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Publication numberUS2641057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date9 Jun 1953
Filing date2 Mar 1951
Priority date2 Mar 1951
Publication numberUS 2641057 A, US 2641057A, US-A-2641057, US2641057 A, US2641057A
InventorsMoore Joseph M
Original AssigneeMoore Joseph M
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Telescope mounting
US 2641057 A
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June 9, 1953 J. M. MOORE 2,541,057

TELESCOPE uoum'me Filed march 2, 1951 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. JOSEPH M. Np'oge QZwLZZQW HTTOBNEY Patented June 9, 1953 OFFICE i TELESCOPE MOUNTING Joseph M. Moore, Bremerton, Wash. Application March 2, 1951, Serial No. 213,540

This invention, relates to improvements in mountings for telescopes as used with the ordinary types of hunting and army rifles for sighting purposes, and it is the principal object of the invention to provide simple and practical mounting means for the secure and functional support of a telescope in sighting position on a rifle, and which permits the telescope to be easily and quickly applied to the rifle andlikewise to be easily and readily removed when its use is not required.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a telescope mounting means including coacting parts that are secured to the gun and to the telescope respectively, and are adapted to be interengaged in holding contact and then to be locked in such relationship by the hand turning of a clamping and securing cam lock}. the reverse turning of the cam efiecting release and making it possible to remove the telescope from the mountings.

Further objects and advantages of the invention reside in the details of construction, of the various parts; and in their combination, coaction and mode of use, as will hereinafter be fully described.

In accomplishing these and other objects of the invention, I have provided the improved details of construction, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig. 1 is a side view of a portion of a rifle on which a telescope is functionally. mounted by means embodied by the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a similar view, showing the relative disposition of the telescope for its application to the rifle. I

Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional detail of the rearward mounting for the telescope.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section of the telescope mounting means taken in a plane that extends longitudinally of the rifle.

Fig. 5 is a cross-section on line 5-5 in Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a cross-section on line 6-6 in Fig. 4.

Fig. '7 is a cross-section on line 'll in Fig. 4..

Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the coactin parts of the mounting as provided for support of the forward end of the telescope.

Fig. 9 is a perspective view of coacting parts comprised in the mounting means as provided for support of the rearward end of the telescope.

Fig. 10 is a cross-sectional detail of the rear end mounting as applied to the telescope.

Referring more in detail to the awings- It is not the intent that thwpr nt telescope 2 Claims. (Cl. 33-50) mounting means .be confined to any particular.

make of gun or rifle, or that it shall apply to any particular make of telescope. Therefore, it is to be considered that the gun or rifle,-and the telescope herein shown, are typical of those to which the present mounting meansare applied and that such changes as may be required to adapt them to different makes of rifles or tele-v scopes may be made.

In Figs. 1 and 2, l0 designates a portion of the stock .and H a part of therifle barrel secured thereto, and I2 designates a common type. of

telescope used with such rifles. Formed as a part of the breach end of the barrel, or as a separate part. secured thereto, is a metal plate l3 .upon which the telescope is adapted to be removably secured by the means embodied by this invention.

Fixed to the plate IS, on the top side and at the forward end thereof, is a block 16 which, as

shown best in Fig. 8, comprises a flat, plate-like body portion I61: disposed lengthwise of the plate l3 and secured rigidly thereupon by two screws I], applied through the block and into plate l3. Formed as an integral part of plate. 161:, along opposite sides thereof, are upstanding wings .l 8- l8, with parallel inside surfaces. The rearward end surface of the plate IE0: is formed with an undercut beveled surface, as clearly shown at (6a in Fig. 8. The body block l6, comprises the base. member of the forward end mounting means for the telescope.

Mounted on the plate l3, at its rearward end, and in a manner presently explained, is amounting block 20 for the rearward end of the telescope. This block, as shown best in Fig. 9, is formed at opposite sides with upstanding wings 2I-2l with parallel vertical inside surfaces.

Applied to the telescope barrel, near its forward and rearward ends respectively are mountings, designated generally in Figs. 1 and 2, by numerals 25 and 2B. These mountings. are arranged to coact with the forward and rearward mounting blocks 16 and 20, respectively, for the functional securement of the telescope to the gun.

The forward endmounting 25, as wellshown in Figs. 6 and 8, comprises a base block 252:, formed with an upwardly facing cylindrically curved seat 25s, corresponding to the cylindrical curvature of the telescope barreLand in which the latter is seated. A strap 21 is applied over the telescope barrel. and is secured at its ends to the in Figs. 1, 2and 6, by means. of-screws 28.

Formed along the under side of block 25:: as an integral part thereof, is a longitudinal rib or key 251 with parallel and vertical opposite side surfaces. This rib is designed to be snugly received between the wings 18-18 formed on the block l6 for the securement of the forward end of the telescope. At its rear end and under side, the rib 25y has a transversely directed stop shoulder 3! extending downwardly therefrom, and this shoulder has a downwardly and forwardly beveled: forward surface 30' adapted to engage in interlocking relationship with the undercut beveled surface a of the end plate Him, as has been clearly shown in Fig. 4.

As a feature of construction designed to facilitate the application of the telescope to the for ward mounting block 16, the under surface of. the longitudinal rib y is upwardly and forwardly inclined from the shoulder as best understood by reference to the relationship of the coacting: partsas. shown inFig. 4'. is to permil: an easy applicationof the rib 25y to: the channel provided between; the wings. |8|8 on block l6, and the engaging of shoulder an with the undercut'beveled. end of plate I61: while the rear" end of: the telescope is. disposed substantially inthe and easy handling. position: of Fig; 2. After engaging the coacting forward end mountings, as applied to the gun-and telescope, the rearend of the'telescope: is then swung downwardly'to engagethe coacting. rear end mountin s- Thereai: endzm'ounting, as applied to the telescope comprises: a base block. 261: formed with a cylindrically curved topsurface 26y, as seenin Figs.- 5 and 9, in which. the telescope barrel is seated; and a strap 25s is applied over the telescope with its opposite ends secured to the opposite side faces-of the block by screws 35. This moimtingr is closely fitted: to thetelescope but:

permits slight longitudinal adjustments. thereon, for a: purpose presently explained; Tohold the mounting against movement on the telescope after being. set at a desired. position. of. adjustment', 1 have mounted a friction block 38 of. asuitable-material such as: wood; in the telescope seating sin-face of the base block 263:; This friction block is contained inapocket in block 26:: as shown in Fig. 1 0 with its inner surface" curve'd'to fit the: surface of. the telescope barrel.

A set screw 42 is" threaded through-strip 26s of block 26:: against the outer end of block 38' andis adjustable inwardly toforce block 38 into tight holding contact with the telescope thus. to fix the-mounting ZG ina definite sp'aced relationship. tomounting 25.

The base block 20- is formed across its forward end, as seen-iirFig..4,.with atransverse-and rear-=- wardlyrsloping surface 44.. This surface of" block 20 coacts with. a. locking: cam carried. by the mounting: 26. to lock the telescope in functional position on: the: gun.-

shown in;- Fig. 5 that. the base block 262:- is: formedon its under side witlranintegral, Ion-- gitudinally' extending. rib' adapted to be snugly received between the spaced wings 2 (-41 of the block. 20; Depending from the forward end ofi the-rib,.in; spacedrelationship; are. ears 52--52 between whicha lockingmam 531s located. This cam issfixedon a crossishaftflrevolubly mounted: in; the ears. On. one. end of the cross shaft is anoperating lever by means of which.- the cam; can; be rotated: and brought-into. andtfronrholch ingicontact witlr the beveled surface: of. block.

55 will rest flatly against plate l3 as shown in Fig. 4.

The cam 53 is so designed that when in looking position, its contact point with surface 44 is slightly over dead center position and thus there is no likelihood of its becoming accidentally released. By swinging the lever upwardly from the position of Fig. 4, the cam will clear the beveled surface 44 and the telescope can be lifted upwardly at that end;

In order to positively hold the mounting 28 at. an exact and definite spacing from the mounting 25 and to prevent any slippage that would nullify theholding effect of the cam 53, I have mounted a spacer rod 50 between the mountings 25' and 26 as best shown in Fig. 4. This rod has its forward enct threaded into a bore 62 in block 252: and has its rearward end conioally tapered and seated in a socket 63 in block 261:. To properly set the mountings on the telescope, pressure ofthe' friction block; 38' released and the: rod 811- is adjusted en'dwiseaway from; the block 2635- Then theteiescopeisapplied-to the-gmr-as shown in Fig. 4; Before thecam 53 is-turned to locking position, the rod; 60 is extended-t0 seat its rearward end; ire block socket 63 and shift the rearward mounting: to position. as shown in Fig. 4. Then: the lock: nut: 10 on rod! so is tightened against the rear end ofritr-ziy'to secure the ad'- justmentof rod SF. The; frictinn: block so is then set inwardly by set screw 42 to holdthe: mounting against any shifting away from the forward under tlre'nnpactof. or in-- fiuence or kick of the-gunsin use and the cam 53 isturned to locking: position;

The block- 201 mounts the rear endiof the telescope is: fixedly mounted. on. the plate-i3 by screws- 20s; At -one side-o1 its rearward end.- portion, the bloclc has a laterally" and down-- wardlyextending: l'eg H as shown in- Figs 3', 5 and 9. Across this rear end portion. o'fthe block: a hot plate 12 is: secured-by a: screw 13'. through one end portion; and? into the leg H1, The: plate- 12 is. formed with: a slot-14;. transversely of the: line: of the telescope; and: movably moimted; therein is a peep sight block 15. At one enditheplate 12 has upturned: flange T6.' An adjusting screw 11 extendsthroug'hzthis and'isthrea'ded; throng-1'1 the sight block; for. its lateral adjustment as may he; required. remains in; po-

sition of use when the telescope moved.

Withthe. gun. so equipped; with the mountings l6 and 2t; and; the telescope equippedi with: mountings 25* and.2fi;.the:telescbpe can. be easily and readily applied;v merely by; first engaging: the forward mounting 25' with: mmmting lzsias shownz in Fig. 2, then swinging the rear end. or. the: telescope. d'ownwardlw to .seatthe mounting; 26 in mounting 20 amt securing the locking. card by usewfl lever? 55; Releasing actiom on the camby upward swing of lever 55 permits the telescope to be removedfrom. the

The application. of: the mountings I62 and; 20 im no way interferes: with; the normal sighting of the gun when the: telescope-is removed therefrom;

Having thus described my invention',. what. I claim as new therein andd'esire to secure" by Eet-. ters Patent isti I. A telescope mounting-i means comprising:

front and rear blocks adapted to besecured: to a.

gun: in fixed spacings along? the gun barrel,. said blocks each having laterally spaced; up standing; theretrom andilengthwise of the barrel,

:0, as showmim 55314.. When'sodocked; the lever'. n n x13933111; n m m g by a undercut bevel; mountings adapted to be applied to a telescope barrel, lengthwise thereof and in a spaced relationship corresponding to the spacing of the blocks; each mounting having a rib formed thereon lengthwise of the telescope, said ribs being adapted to be snugly received between the wings of corresponding blocks to establish the functional alignment of the telescope with the gun barrel; one of said ribs having 2. depending shoulder formed across its inner end and having its under surface sloping therefrom toward the telescope, thus permitting the shoulder to be hingedly engaged with the beveled end surface of the corresponding block before the rib of the other mounting has been disposed between the wings of the other block, and means on the said other mounting to engage in clamping contact with the beveled end surface of said other block after both ribs have been received between the wings of the blocks.

2. A telescope mounting means comprising a plate adapted to be fixedly secured to a gun barrel lengthwise thereof, blocks formed integral with the plate upon its opposite ends, each block having laterally spaced, upstanding wings formed thereon in the longitudinal direction of the plate, and the adjacent end surfaces of said blocks being undercut bevels, collar type mountings adapted to be applied about a telescope, and formed on their under sides with ribs adapted to be received between the wings of corresponding blocks to establish the alignment of the telescope with the gun, clamping means on the mountings for engaging the beveled end surfaces of the blocks, means for actuating one of the clamping means from and into clamping engagement with the beveled end surface of the corresponding block, and a rod extended between the mountings and a nut adjustable thereon against one of the mountings to establish their spaced relationship.


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