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Publication numberUS2603546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date15 Jul 1952
Filing date29 Aug 1949
Priority date29 Aug 1949
Publication numberUS 2603546 A, US 2603546A, US-A-2603546, US2603546 A, US2603546A
InventorsLais Henry L
Original AssigneeLais Henry L
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Combination service and outlet box
US 2603546 A
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July 15, 1952 H. L..LAIS

COMBINATION SERVICE AND OUTLET BOX 2 srms-srms'r 1 Filed Aug. 29, 1949 Fig.5

Henry L. Lois IN V EN TOR.

6 2 R m M T 0 L m Q 3 Ag 0 E w I .6 V L Q. a W F 2 L m M Q S L X 2 8 O a n m 4 H B u a w a -8 S w 2 A L m ,6 w R w 5! i w 4 I T A N m E M O r C m' f l IIII July 15, 1952 Filed Aug. 29, 1949 lined-4 in Figure .3;

Figure "5 is a'horizontal sectional .viewtaken -P'atented July 15, 1952 f 1 PATENT Y l I -2;e0s,5 4 s oOMB mATmN SERVICE AND-OUTLETBOX W "HenryL.'Lais,Grand Forks, N. Dak.

. Application agma 1949, SerialfNo.11;12, 998

l3 .Clailns. (Cl. .3-12-.1.0

invention frelatesto receptacles, and in wparticulargto a;:receptacleadapted-to be used as a combinediservice and outlet box.

objectwofzthe,inventionis:topposition in one location power take-:oif: outlets for :electricalcir- .cuits requiring 'varyingvoltage and amperage.

Another object isto provide a novel weatherproof :ou't1et:box.for outdoor useandssuitable for .;i-arm :yards, 1 shops, .igranaries, barns and the like. .i-alzstill .iurtherobject-of the invention is to pro- .:-vide;.means for sealing the circuit breakers for various- :circuits;1againsttampering by unauthorized:individuals,-=that ;is simple in construction, cheap and easy to manufacture and assemble,

tstrong,:-rdurable, .andreliable in vuse, and pleasing l .ziniappearance.

flhese.,together withwariousadditional objects 'sofwex-arnple -.only in the accompanying drawings,

,sFigure 1 is a,- perspective view of the invention sh0wingthe-outlet .box in its'closed and .locked position;

I :Figure 2;is -a perspective view of the combined service and outlet box-showing .it with its outer .-,cover raised; k

:Figure --3 715 *a vertical sectional view taken along line 3-3 in Figure 4;

Figure 4 isfa verticaly sectional:view taken along along line 5-5 in Figure 4; and,

Figure "6 is-a perspective view of the inner cover of vthexoutlet box.

-:With'.continued reference to "the accompanyalng :drawings wherein like .reference characters designate .similar parts throughout the various v-views, reference numeral l0-.genera1ly-designates l theeontainer comprising one .elementoithe outzlet box ofcthe present invention. The container 10 includes a back panel vl'2,.side panels I4 and :46 and .the bottom panel l8. The bottom panel -18 has an upwardly extending flange 20;.at the front edge thereof. These panels preferably are made integral with each other and are secured at the joints formed. They can be made by stamping from suitable sheet material.

An inner cover generally designated by nu,- meral 22 is secured to the container ill by bolts 24 passing through suitable apertures in the lower portions of the cover 22 and in the flange 20. The cover 22 is provided with an inwardly extending flange 26 at its bottom edge and flanges .20 and 3ll at-the sideaedg'es 0f .the cover lflange 2 6 underlying the; bottom, and flanges .28 and 0 overlying the respective sides of the -.container.

Atop 32 havingmarginal downwardly extending-flanges 34, 36, 38 and 40 is positioneion top of the container 12 withthe vlianges. -3 l-i,.38 .and 40 overlying the corresponding adjacent portions ofzsai'd container and the flange 34 overlyingthe inner cover 22 to .provide a water .tigh't ,Joint therefor.

An outer cover 42 .is -p'ivotally .attachedJasiby hinges .44 .to a bar #5. securedlto lithe .outer face -of the inner cover 522. The outer'coverlis dished outwardly as at 18 and is ,-.provided .With .a lock of conventional design.

The top of .thebox is rapertured centrally V therethroug'h andeal hub 52 is secured to Jthe top 732 surrounding Itheaperture. Theiback ,panel "I 2 .is provided with suitable mounting .lhdles I54. :These'holes '54 are :used to fasten the'iboxjtolthe surfaceon which it .is mounted and enable the box .tolbesetawayifrom'the surface ,on which it is to .be mounted IIto allow ai-rto circulate Ibebind the .box.

. A ,igroundingilug 156 comprising a copper Tbus '.'bar with a ,pair of extensionsit of'c'onnec'ting l-1eavy.neutral wires using .sol'derless connectors is secured by *Z-Shaped supporters filinspaced relation to the back panel l2.

A plurality of knockouts are provided in the container, and inner cover lto .afl'ord openings in the box-"through which wires .must ,,pass. "There arethree .knockoutstz cut initheibackpanel adjacent the bottom. in knockout i6! is provided in the back panel in the upper central portion.

jAfpair of suitable iknockouts are "located on 'each'side of'thebox .near'fthe top. Fourfknockcuts 68 'of suitable "size areprovided in 'th'eibottompanel as is alargerjknockout'lll ,whi'e'hds centrally located therein.

, :A bracket "12 is welded -to the back "panel 112 and "is adapted tohold the .top of circultf breakers. These circuit breakers are'jprovi'deiiwith a lip 14 which fits "under 'th'e fbra'cket. Additionally, thezcircuit "breakersrare providedwithhdles it into whichscrewsf "are passed 'and'se'curedfto the backjpanel "l2.

binations of circuit breakers to acquire different voltages and phases. The bus bars are tapped for screws 96 and are attached to the circuit breakers with these screws. Individual circuit breakers may be removed by removing screws 96 and I8. Solderless connectors 98 are used to connect main conductors to the bus bar. Load connectors 100 comprising solderless connectors are used to connect the load feeder conductors to the circuit breakers.

Three receptacles I92, I94 and E96 are used as a quick means of attaching rated loads. These receptacles are so grouped as to provide a combination of centrally located power and light outlets of varying loads and amperages.

Receptacle 192 is a polarized receptacle which can be used for heavy load appliances such as are welders, large motors and so forth. Receptacle IE4 is of smaller rating but can be used for similar purposes as that of receptacle I92. Receptacle I96 is notapolarized receptacle and is usedfor operating lighter loadsls uch as small electric drills,

"motors, etc.

The circuit breakers are connected as desired to the receptacle in order to provide a readily availabl'e'take-off connection for various predetermined loads. The mainline from the power source may enter the box through the hub 52 prior to connection to the circuit breakers; The

receptacles and circuit breakers are" suitably 1 grounded to grounding lug 56.

- By' means of suitable supporting bars I98 the receptacles are secured to the box; These bars 198 traverse the entire width of the box and are attached to the inner cover 22.

trude through the cover so that one can operate ,the circuit breakers withoutremoving the outer i cover. Round holes I I6; H8, and lare provided on the cover 22; which allow the facesof the receptacles, 192,. EM and 196 to protrude through j the cover. extended lip I22 for the cover is so designedas to slide up and under the top 32 1 sofas to provide a water sheddingfit at the sides and top of the box.

. The recesses H9 and 48 in the inner and outer covers are in alignment and are so designed a to eliminate condensation from attacking the interior electrical connections in the box.

Theexterior cover is attached to the interior cover to fill the requirements of outdoor installa- "tions. Thus, the necessity for having more than one style of box is eliminated. The outer cover v .is-hinged as at M and these hinge are spring loadedto automatically close the cover. Since from the foregoing, the construction and advantages of this combination service and outlet box arereadily apparent, further description does not appear to be necessary. However, since numerous modifications will oc- I our to one skilled in the art after a consideration 1 of the pecification'and accompanying drawings, it is not intended to limit the invention to the precise embodiment of outlet box shown and described,

4 except as required by the scope of the appended claims.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. An outlet box comprising a container having a back panel, side panels and a top panel, a front panel secured to said side and top panels and having an opening therein, an elongated substantially Z-shaped drain cap having spaced. oppositely extendinglegs and a connecting web, means securin one of said legs to said front panel adjacent the upper edge of said opening therein, a cover overlying said opening and having the upper edge thereof disposed between the other of said legs andthe front panel, and means hingedly attaching said cover to said last mentioned leg of said drain cap for vertical swinging movement.

2. An outlet box comprising, a container having a back panel, side panels and a top panel, a front panel secured to said side and top panels and having an openin therein, an elongated substantially Z-shaped drain cap having spaced oppositely extending legs and a connecting web, means securing one of said legs to said front'panel adjacent the upper edge of said opening therein, an outwardly dished cover overlying said opening'and having an upwardly extending front panel engaging flange on its upper edge, said flange beingdis posed between the other of aid legs of 'saidcap and said-front panel, and hinges attached to-said last mentioned leg of said drain cap and to said cover adjacent the flange thereon, said hinges attaching said cover to said front panel'fo'r vertical swinging movement relative thereto;

3. An outlet box comprising a container having a back, panel, side panels and a top panel, a'front panel secured to said side and top panels and'having an opening therein, an elongated substantially Z-shaped draincap having spaced oppositely e'xtending legs and a connectingw'eb, means securing one of said legs to said front paneladjacent the upper edge of said opening thereinpa cover overlying said opening and having the uppe-ifedge thereof disposed between the other of said legs and the front panel, and means hin'g'edly attaching said cover to said last mentioned leg of said drain cap for vertical swinging movement, said top panel having downwardly extending flanges thereon overlying said back, front and side panels.


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