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Publication numberUS2614820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date21 Oct 1952
Filing date5 May 1949
Priority date5 May 1949
Publication numberUS 2614820 A, US 2614820A, US-A-2614820, US2614820 A, US2614820A
InventorsStephen P Boydjieff
Original AssigneeStephen P Boydjieff
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Air perfuming device
US 2614820 A
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2r m m D n 3 (mornegs fl- 1952 s P BOYDJIEFF AIR PERFUMING DEVICE Flled May 5, 1949 1 F 2. 1 Stephen RBqyfiz'efl Paten ted Oct. 21, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE- r; 2,614,820 i AIRrERFUMING savior Stephen P; tropism-Readin Pa. Application May 1949, Serial No. 91,566

1 Claim. (01.26'1-46) l invention relates to air-conditioning apparatus; more particularly, to a portable vapor projecting device especially useful for sweetening or perfuming air in a room. However, the device is not limited to such use, and may also be employed for deodorizing or disinfecting a room, or

for killing mosquitoes, flies, etc., depending upon the type of material or liquid which is to be vaporized.

An object of the invention is to provide a vaporizing device which is readily portable and which is adapted for automatic operation so that vapor may be projected at controlled time intervals and thereby maintain a predetermined and uniform vaporized condition of the air, and in the case wherein perfume is used, to maintain an odor of a predetermined strength or concentration.

Other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from a study of the specification, taken with the accompanying drawing wherein:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view in cross-section of the air conditioning or vapor projecting device employing the principles of my invention, and

Fig. 2 is a front elevational view, shown partly broken away, of the structure shown in Fig. 1.

Referring more particularly to the figures, numeral l denotes a housing or casing of any suitable material, preferably a vinyl plastic material. Housing I is provided with legs or supports 2. The floor or bottom panel of the housing has a plurality of air inlet apertures 3 for allowing air to be drawn inwardly into a blower housing 4. Such housing encloses a blower 5 having fan or impeller blades of well known construction. The blower is driven by an electric motor 6. The outlet of the housing extends into an aperture in a box-like compartment 1.

Inside the compartment 1 is a sponge 8 having a plurality of slots 9 extending therethrough in the general direction of the air bein blown from the blower in order to reduce air resistance. The path of the incoming and outgoing air is shown by arrows. The compartment is accessible by means of a door for allowing replacement or refilling of the sponge with vaporizable liquid. The front panel of the housing I has a plurality of outlet openings Ill through which the vapor saturated air is blown outwardly into the surrounding atmosphere. The sponge is saturated or partly saturated with liquid perfume if it is desired to give the air a sweetened or fragrant aroma. Or perhaps a liquid deodorant, antiseptic or insect killing material, such as D. D. T.

2, may be used if the purpose is to urify the" air or kill flies, moths, etc. Or medicinal liquids may be used for charging the air with medicinal vapors to give a patient relief from bronchial, nasal or other respiratory ills. If desired, however, the sponge may be replaced by a block of solid camphor .or similar material in case it is desired to use the device for killing moths or other insects. A principal use of the device, however, is for sweetening or perfuming air in a room by diffusing perfume vapor, which not only kills offensive odors, but provides very pleasant aromas.

On the front panel of the housing is provided an electric switch ll, preferably having three positions: on, off, and time. Also, on the front panel is provided an electric clock and timer controlling device, indicated generally by numeral l2, and of any well known construction, such as those used on the so-called wake up alarms on radios.

In the operation of the device, when it is desired to start the blower, switch II is turned to the on position which will effect continuous drive of the motor and continuous blowing of air through the saturated sponge so as to project vaporized or sweetened air into the room. Of course, turning the switch II to the off position will cause stoppage of the motor. However, when it is desired to run the blower at timed regular intervals such as may be controlled by clock l2, switch II is moved to the time position.

If desired, the sponge may rest in a reservoir (not shown) partly filled with liquid to be vaporized so as to maintain the sponge in a saturated condition at all times.

Thus it will be seen that I have provided a very compact and portable, as well as efficient, vapor projecting or air-conditioning device suitable for sweetening air in a room by perfumes, or for other uses, such as for deodorizing the air, killing insects, such as moths, flies, etc.

While I have illustrated and described a certain specific embodiment of my invention, it will be apparent that this is by way of illustration only, and that various changes and modifications may be made within the contemplation of my invention and within the scope of the following claim.

I claim:

Apparatus for diilusing perfumed vapor and the like in a room, comprising a casing having bottom, front and rear panels, a plurality of air outlet openings in the front panel and a pluand within said casing including a door for gain- 7 ing access thereto, a sponge contained within said compartment, said sponge having a plurality of slots each extending in horizontal parallel relationship and along the direction of air now emanating from the outlet of said blower and providing intercommunication between said blower outlet and said outlet openings in the front panel, said sponge being saturable with a liquid the vapor of which it is desired to difiuse, an electrical system including a motor for driving said blower and a timer switch for controlling the operation of said motor for permitting operation of said blower at predetermined timed intervals so as to make it possible to blow per- 20 fumed vapors and the like intermittently and thereby maintain a predetermined vapor concentration in the surrounding air.


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International ClassificationF24F3/16
Cooperative ClassificationY10S261/88, F24F3/16
European ClassificationF24F3/16