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Publication numberUS2607052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date19 Aug 1952
Filing date2 Jun 1950
Priority date2 Jun 1950
Publication numberUS 2607052 A, US 2607052A, US-A-2607052, US2607052 A, US2607052A
InventorsRoy Norman C Le
Original AssigneeRoy Norman C Le
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Catch net for children's play pens
US 2607052 A
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Patented Aug. 19, 1952 CATCH NET-tort-cmmimwsfrtw eefis 1 a I Norman G. Le Roy, Miami, Fla. Aii iiam'afiimfiez;195o;isviam6frt5;t5og1" l '1 I This inventldnrelates' to"a catcti'fietior detbhable -and collapsible attachment to" chfldren 's; pray pens; I

An'object of the present invention isto provide around the 'penand to be arigularly disposed from the" side'0f the J penata -distance calculated to catch and entrap articles, such as'bott1es*or"toys that might bethrown or roll from the pen, with the net snugly engaging the bottom portion ofthe pen to prevent articlespassing therebetween.

The inventioncontemplates novel support means for detachably mounting the net to the pen, which'supp'ort meansisswingably mounted w at each'cornerof 'the pen to b'e'man'ually shifted outwardly for disposing the net at an" angle and with latch'means' for maintainingthe'supports in either the extended or retracted position, withthe supports in the extended position maintaining the net relatively ta'ut.

Another object ofthe invention resides-informing the net in a single piece and having its' upper marginal edge provided with an elastic band whereby the net will be drawn togetheras the supportsare shifted inwardly and 'with'the lower marginal edge of the net proyided' with a draw string whereby the net may be held in snug engagement-with the lowerpart of the-'pen against articles passing therepa'st.

Another object of the inventionresides' in the novel means for quickly and easily "attaching the mounting and' supportingrods for the fiet at each corner of thee-rib, being so constructed that they may be either attached "With-wood screws; "or

special clamp devices to engage the legs-ofthe'pen A further object of the inventionresides-inthe extreme=simp1ica of th'e nt" structure 7 andits supports and the ease "\vith which 5 it maybe mounted upon a playpen, the mventioneamamin'g few and -siinple'parts that are cheap to iacture', and will maintain the netinextended angular positionagains't acjcidental collapsing, is quickly'an'd' easily released "to collapsed position when" amattendarit wis'hesto ad'r'n nister to the en'occupant, andoifrsnd'projecting obstacle toi'a proper access" to the pen; norfresifstanceto the passage off'airtherethroughi Other and important objects ofitheinvention will be readily a parent diififigfthe course 0f" th'e following description; referenceb'eing had to the accompanying drawings wherein hasfbeenillustrated structures embodying" the invention and wherein like characters of, reference are employed to denote like partstliro'lighout'i Referring to the drawings? screws='-*|-o',--passin -"arrange ar sen-in a net structure adapted to be extendedentirely angles. The angles are f'f slots I2, for a' purpose to" thick iaterauy extend rcrwardflend and p v-id ith' a opening l4. Theears [3 am eachadapted to ptvotally support V p v Monstitute a rrgid swingable support, it has been foiind desirable to pr oyi'de'latchmea-ns' for Ir'iai-htla'jini'ng' 'the support "55"edge"or the-net aspreferabl prdyiaea wit can elastic cord, indicated at 25 in Figure 4. The elastic cord 25 maintains the upper edge of the net taut when in extended angular position and draws the net together when the supports are released to move inwardly to lie in substantial parallelism with the edge of the legs 8. Thus, the net will be bunched together and not sag downwardly when in the collapsed position. The lower marginal edge is preferably provided with a draw string, indicated generally at 26, through the medium of which the lower edges may snugly engage the sides of the pen entirely therearound in close proximity to the bottom of the pen I, thus assuring that obstacles falling in the net will not roll downwardly and pass between the net and the bottom 1.

In the use of this form of the invention, the, operator first attaches the angle brackets 9, carrying the supports, including the heads (5 and tubes IS. The several supportsare released and swung inwardly to vertical position and latched. The upper marginal'edge of the net 24 is then attached to each tube l6, through the medium of the loops 23. The lower marginal edge of the net isthen drawn snugly around the pen to overlie the brackets and the cord 26 is drawn tight and tied. The several supports are then again released from their latching engagement with the ears I3 and swung outwardly to assume the predetermined angle shown and latched in position. An attendant wishing to have access to an occupant of the pen, merely releases one or more of the latches, through the medium of the spherical members 22, swinging the supports inwardly to their inner latched position, carrying with them the net 24. Thus the device isquickly and easily extended or collapsed as desired.

It has-been founddesirable in some instances, to employ clamps for attaching the angle brackets 9 to their respective legs 8. For this purpose, conforming straps 21 and ZS, having hooked ends 29, are engaged within the slots [2 of the brackets and then iolded'or bent around the leg 8. The terminal ends of the straps are punched to provide aligned openings for the joint reception of bolts 30, through the medium of which the straps are drawn tightly to hug the legs, thus rigidly positioning the anglebrackets 9 to the legs. The conforming straps 21 and 28 readily conform to the various leg dimensions; since manufacturers frequently vary their output. a l

A modified form of net support has been illustrated in Figures 6 and 7. In this form of the invention, theangle brackets 3i is employed, having screw openings 32 and slots 33.- However, instead of the ears l3, U-shaped sockets 34 are employed. The sockets 34 may be formed integral with the brackets,.or maybe-subsequently attached as by Welding. The forward end of each socket is inclined outwardly at an angle corresponding to the desired angle of the sup-port for the net 24. Pivotally supported within each socket, as by pivot \pins 35, are -tubular members 36, serving as tubular socketsior elongated support rods 31; In-this form oi ,the invention,

it is contemplated thatthe brackets 3i, sockets 34 and tubes 36 shall be'formed oi metal, while the rods 31 shall be formed: ofwood. However, any desirable material maybe employed for the several parts, suchas. plastic, metal, hard rubber or the like and the'invention is not limited to any particular material Itis contemplated that the rods 31 shall engage throughout the length of-the tubes 36 and that the pivot pins 35 shall ,pass 'therethrough as a means to prevent acci- 4 dental displacement of the rods. Latch means are employed to maintain the support rods 3'! in either the extended angular position or in the inner vertical position, consisting of detents 38, struck from the side of the sockets 34, for frictional engagement in a suitable recess formed in the side of each tube 36. Thus the support will be maintained in either position against accidental shifting.

While the lower marginal edge of the not has been shown as tightly drawn around the lower part of the pen by the draw string 26, it will be apparent, that the net may be formed with each lower corner split, and provided with tie tapes, so that the lower marginal edges of the net may be drawn under the bottom edge of the pen and tied behind each leg, thus serving to prevent a child from shoving articles between the lower edge of the net and the bottom of the pen. The lower marginal edge of the net may also be provided with clips or other fastening devices intermediate the corners of thepen that would serve to secure its edge along the bottom of the pen.

It will be apparentirom the. foregoing that a very novel and highly desirable catch net and supporting means therefor has been provided for childrens play pens. The net and associated elements are cheap to manufacture and are easily attached or removed and will result in a considerable saving in the cost of broken bottles or the like, thrown or rolling from the pen and is highly efiective for the purposes for which it was designed.

It is to be understood, that the invention is not limited to the precise construction and arrangement shown, but that it includes within its purview, whatever changes fairly come within either the terms or the spirit of the appended claims.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A catch net for use with childrens play pens having corner legs, said net consisting of a net extending entirely around the play pen and normally arranged at an angle to the bottom and extending upwardly and outwardly from the sides of said pen, brackets detachably secured at each lower corner of the pen, support rods carried by the brackets for the support and positioning of the net with respect to the pen, pivotal means between the brackets and support rods whereby the support rods are shiftable inwardly for positioning the net against the pen and latch means carried by the brackets and support rods for maintaining the rods in a predetermined position of adjustment.

2. A catch net for use with childrens play pens having corner legs, said net comprises a mesh net extending entirely around the pen, brackets secured to the lower corners of the pen, support rods pivotally carried by the brackets to swing outwardly from each corner leg, latch means carried by the brackets and rods for retaining the rods inangular adjustment outwardly of the sides of the play pen, means carried by the outer ends of the rods for the support of the net, the net having an uppermarginal edge provided with an elastic band, the lower edge of the net provided with a draw string whereby the lower marginal edge of the net is maintained in snug engagement with the pen. I

3. A catch net for use with childrens play pens that have corner legs, said net includes an open mesh net extending entirely around I the pen, angle brackets detachably secured to the legs adjacent the bottom of the pen, a support rod pivotally connected to each angle bracket to swing toward and from the pen, the net being suspended from and positioned around the rods whereby the rods determine the angularity of the net with respect to the pen, the rods extending outwardly at an angle from the corners of the pen to provide an identical net area on each side of the pen, the net having an elastic band connected entirely around its upper marginal edge, the net having a draw string extending entirely around its lower marginal edge, the brackets and support rods having latch means therebetween whereby the rods may be positively positioned at an angle from the pen to maintain the net angularly disposed from the pen, the latch means also serving to dispose the rods in parallelism withthe pen to dispose the net against the pen, the latch means being operable from the outer terminus of the support rods.

4. A catch net for use with a play pen of the type that is generally square in top plan and that is equipped with corner legs and a bottom, said net adapted to be disposed entirely around the pen with its upper marginal edge arranged spaced from the pen and its lower marginal edge snugly engaging the sides of the pen in close proximity to the bottom, angle brackets detachably secured to each leg of the pen adjacent the bottom, net supporting rods pivotally connected with each bracket to swing in a vertical plane toward and away from the legs, latch means between the brackets and the rods whereby the rods may be positively positioned in the outer and inner posi-' tions, the net being arranged to extend around the rods with the rods supporting the net at angles outwardly from the sides of the pen throughout its circumference, the upper marginal edge of the net provided with an elastic band to maintain the net taut from rod to rod entirely around the pen, means to secure the upper marginal edge of the net adjacent the upper end of each rod, the lower marginal edge of the net provided with a draw string whereby such edge may be drawn into snug engagement with the all sides of the pen adjacent the bottom of the pen and into overlying relation to the brackets, the said latch means permitting the net to be collapsed to a position against the sides of the pen.

5. The structure as recited in claim 4, wherein the brackets are secured to the legs by conformable straps having a clamping screw.

6. The structure as recited in claim 4, wherein the angle brackets are provided with a forwardly projecting U-shaped socket having its forward end Wall inclined outwardly, a tubular socket member that is pivotally supported in the U- shaped socket to swing toward and from the play pen and limited in its outward swinging movement by the inclined end wall, a net supporting and positioning rod engaging in the tubular socket, pivotal means passing through the U- shaped socket, the tubular member and the rod, detents pressed inwardly from the sides of the U-shaped socket for engagement with the tubular member whereby the tubular member and its supported supporting rod are retained in an adjusted position.


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