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Publication numberUS2606366 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date12 Aug 1952
Filing date13 Oct 1948
Priority date13 Oct 1948
Publication numberUS 2606366 A, US 2606366A, US-A-2606366, US2606366 A, US2606366A
InventorsStevens James B
Original AssigneeStevens James B
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Vibration dampening and insulating means for tools such as dental tools
US 2606366 A
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Application October` 13, 1948, Serial No. 54,276( 2 claims. (o1. 32-48) This invention relates to tools. and particularly to vibration dampening and insulating means provided between the driven shank of the tool and the driven' element, and is a continuation-inpart of application for U. S. Letters Patent, Serial No. 12,403, led March 1, 1948, now abancloned.

It has been the practice to support a drilling tool in a driving head by direct metal-to-metal engagement, and as a result any vibration set up in the driving mechanism during the rotation of the drill would be transferred to the drill point. Static charges are oftentimes built up on the rotating parts of the driving mechanism which discharge from the drill point when the pointI is applied to the teeth of a patient being operated on when a dentist tool is being driven.

The present invention contemplates the use of an insulating material between the driving head and the drilling end of the tool so as to dampen out the vibrations and insulate the drill end from the discharge of the collected static charges. In a dental operation@ substantial amountl of the shock which heretofore was transferred to the teeth being drilled is eliminated by the use of a rubber or like coating between the drill shank and the driving head. It is to be understood that the coating may be applied to the tool supporting portion of the driving head or preferably to the shank of the tool so that the dampening occurs to the tool tip.

Accordingly, the main objects of the invention are: to provide sound deadening and insulating material between the supporting portion of a driving head and the driven tool; to provide vibration dampening and insulating material on the shank of the tool or on the supporting end of the driving head to dampen out vibrations between the driving head and the tool tip; to provide a coating of vibration dampening and insulating material on a reduced portion of the shank of the tool for maintaining a standard diameter for the shank, and, in general, to provide vibrating and dampening means for a cutting tip of a tool whi-ch is simple in construction and economical of manufacture.

Other objects and features of novelty of the invention will be specifically pointed out, or will become apparent when referring, for a better understanding of the invention, to the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a view of a driving head supporting a tool therein, with vibration dampening material therebetween embodying features of this nvention;

Fig. 2 is a Viewv of a tool, with the shank in section to show fthe` application of .the material thereon;

Fig. 3 is a view of structure, similar to that illustrated in Fig. 2, showing the material applied to a different type of driving shank;

Fig. 4 is a view of a tool, similar to that illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3, showing a vstill further form of driving shank to which the material is applied;

Fig. 5. is a view, similar to that illustrated in Fig. 2, showing another application of the material tothe tool shank;

Fig. 6 is a broken sectional View of a driving head, similar to that illustrated in Fig. 1, and i Fig. 7 is a sectional View of a collet type of driving head having features of the invention applied thereto.

While the invention is herein illustrated and described with relationn to dental tools, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to this particular application.

In Fig. 1 a driving head I0 is illustrated for' a dental tool having a lever II thereon for engaging' a slot in the end of a tool for maintaining a driving shank I2I on the head with a drivingface in engagement `with a driving facein the head. It is to be understood that the vibration dampening and insulating material is provided either on the driving portion of the head or on the driven shank of the tool. Any vibration dampening and insulating material may be utilized, such as rubber of the organic or inorganic types, the various types of resins and such other materials known in the art to be suitable for these purposes.

Referring to Figs. 2, 3 and 4, drills of the dental type are therein illustrated having different driving shanks thereon conforming to the different driving heads furnished by different dental manufacturers. In Fig. 2 a tool I3 is illustrated having a cutting tip I 4 and a reduced shank portion I5, with the vibration dampening and insulating material I6 applied to the shank portion to build it up to a standard diameter. Preferably the material extends over the supporting and driving end II which embodies a flat face I8 which is engaged by a driving face in the head I0 held in position by the end of the lever II passing into a slot I9 on the shank end, Such a completely covered shank is illustrated in Fig. 3 wherein the tool 2l is provided with a cutting tip 22 and a shank A23 of reduced diameter built up by the material I6 to the standard diameter normally employed on the shank when the material is not applied thereto. This shank is provided with a flat face 24 which constitutes the driving face of the shank and an annular slot 25 in which the end of a lever, similar to the lever Il, extends for supporting the shank within the driving head.

In Fig. 4 a further form of dental tool 2S is illustrated, having a cutting tip 27 and a reduced 'shan-k portion Zs covered Vby the material I6. |Ihis ltype of tool is supportedby the ngers of a collet disposed Within a head on the end of a pencil-like body portion. It is to be understood that the material i6 .may rbe :applied in any manner knowninthe art, such ras bonding or by the use of an adhesive or by any other method well known in the art to be suitable.

In Fig. 5 a method of applyingfthevmaterialto the shank is illustrated, wherein a very thin wall tube 29 of brass, copper, plastic orthe like of substantial length has the material i6 coated -therenngandafterthe :zcoatng operation sec- 'itionszareznut therefrom'and. appliedatozthe shank 3l by soft solder or other adhering method. A -sleevef of ir'ubber, plastic tor :like `vibration .dampeningand insulating materialmay be directly applied to the reducedldiameterof Ithesshank `3l vian'd'- bonded, adhered or otherwise :secured there- -to. .flnfa'ny arrangement, the resulting tool has :fa shank provided Awith an overall dimensionxin diameter and length similar to the tools original- -ly mrovidedwith'out 'vsuchv materials, so' that Itools will-bereceived-inthe sameheads as employed for the prior tools. It is-alsofwithin 4the pur- `view rof this invention to apply the vibration dampeningtand insulating material yto the rdriv- `ngeelement \of the tools, ,permitting tools awith fstandard, :uncoated :Shanks to be futilized. -fIn Fig. 6 the driving head I0 has a .driving element -lZthereofY provided 'with .la lining not vibration fdampeningfand dnsulatingmaterial '33which may `bei-.bonded directly'fthereto :or -to 2a removable sleeve so that the materialmay-be renewed from :time to -itime. :In Fig; 'Ifacol-let .type yorf-,gripping ..head-.34 iis Villustrated having fcollet fingers .35 .-.thereimtheends of which vhave the vibration fdampening and-insulating material i6 bonded, adhered or otherwise rsecuredin vposition `there- -`onder-directlygrippingthe `.shank-31 .of fa tool.

4 It will be noted in the various forms of the invention that the tip of the tool is insulated against discharge of collected static charges and dampened against vibration normally conducted to the tip from the operating parts of the driving head. The mechanical vibrations from the driving ele- .mentsfelt bythe patient wvhenithe burr or cutting tip is applied to ato'oth is surprisingly softened when the vibration dampening and in- ;sulating material is employed between the driving headand shank of the tool and the painful discharge f -a.s`tatic charge onto the teeth of the patient which :sometimes occurs is also eliminated.

What-is claimed is:

:1. AA toclhaving a shank and a cutting end adapted to be received by a supporting and turn- Eing element, the shank of said tool being of less diameter than the cutting end to provide a shoulder, .a tube of `a vdiameter .to slidel over said :shanka coating of insulating fmaterial on the outersurface of said tube, -and :means .for -se- -curingsaidtube .to said shank.

2. 'A-tool having a shank and a4 cutting end adapted to be received by a supporting andzturning element, a tube of a diameter to slide over lsaid shank, an insulating material on the outer surface vof 'said tube, and means 'betweensaid shank-and tube for .securing said tube to said shankfin fxed unit vrelation therewith.


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