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Publication numberUS2166360 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Jul 1939
Filing date15 Mar 1937
Priority date15 Mar 1937
Publication numberUS 2166360 A, US 2166360A, US-A-2166360, US2166360 A, US2166360A
InventorsDavid Lewis
Original AssigneeDavid Lewis
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Bottom for bags
US 2166360 A
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BOTTOM FOR BAGS 7 Filed March 15, 1937 INVENTOR.


- Patent ed my 18. 1939 UNITED sin-T gs PATENT orr cs BOTTOM FOR BAGS Y David Lewis, New York, N. Y. Application March 15, 1937, Serial No. 130,80?

2 Claims.

A bag having a large' capacity without changing or distorting the substantial fiat front and back sides of the bag.

I accomplish these and other objects by the construction herein described and shown in the accompanying drawing forming a part hereof in which:

Figure l is a perspective view showing my bag partially open. a

Figure 2 is an end elevation showing my bag in its open position.

Figure 3 is a bottom view of my bag.

Figures 4 and 5 are fragmentary sections.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawing and in the specification to follow.

Ladies hand bags are made in a great variety of shapes and sizes and materials, and in the following description and in the drawing I have shown but one of the simple plain constructions for the purpose of clarity and so that my improvements may be readily understood as it is obvious that in many respects my device may be modified'without departing from the important front side l and back side 2, which are substantially rectangular and fiat. To the top edge t of the back side 2, I have provided the flexible flap l which when my bag is closed is detachably secured to the front l by the fastener 5 having the male part 6 thereof secured to said flap and the female part l secured to the front i. The back 2 is provided with the handle ti.

Each end is provided with the end pieces it which are secured to the front l and leach 2 and struction.

at the top edge in is reenforced by the hinge members ll of relatively stlfi material and having at or near their center the hinges H which are so constructed that when the front and back are brought together the hinges permit the ends 5 9 to' bend inwardly but not outwardly as may be seen by referring to Figure 1 of the drawing.

The end pieces 9 are substantially shorter in elevation than the front and back, the difference p in height being at the bottom as the top edges 3 0 and i0 are substantially at the same height. The bottom edges [3 of the ends 9 are at a higher elevation than the bottom edge M of the back and the bottom edge lb of the front and the end pieces 9 bend inwardly at the bottom in the same 15 manner as. the top edges but the bottom edges l3 are not provided withthe hinge members nor hinges.-

Secured to the bottom edges l3 of the ends 9, I have provided the flexible bottom it which is 20 also secured to the lower end edges I! of the back 2 and the lower end edges 18 of the front {l which project below the bottom edges l3 of the ends 9. The bottom it is also secured to the lower edges I4 of the back 2 and the lower edge It 25 of the front l.

' When the front and back are moved toward each other the end wall or pieces 9 bend inwardly and the bottom 96 bends downwardly near the 'center as may be seen in Figures 1, 4 and 5. 30

The broken lines of Figures 4 and 5 indicate the position of the ends and bottom.

- Figure 2 is broken away to show the comb and mirror pockets 2| and a center division Wall 22. The arrangements of the inner compartments 35 may be varied and form. no part of my invention further than to show that an inner lining 2t and bottom 24 such as would conform to the usual bag construction is used and this prevents the contents from entering the space 25 and the side 49 spaces 26 between thefront and back i 2 and the bottom it which normally rests against the inner surface of these parts because of being secured along their lower edges and lower end edges.

I have herein shown and described one form of my bag in detail that it may be more easily understood. Its shape, the manner of securing the flap and the type of fastener as well as the 50 handle and other parts may be modified in many ways to change its appearance, size and con- Ti do not, therefore, wish to be limited to the details herein shown and descrlbed in detail as I may wish to depart therefrom within 55 width ofv said bottom, whereby the bottom edges of said front and back project below said toldable bottom when the bag is closed or open, inwardly ioldable ends secured to said front and back and secured to said bottom, said bottom providing an extension to said ends when folded and foldable inwardly with the folding of said ends.

2. In a bag, front and back members, a bottom including a downwardly foldable central section secured thereto above the bottom edges of said front and back and at a distance from said edges .at least one half the width of said bottom, whereby the bottom edges of said front and back project below said foldable bottom when the bag is closed or open, inwardly foldable ends secured to said front and back and secured to said bottom along said central section only, said bottom pro- 10 viding an extension to said ends when folded.


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U.S. Classification150/127, 150/130, 383/104, 383/119, 383/120, 150/120, 150/118
International ClassificationA45C3/00, A45C3/06
Cooperative ClassificationA45C3/06
European ClassificationA45C3/06