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Publication numberUS2493581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date3 Jan 1950
Filing date5 Jan 1948
Priority date5 Jan 1948
Publication numberUS 2493581 A, US 2493581A, US-A-2493581, US2493581 A, US2493581A
InventorsHood Lawrence D
Original AssigneeHood Lawrence D
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Device for actuating wall type switches
US 2493581 A
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Jam 3, 1950 1.. b. Moon DEVICE FoR Acwvm-Im WALL TYPE SWITCHES Filed Jan. 5, 1948 IN VEN TOR. LAw/iw/c; Z2 H000. BY

Ar omvzn I Patented Jan. 3, 1950 DEHQE: E01}, AGTUATING TYPE: S;W' ,E.

Lawrenc c a ewoo So o-o Application January 5, 19.48,. Serial No.v 6'16;

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to improvements in switch actuators of the type for use in actuating W ll yp le tric. swi ch s, posi ioned at a hei ht beyond the reach of the operatpr.

Residences and other buildings are practically all wired for electric lights and these are controlled by switches positioned in, 2 9 wall", usually adjacent a doorway. The switches now most commonly used are of a type having a rocking operating handle that oscillates about a pivot positioned inside of the wall surface. In most residences there are small children and the switches are usually positioned at such a height that such children cannot operate them and it therefore becomes necessary for an adult to assist the child in operating the switches.

It is the object of this invention to produce a switch actuator designed more particularly to enable a child to operate a standard light switch.

One of the objects of this invention is to produce a switch actuator of simple and substantial construction that can readily be applied to any existing wall type switch and which shall be provided with a depending handle to bring the same within the reach of small children.

Another object of the invention is to produce a switch actuator of such a design and construction that it can be readily manufactured by means of suitable dies, with the minimum of hand work, so as to reduce the cost of manufacture to the lowest possible amount.

Another object of the invention is to produce an actuator comprising two parts, each of a very simple construction, that can be so designed and constructed as to impart an ornamental appearance.

The above and any other objects that may become apparent as the description proceeds are attained by means of a construction and an arrangement of parts that will now be described in detail, and for this purpose, reference will be had to the accompanying drawing in which the invention has been illustrated in its preferred form, and in which:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the switch actuator showing the same in position on a wall type electric switch;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section taken on line 22, Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a cross section taken on line 3-3, Figure 1; and

Figure 4 is a fragmentary front elevation of the actuator showing a slightly modified form of construction.

Referring now to the drawing, reference numeral It designates the surface of a wall in which a switch operating mechanism positionedthe usual switch outlet box and. reference numeral II.

designates the ordinary face plate which is; se-

sured to the outlet box by. screws; 12, all in the manner old and well known.

Sw tc es o the p o wh h s: invent an relates are provided with a handle I3 that is mounted for rocking movement about a pivot I4 positioned on the inside of the face plate. Switches of the type shown are in extensive use and when the operator handle is in the position shown in Figures 1 and 2, the switch is closed, but when the handle is tilted downwardly into the dotted line position, the switch is open.

The switch actuator to which this invention relates consists of two parts, both of which are made from sheet metal. One of the parts has a flat, elongated central section I5 having end portions I6 that are offset and lie in a plane parallel with the plane of the central portion, but spaced therefrom as shown in Figure 2. The ends. I6 are connected with the central portion by the ofiset parts H, which may be at right angles to the central portions and the ends as shown or may extend at any other angle. The end portions I! are provided with elongated transversely extending openings I8 that are positioned adjacent the inner surfacev of the central portions I5 and are of less length than the width of the metal plate, as shown in Figure 3. The central portion I5 is provided with an elongated slot or opening I9 which may extend the entire length as shown in Figure 4, or it may terminate a short distance from the upper end of the central portion as shown in Figure 1. Slot I9 is of a width sufiicient to receive the operating handle I3. The straight slide 2ll is positioned so as to slide in openings I8 and is provided with an opening 2| of the proper size to receive the handle I3 as shown in Figure 2. Opening 2| may have outwardly turned edges like those designated by reference numeral 22, which prevents the edges of the plate from cutting the switch handle. The lower end of the switch handle is provided with an opening 23 to which an extension 24 that has been shown by dotted lines in Figures 1 and 2, may be connected. Extension 24 may be of any desired length, but must have some rigidity so that the switch can be closed by exerting an upward pressure thereon. When the switch is to be opened, a downward pull is exerted on the slide 20, or on the extension 24. The switch mechanism itself is not changed in any way and such switches are provided with a spring mechanism actuator is positioned on the switch, the parts are r assembled as shown and handle l3 projected through opening 2|. of this actuator is to be discontinued, it may be quickly removed by merely removing the screws l2. For the purpose of facilitating the position and the removal of the lowermost screw l2, slide 20 is provided with a hole 25 directly over the screw so as to permit a screwdriver to be inserted.

Having described the invention what is claimed as new is: V

Adevice for actuating an electric light switch of the'type having a switch handle mounted to oscillate about a pivot, said device comprising a guide plate having a straight central portion having a longitudinal slot therein, portions extending laterally from the ends of the central por- If, for any reason, the use tion having end portions extending parallel to the central portion and being apertured to receive the screws which secure a switch face plate to a switch box, the central portion being of uniform thickness at all parts thereof and the same thickness as the other portions of the guide plate, a punched slot in each of the laterally extending portionsof less length than the width of the plate,

at least one of the latter slots joining said first named longitudinal slot, one edge of each slot also being contiguous with the face of the straight central portion at the side thereof facing the switch, and a slide extending through both slots, said slide having an opening to receive the switch handle, the slide being interposed between the fiat central portion and switch.


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