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the gun sight of Figure 1 showing it in mounted relation upon a gun barrel.

Figure 3 is a transverse cross sectional view taken substantially on the line 3 3 of Figure 2 showing the mounting means for securing the light ray gathering sight upon the gun barrel.

Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken through the gun sight substantially on the line 4 4 of Figure l.

Figure 5 is a cross sectional view similar to Figure 4 taken through a modified form of gun sight.

Figure 6 is an enlarged plan View of the gun sight and its mounting means, in strip form, prior to mounting upon a gun barrel.

Figure 7 is a cross sectional view taken through the details of the gun sight and mounting mechanism substantially on the line 7 7 of Figure 6.

Figure 8 is a plan view of the luminous plastic portion of the gun sight.

Figure 9 is a longitudinal cross sectional view taken through the gun sight showing a modified form of the invention.

In the drawing wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, the letter A may generally designate a gun barrel having a conventional gun sight B on the muzzle end thereof and with which is adapted to be associated the improved gun sight C.

The principal feature of the gun sight consists of an elongated member or bead 10 the ends and edges of which may be rounded to facilitate concentration of light rays. The shape of it is not important except I prefer that it be elongated. It has a flat bottom surface 11 preferably secured by a plastic solvent or adhesive 12 to a plastic base 13. The latter is preferably elongated and the sight body 10 is disposed transversely to the length of the base 13. The latter is preferably flat and Sulliciently flexible that it will conform to the contour of the gun barrel when applied thereto, or, as is shown in Figure 9, the base 13a may be permanently curved to t the Y2,822,616 Patented Feb. l1, v1958 gun barrel, with suicient flexibility to adapt itself to gun barrels of different daimeters, within limitations.

The material of the gun sight 10 is preferably transparent or translucent and its faces are preferably polished and shaped to concentrate light rays. It may incorporate a photoactive light emitting material, such as a fluorescent dye. Its main purpose is to pipe light and enable the user of the gun to sight with greater accuracy upon a target.

The mounting means for securing the assemblage above described upon the gun barrel may consist of a strip of flexible tape 20, preferably of vinyl plastic, and provided with a transverse elongated opening 21 to receive the luminescent plastic body 10 therethrough. This tape 20, upon the under surface thereof, has an adhesive 22 to which the exposed top surfacing of the base 13 adheres. The ends of the tape 20 are sufficiently long that they may be wound transversely around the entire circumference of the barrel of the gun A, and. overlapped at the location 25, as shown in Figure 3 of the drawings.

As an aid in accurate placement of the iridescent gun sight upon the gun barrel, I may notch the tape 20, or even the base l3, as is indicated at 30 for the tape 20 in Figure 6. This notch 30 is adapted to be aligned with the length axis of the conventional gun sight B in order to properly place the luminscent plastic body 10 upon the barrel. The improved gun sight C may be placed rearwardly of the conventional gun sight B as shown in Figure l, or as shown in dotted lines, it may be placed forwardly of the conventional gun sight B, since it is wider than the conventional gun sight B. The ball of light produced by the gun sight body 10 will be visible from either forwardly or rearwardly of the conventional gun sight.

As a protection I prefer to provide removable protecting strips 35 over the exposed adhesive. They are flexible and can be quickly torn off to expose the adhesive material when the user desires to apply the sight to the gun barrel.

As a further aid in light reection, to the eye of the gun user, I may place a front end reflective coating upon the iridescent body 10 as indicated at 40, in Figure 5, and cover this with an opaque coating 41. The opaque coating will minimize detection of the luminescent plastic from the front of the gun.

Various changes may be made to the size, shape and arrangement of parts of this invention without departing from the spirit of the invention or scope of the claims.

I claim:

l. As an article of manufacture a quickly attachable gun sight comprising a flexible plastic base having a reduced iridescent sight body projecting from a surface thereof in secured relation therewith, an adhesive tape secured to said plastic base having endwise projecting flaps provided with an adhesive material upon the under surfaces thereof, and removable protecting means for said adhesive material.

2. An iridescent light gathering gun sight adapted to be attached in encompassing position upon a gun barrel, comprising an elongated flexible narrow tape having the under surface thereof provided with an adhesive for securement upon the gun barrel, said tape having a transverse opening therein substantially midway between the ends thereof; a plastic base member secured to the underside of said tape at the locus of said opening in the tape and extending for a short distance along the tape at each side of said opening, and an iridescent light gathering bead-like body connected to said plastic base and pro jecting through the opening ofthe tape in substantial projecting relation beyond the surface of the tape opposite the adhesive bearing surface.

3. As an article of manufacture, a quickly attachable inerpe'iisiv'e V"sight r'cnnection to a gun barrel, comprising a sight providing bead-like body of light gathering iridescent materialgan elongatedexible tape` hav,- ing said bead-like'body,mountedfon the. louter surfafe thereof in projecting relation from theV said outer surface, said tape in length being suchv as toY provide vfree.` .extend ing end portions of the tape of lengths which'will permit said ends to be wrapped transversely around the opposite sides of a gun barrel for the securement of the Vbeadlike body in sighting position upon the top of the gun barrel, said tape having its under surface provided with adhesive material for securement to the gun barrel, the exible tape being of uniform thickness from end tov end and the bead-like body being located inwardly between the fore and rear marginal portions of said flexible tape, one of said marginal portions of said tape in direct alignment with the bead being notched whereby to facilitate alignment of the bead with a conventional sight upi'tl gun barrel to which the sight is to be attached.

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U.S. Classification42/145
International ClassificationF41G1/00, F41G1/32
Cooperative ClassificationF41G1/32
European ClassificationF41G1/32