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Publication numberUS2758440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date14 Aug 1956
Filing date1 Aug 1955
Priority date1 Aug 1955
Publication numberUS 2758440 A, US 2758440A, US-A-2758440, US2758440 A, US2758440A
InventorsPhilip Magid
Original AssigneePhilip Magid
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Gun strap connection permitting selective, swivel, or fixed mounting
US 2758440 A
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INVENTOR. Pl-HL\P MAG-ID ATT'oRNLYs GUN STRAP CONNECTION PERMITTING SELEC- My invention relates to swivel devices, and in particular'to a detachable swivel device for rifle slings or rifle straps. v

In my prior U. 8. Patent No. 2,190,268, I have disclosed-a swivel device for rifle slings which could-be be quickly-and easily assembled and disassembled. In the present invention, I provide improvements'in the assembly disclosed in my aforesaid prior patent.

It is ;an' object of my invention j'to provide" a swivel Units mwsPaefi-t lreadily inserted, removed, and adjusted, and which could v device of such construction that the bushing for holding the sling loop may be either fixedly orrotat'ably mounted. Another object of the invention is to provide a;s w1v e1 assembly including a socket to be mounted in 'a rifle; the

swivel being so constructed that an accurate fit within the socket is always assured.

Other objects .and advantages of the invention will be apparent in the course of the following specification when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is an elevational view showing the swivel device mounted in the stock of a rifle, the stock being shown in section to reveal the method of mounting said swivel device;

Fig. 2 is an exploded elevation of the swivel device showing the individual parts thereof, certain of these parts being shown in section or partially in section to reveal inner construction;

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the bushing utilized in the swivel device;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation showing the loop member partially inserted into the bushing, the latter being shown in section;

Fig. 5 is a section taken along line 5-5 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 6 is a section similar to' Fig. 5 but showing the bushing reversed to produce an alternate manner of mounting the swivel element in its socket.

Fig. 1 shows the socket member 10 mounted in the stock S of a rifle beneath the rifle barrel A. For this purpose, the stock S is provided with a vertical bore B having an enlarged base extension E at the top surface of the stock S and a second enlarged bore extension F at the bottom surface of the stock. The socket head 14 fits snugly within the lower bore extension F While the nut 15, threaded upon the end of bolt 12, fits snugly within the upper bore extension E. As is clearly shown in Fig. 1, the bottom of the socket head 14 is flush with the under surface of the stock S and does not project beneath said stock.

As shown in Fig. 2, the swivel member 11 is composed of three separate parts, namely, bushing 20, cap screw 21 and a non-continuous loop 22.

Bushing 20 is of general truncated conical shape having an end surface 20a of large diameter and an end surface 20b of smaller diameter. The bushing 11 is formed with a vertical bore 23 for receiving the shank 2,758,440 Patented Aug. 14, 1 955 of cap screw 21, the bore 23 being threaded at 24 adjacent the end surface 20b of bushing 20.

Bushing 20 is also formed with a horizontal bore 25 of slightly larger diameter than the diameter of the transverse cross-section of loop 22. An inclined bore extension 26 of substantially larger diameter than bore 25 is formed at one side of the bushing 20. Said bore extension 26 is formed so as to permit one of the free ends 22a ofloop 22 to be inserted into thebushing.

In order to assemble loop 22 and bushing 20, loop 22 is tilted at an angle relative to the bushing 20 and its free end 22a is inserted through bore extension 26 until the swivel member 11.

One of the advantages of being---able 'to readily disassemble loop 22 from bushing 20 is that arifie sling or strap may be easily inserted through the opening between the 'free ends 22a of loop '22 without unbuekling e Fig.2 shows the cap screw 21 as being formed a large head 27' which hasa' diametral slot 28 formed therein for receiving a screw-driver, "tool or co injfor tightening and loosening saidcap 'screw. The cap-screw also has a shank 29 which has end threading 30, and a threaded portion 31 of larger diameter immediately below the threading 30, and forming a shoulder 32 at its junction with threading 30. The portion 33 of the shank of cap screw 21 between the threaded portion 31 and the head 27 is not threaded and is of appreciably smaller diameter than the threaded portion 31.

The construction of-the swivel portion 11 is such that it may be mounted in the socket portion 10 in two alternate positions, in one position the bushing 20 and its attached loop 22 being freely rotatable relative the socket and rifle stock, and in the other position the bushing 20 being locked from turning movement relative to the socket and rifle stock. This selective mounting is accomplished merely by inverting the bushing 20.

Fig. 5 shows an assembled position of the swivel portion 11 mounted in the socket portion 10 so that the bushing 20 is rotatable. In this operative position, the bushing'2tl is held with its smaller diameter end surface 21% facing the cap screw 21 and the threaded portion 31 of said cap screw is turned entirely through the internal threading 24 of bushing 20 until it has passed above said threading, and the unthreadedportion 33 of the cap screw shank 29 is located adjacent the threading 24. The end threading 30 of the cap screw projecting out of the bushing 20 is then turned into the threaded bore 16 of socket head 14 to mount the swivel portion 11 in the socket portion 10.

The threaded portion 31 of cap screw 21 is spaced a suflicient distance above the head 27 so that when the bushing 24 is inserted on the cap screw as shown in Fig. 5, the shoulder 32 is located a short distance above or outside of the bushing 20. The end threading 30 is screwed into the socket threading 16 until the shoulder 32 abuts the end surface of socket head'14 and acts as a stop to prevent any further turning. In this position, shown in Fig. 5, the end 20a of the bushing 20 is slightly spaced from the end of socket head 14, and since the unthreaded portion 33 of the cap screw shank 29 is of smaller diameter and of greater length than the internal threading 24 of bushing 20, the bushing 20 and its attached loop 22 are freely turnable relative to the socket head 14 and the cap screw 21.

n m l lll ,into the threaded bore 16 of the socket head 14 until the end of said socket head engages-the threaded portion 31, as shown in Fig. 6. Tightening of the cap screw 21 will thus tightly and immovably clamp the bushing 20 to the and loop 22 are not freely turnable. Such non-rotatable mounting of the loop is, desirable for certain types of rifle shooting. y it I have shown a preferred embodiment of my invention but numerous alterations and omissions may be made withfi'ut departing from the spirit and scope thereof. Likewise, my improved swivel device and bushing member per se may be readily employed and adapted for use other than with rifles or fire arms and I therefore do not desire to be limited to use thereof only in, connection with rifles or the like.

1. For use in a rifle having a sling, a sling-retaining device comprising a socket for mounting on said rifle, a bushing carrying a sling-retaining loop, and a cap screw connecting said bushing to saidsocket, said cap screw having a threaded end portion,.an intermediate threaded portion of greater diameter than the threaded end portion, and forming a shoulder at the junction therewith, a head socket head 14', so that in this position, the bushing 20 Opposite the threaded end portion, and an unthreaded portion between the intermediate threaded portion and said head, said socket haying a threaded bore sized to receive the threaded end portion of said cap screw, said bushing having a through bore having a threaded portion at one. end sized to receive the intermediate threaded portion of said cap screw, said socket, bushing, and cap screw being adapted to be brought into an assembled relationshipQfor mounting the bushing swivelly on the socket, in which assembled relationship the cap screw is inserted through the bushing bore with the head of the cap screw adjacent the edge of the'bushing, the intermediate threaded screw portion located beyond the threaded bushing portion, and the threaded end portion of the screw turned fully within the threaded socket bore until the shoulder engages the end of said bore, the distance between the shoulder and the cap screw head being greater than the height of said bushing to permit the bushing to rotate freely about said cap screw in said assembled position. i

2. A device according to claim 1 in which the bushing is reversible to permit assembly of the device in a second assembled relationship in which the bushing is locked against rotation relative to the socket by said cap screw, in said second assembled relationship the intermediate threaded screw portion being contained in the threaded portion of said bushing bore.

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U.S. Classification59/95, 411/339, 42/85
International ClassificationF41C23/02, F41C23/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/02
European ClassificationF41C23/02
Legal Events
21 May 2004ASAssignment
Effective date: 20040507