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Publication numberUS2771699 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date27 Nov 1956
Filing date24 Aug 1953
Priority date24 Aug 1953
Publication numberUS 2771699 A, US 2771699A, US-A-2771699, US2771699 A, US2771699A
InventorsHerter George L
Original AssigneeHerter George L
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Quick detachable gun sling swivel
US 2771699 A
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Nov. 27, 1956 G, HERTER 2,771,699


Application August 24, 1953, Serial No. 376,211

7 Claims. (Cl. 42-85) My present invention relates broadly to the subject of firearms, and more particularly to a firearm accessory known to the trade as the quick detachable type gun sling swivel.

It is well known that the gun sling is now generally accepted as an important adjunct to accurate rifle shooting both in the eld and on the target range. Such a sling is also important as an aid in carrying a rifle in the eld when its immediate use on game is not imminent.

In using a gun sling on a rifle, the process of attaching said sling to the rie by means of the standard type of fixed swivel is at its best a process both tedious and time consuming. Such a sling, regardless of type, must be laced through the fixed swivel loops and thence through a series of keepers on the sling proper and thereafter, properly adjusted for the type of shooting being done.

Whereas, by the use of the quick detachable type of swivel, the sling may be adjusted for the type of shooting at hand, and having the swivel loop and body member attached thereto at all times, said sling is quickly interchangeable from one rifle to another or the entire removal therefrom, without affecting the sling adjustment. Obviously therefore, if so desired, the same sling, with swivel loops and body members attached, may be applicable to a plurality of ries on which the fixed swivel bases are mounted in the same relative positions on the forearm and butt-stock of said rifles.

Further, at certain times and under certain conditions encountered in the field, it is important and necessary to remove the sling entirely from a rifle and still have the same ready for instant attachment at all times.

Under such circumstances and conditions, the quick detachable type of swivel provides a highly efcient means to accomplish this end.

The principal object of this invention is therefore, to provide a novel and extremely simple and rugged quick detachable type of gun sling swivel applicable to its fixed bases mounted on the forearm and butt-stock of a rie and whereby a gunsling with swivel loops and body members cooperating with said fixed bases, may be quickly and easily attached or detached to or from a rifle without the use of tools and without changing the adjustment of the sling itself.

This and other objects of the invention will be apparent from the following description when read in connection with the accompanying drawing.

It will be understood that in practice, two swivels are of course required as described herein, but for the purpose of this invention as described and shown in this application, only a single swivel mounted on the forearm is shown and described.

Referring to the drawing:

Fig. l is a fragmentary side elevational view of a rifle barrel and the forearm or a rifle stock with the invention embodied in said forearm;

Fig. 2 is a view principally in central longitudinal section, of the improved gun sling swivel and a fragment of its loop, removed from its base, and on an enlarged scale;

Patented Nov.v 27, k195,6

and its base assembled, on a reduced scale from that shown Y in Figs. 2, 3, and 4.

The numerals 6 and 7 indicate respectively, the barrel and forearm of a rifle.

The numerals 8 and 9 indicate respectively, the improved gun sling swivel and its base to which said swivelv is detachably secured as will presently appear. The swivel 8 includes a cylindrical body member 10 having an axial bore 11 that extends completely therethrough. The outer end of the body member 10 is concave as indicated at 12 and integral with its inner end is a cylindrical extension 13 axially aligned with said body member 10 and of a reduced diameter. A narrow passageway 14 is formed in the extension 13 of the body member 1G at its transverse center and extends the full length of said extension. A pair of upstanding ears 15, one on each side of the passageway 14 are integral with the outer end of the extension 13.

A pair of laty arms 16 in opposing relation in the passageway 14 are independently attached, at their outer end portions, to the ears 15 by pivot pins 17. Each arm 16, at its free or inner end portion is inwardly and downwardly beveled to afford a cam surface 18. A coiled spring 19 within a transverse bore 13 is compressed between the arms 16. v

Integral with the inner edge portions of the arms 16 is a pair of bosses 20 that extend into the end portions of the spring 19 and support said spring. The arms 16 at their inner end portions, extend into the bore 11 with their cam surfaces 18 pressed against the body member 10, at diametrically opposite points, by the spring 19 to act as stops for the arms 16. Integral with the outer edge portion of each arm 16 is a lock lug 21 the lower edge of which is perpendicular to said edge portion, and the upper edge thereof is beveled to afford a cam surface 22.

A cylindrical plunger 23 is mounted in the bore 11 in the body member 10 for axial and turning movements, and extends outwardly of said body member through its concave end 12 where the same may be manually pressed inwardly. A sleeve 24 in the bore 11, and fixed to the body member 10, affords a stop to limit the outward movement of the plunger 23 relative to said body member. The plunger 23 at its inner end portion has a working fit with the body member 10 and its outer end portion has a working fit with the sleeve 24.

In the inner end portion of the plunger 23 is an axial bore 25 and the body member 10 at this end is countersunk to provide an annular beveled surface 26 surrounding said bore. The inner or free end portions of the arms 16 extend into the bore 25 with their cam surfaces contacting the beveled surface 26 at diametrically opposite points.

An elongated loop 27 for attaching a gun sling, not shown, to the swivel 8, has in one of its side members a gap 28 into which the body member 10 extends. The end portion of the loop side members at the gap 28 are turnably mounted in the body member 10. The body member 10, at its intermediate portion, is knurled at 29 completely circumferentially therearound.

The base 9, for the swivel 8 is in the form of a' cylindrical shell open at its inner end and closed at its outer end except for a short axial bore 30. Internally, the base 9 at its closed end is beveled at 31 to the bore 30. Formed in the base 9 near its inner end portion, is an internal circumferentially extended annular lock channel 32. .The outer side or shoulder 33 'of the lock channel 32 is perpendicular to the axis of the base 9, and the inner side 34, of said lock channel is outwardly inclined.

The body member extension 13, removably extends axially. into. the base 9` with a working fit and is detachably secured thereto by the lock lugs 21. that project into the lock channel 32. The base 9 is. mounted: in a recess 35 in. the undersideof the forearm 7 and` is secured to said forearm by a nut equipped bolt 36 with its outer end flush with the underside of the forearm 7. In actual use, it will be understood that another swivelbase identical with the one herein described, will be mounted on the underside of the butt-stock just forwardA of the toe of theV stock by means of a wood screw.

FEoattach the swivel 8l to the base 9 the body member extension. 13r is inserted endwise in-to the base 9 until the cam surfaces 2 2, on the lock lugs.21 engage the outer end of the base- 9. WithA the swivel 8 in'this position, sufficient force is applied to the body member 10. to overcome the tension of the spring 19 and slide the cam surfaces 18 onl the base 9 and thereby move the arms 16 pivotally toward each other and thus permit the lock lugs 21 to enter the bore 30. Further endwise movement of the extension 13 into the base 9 will bring the lock lugs into alignment with the lock channel 32 and at this time the spring 19 will move the arms 16 away from each other and project the lock lugs 21 into the lock channel 32.

To remove the swivel from the base, inward endwise pressureon the plunger 23 will cause the bevel 26 on the inner end of the plunger 23 and acting on the cams 18 to move the arms 16 pivotally toward each other and withdraw the lock lugs 21 from the lock channel 32.

While there are herein disclosed but a limited number of embodiments of the structure, process and product of the invention herein disclosed, it is possible to produce still other embodiments without departing from the inventive concept herein disclosed, and it is desired, therefore, that only such limitations be imposed upon the appended claims as are stated herein, or required by the prior art.

What I claim is:

1. A tubular base having an internal annular lock shoulder and means for attaching the base to a part of a firearm, a swivel having an extension insertable into the base, said swivel also having means for attaching a gun sling thereto, a pair of arms pivoted to the extension for movement substantially in the same plane, each arm having a cam surface on its free end portion and also having a lock lug provided with a cam surface, spring means under strain to move the arms apart, the cam surfaces on the lock lugs being constructedv and arranged to engage v the base during the movement of the extension into the base and, thereafter release the lock lugs for interlocking engagement with the lock shoulder to detachably secure the swivel to the base, and a manually operated plunger mounted in the swivel and operable to engage the first noted cam surfaces and retract the arms to release the lock lugsfrom the lock shoulder.

pivoted relative to the swivel for swinging movement ink the plane of the swivel, said arm having an outwardly projecting lock lug, a spring urging the arm outwardly to project its lock lug into the lock channel to detachably attach the swivel to the base, a turnable plungerin'` the swivel having a limited relative axial movement, said arm at its free end portion and said plunger having at its inner end portion contacting means operable when the plunger is pushed inwardly to operate the arm and withdraw its lock lug from the lock channel.

3. The structure delined in claim 2, further including a Vcam surface on the lock lug engageable with the base during movement of the swivel into the base to press the arm inwardly against the tension of the spring topermit the lock lug to enter the base.

4. The structure delined in claim 2 in which the, contacting means between the arm and the plunger is re.- versely beveled cam surfaces.

5. The structure derined in claim 2 in which the swivel.

has an extension provided with a longitudinal passage-` way in which the arm Works.

6. The structure delined in claim 2 in which the con-- tacting means between the arm and the plunger includes a circular cavity in the inner end portion` of the plunger having beveled sides and a bevel on the free end of' the; arm in endwise slidable contact with the beveledsides of the cavity.

7. A tubular base having an internal annular lock.v

when the swivel and its extension are in the base to-project the lock lugs into the lock channel, a turnable plunger in, the swivel having a limited axial movement, said arms at their free ends and said plunger at its inner end portion having -contacting means operable wheny the plunger is pushed inwardly relative to the swivel to move the arms` inwardly against the tension of the spring and withdraw the lock lugs from the lock channel.

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U.S. Classification42/85
International ClassificationF41C23/02, F41C23/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/02
European ClassificationF41C23/02