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Publication numberUS2561400 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date24 Jul 1951
Filing date15 Apr 1946
Priority date15 Apr 1946
Publication numberUS 2561400 A, US 2561400A, US-A-2561400, US2561400 A, US2561400A
InventorsMorrell Jacque C
Original AssigneeMorrell Jacque C
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Cosmetic package
US 2561400 A
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July 24, 1951 J. c. MORRELL 2,551,400

COSMETIC PACKAGE Filed April 15, 1946 Jzcque Giliornell, 5 g Mme" *MMW Patented July 24, 1951.


COSMETIC PACKAGE Jacque C. Morrell, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application April 15, 1946, Serial No. 662,327

2 Claims.

,This invention relates to cosmeticpackages, particularly packages of compact and inexpensive type adapted for dispensing or marketing through automatic, coin-operated vending machines. l

A principal object of this invention is the provision of consolidated. packages for containing cosmetics. A further object is the provision of a combination package to hold one or more applications of rouge, powder, lipstick or similar cosmetics in a relatively flat and compact form which is adapted for dispensing or marketing through automatic, coin-operatedvending machines. A further object is the provision of a cosmetic package which is so economical to manufacture that it may be sold at such a very low cost that it may serve as an emergency unit or as an advertising item. A still further object is the provision of a cosmetic package contain ing desirable cosmetics so positioned as to be readily possessible to the user together, with application materials with which the cosmetics of the package may be applied, all these materials being contained in a single package of rugged and consolidated design. Still further objects and the entire scope of this invention will be apparent from the detailed description given hereinafter.

These objects are accomplished according to the present invention by the provision of new cosmetic packages, the novel features and construction of which may be best comprehended by reference to the following detailed description and the attached drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a face view of one form of my package, partly broken away to show the contents of one of the sections of the package;

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken along the line 2--2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a sectional view of a modified form of my"package;

Figure 4 is a sectional view of another modified form of my package; I

Figure 5 is an enlarged view, partly in section, of a lip rouge portion of a special design for my package;

Figure 6 is an enlarged, sectional view of an individual tray for filling the cells of my package.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the cosmetic package l2 consists of a base [4 having open cells. I611, I61: and 160, which contain cosmetics, a portion of which may be seen designated as H in the figure. An oil-impervious sheet of cellulosic material 18, such as wax paper, regenerated cellulose, or the like, covers the open cells l6 and they top surfaces of the base l4. On top of this oil-impervious sheet. I8 is placed a 2 plurality of absorbe'ntsoft, fibrous sheets of cellulosic material 20, such as facial tissue sheets of the Kleenex type.

Figure 2 shows thepackage with a top sheet 22 of relatively stiff sheet material, such as cardboard, vinyl resin, regenerated cellulose. or the like. This top sheet 22 serves as a protector for the absorbent sheets 20 and, because of its Stiff-7 ness, aids in holding the absorbent sheets 20 and the oil-impervious sheet 18 against the base l4 and, thus, serves to aid in retaining the cosmetics within the open cells [6. However, it is possible, in order to reduce cost, to eliminate the stiff cover sheet 22. t

The base of my package may assume various forms. In the form shown in Figure 2, thebase I4 is composed of a sheet of cardboard or similar relatively still material 24, which is covered with a thin sheet of oil-impervious cellulosic material 26, such as regenerated cellulose, e. g., cellophane. Over this is placed a section of rela tively thick material 28, such as a sheet of heavy cardboard. This section 28 is perforated at various points, so as to form, in conjunction with the undersheets 24 and 26, open cells in the base 14. The thick section 28 is permanently joined, such as by adhesives, to the undersheets 24 and 25. Hence, these three sections combine to form the base I4 with open cells lBa to I50. Anydesired number of perforations may be made in the sheet 28 to form a corresponding number of open cells 16 in the base I4.

The oil impervious cover sheet 18 and the absorbent sheet 20 together with the top sheet 22, if used, are all attached at a common point to one side of the base. Thus, the sheets 18,20 and 22 may be attached to the base along one edge by means of a staple'w, as shownin'Figuresl and 2, or by a rivetor similar attaching means 32, as shown in Figures 3 and 4. l

"A modified form of my cosmetic package is illustrated in Figure 3.- The distinguishing fea-' ture of this modification is the construction of the base of the package. In this form the base consists of a molded or pressed sheet 34 having indentations 36a to 360 therein, which'form open cells which contain the cosmetics. This molded or pressed sheet may consist of a plastic; such a vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride or copolymers thereof, acrylic resins or any other vinyl type material, a thermosetting resin, such asphenolic resin or molded cardboard or the like which has been made oil-impervious by either a lacquer coating or impregnation with wax or a resin.

A further modificaiton of my package is illustrated in Figure 4. This form is, in effect, a" combination of the form shown in Figures 2 and 3. .Thus, the base of thismodificatiOn of the of the package and also the top surfaces of the base. This cover sheet is, in turn, overlaid with the absorbent sheets 20 and, if preferred, the" All of these sheets which cover top sheet 22. the base are attached at a common point along one edge of the package by the-'rivetse i- Top sheet 22 may have descriptive matter printed thereon so as to serve as .a label for the package.

I have found thatthe'proper presentation of the liparouge =portion" of my cosmetic packages present anunusual problem. While it is possible to produce a satisfactory packageinwhichthe face powder; face-rouge; and? lipstick. portions.

aretall charged. in bulk form into the .open cells ofthepackage; I have found that a more satis factory" package is produced if the lip rouge'or. lipstickii'portion is notpresentedin the package inf'this form; 'I havedevelopeda novel method. of "presenting. the" lip'rouge portion of the pack ages and this" is showndnlii'gure 5. This lipstick consists of "asmall stick or rod38, made of wood or anyother suitable material, suchasextruded plastic, which is coveredat one end with soft fibreicellulosic' material 40, such. as. cotton or. absorbent paper... The soft" fibre cellulosic ma-. terialis, .in' turn}. coated-with a portion of lip, rouge .42, this construction. of I stick, cellulosic material and rougeecovering, formingthelip stickltportionizofthe preferred form ofmy pack; age."

Thel'cosmetic portions of the packagemay be charged in bulk form directly intojthe .open cells l6 or.36, in order to ,f-ormzthe completed package. This is .made possible through the of, 'the..paokage .in' .that .all' the longitudinal .sur-.

faces .of the .cells into: which .the cosmetics care to be charged-J are oil-impervious.surfaces. On thetother hand,".under..certain. circumstances it maybe desirable to prepare the final package by:

inserting tray-like structures containing vthe cos-. metic .portions into the open cells, rather than 48.: Thistrayelike unit-is adaptedfor. insertion inithe aopen: cells-16 of the form of mypackage: shown ,.-in Figures .-1. and .2. This tray structure may. also be usedflin the wmodifications shown. in.,Figures 3'. and s 4 ,1 but is lessw desirable with these forms of (the-packages, since the cells 36 ofzthese package 1 forms. are welladapted for direct receipt of the vcosmetic portions.

When tray portions of the :type shown in Fig- 1 ure= 6 areazusedin the:package;: itis possible .to'. eliminate the -.oil,-imp,ervious:sheet-'26 of. the :base;

In. other: words,'-, when? mypackage is formed.

withxsuchr.trayi portions; these trays are: made: oil-impervious; for :example; by' coating with-"nib H imperviousimaterials, and" it-isunnecessary to makes-the package'ibasefoil-impervious. Ifzthe traysportions are not employed infthe formxshownz r iml figuresczlzand' 2,-' the:;th'ick:sheet 28 :scomprisingi the base is preferably impregnated with materials, such as paraffin wax, varnishes, lacquers, resin coatings or the like, in order to render it oil-impervious. On the other hand, when the tray portions are employed in conjunction with this form of the package, this feature is not preferable.

The cosmetic package-r: described above provides a new type of unit which may be manufactured at very little cost, and which is specially well suited for large volume merchandizing, such as through coin-operated, vending machines. These=packages are particularly useful since they incorporate into one structure all of the necessary'ingredients and implements required for the ordinary,'cosmetic, application operation. Furthermore, these packages may be designed to carry any desired combination of cosmetics, for

instance, face powder; rouge, coldi'cream and/lip, rouge. Inasmuch as these packages: maybe 750. economically manufactured, the user'can' afford,i. after making 'an application of the 'ingredients,v to discard thepackage. This fact adaptsthe packages for "use as advertising;;items "for :which purpose the topsheet zlmayibe providedwith suitable indicia.

Since various modifications of mypackagawill become apparent to those skilled in" the artfrom the detailed description given herein, it is under; stood that this invention. iSJ'tO; be limitediion'lyi in accordance with: the-followingtclaims.

I claim:

1. A cosmetic packagecomprising 'atrigidi stifi base having a 'plura'litypf' opencells ItIIEIBIIFCOmT- prising a flat relatively thinunde'rzsheet covered.

with a' relatively thick sheet "havingperforations 1 therein to form'with the 'saidnndersheet adheredl thereto the said open-cells, asheet of oilimpervi= ous "material having :its lower surface covering; said'open cells and the topsurfaoesxof fsai'dfbasep.

a plurality of sh'eets of soft absorbent fibrous: cellulo'sic material i overlying said oil imperviousf sheet, a cover sheet overlying saidi absorbent fibrous sheets, said cover 'sheet,absorbent. sheets;

and oil-impervious sheet being attached :to .saidi.

base along a common edge thereof.

2. A cosmetic package comprisingta-rigid, stiff. base having a plurality of "open cells "therein' comprising a flat relatively thin under sheet covered with a relatively thick sheet .havingspere forations therein to form with the said under sheet adhered thereto the 'said'open cells,.a1plu rality. of sheetsof soft absorbent fibrouscelliilosic material overlying saidbasepacover. sheet overs lying said absorbentfibrous .sheets, said? cover sheet and absorbent sheets being attached to said base along a common edge thereof J AC'QUEFCZ- MORRELIZL.


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