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Publication numberUS2078591 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date27 Apr 1937
Filing date21 May 1936
Priority date21 May 1936
Publication numberUS 2078591 A, US 2078591A, US-A-2078591, US2078591 A, US2078591A
InventorsSprague Chester E
Original AssigneeSprague Chester E
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US 2078591 A
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p 1 c. E. SPRAGUE 2,078,591

RIFLE Filed May 21, 1956 2 Sheets-Sheet l k iv Q lnvenlor A tlomeys' A ril 27, 1931. E SPRA U'E 2,078,591

RIFLE Filed May 21, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Inventor 613621 0 zze -ZQM 40529 mi A Ailornvejys'l Patented Apr. 27, 1937 PATENT OFFICE 2,078,591 RIFLE Chester E. Sprague, Portland, Oreg.

Application May 21, 1936, Serial No. 81,099

1 Claim.

The present invention relates to new and useful improvements in firearms, particularly rifles, and has for its primary object to provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, novel means for swivelly connecting the strap to the stock in a manner to permit rotation, thereby preventing loosening of the securing elements and the consequent necessity of removing the barrel to tighten the front connection.

Another very important object of the invention is to provide a swivel connection of the aforementioned character which will permit the strap to be readily removed and mounted on another rifle which is equipped with sockets constituting a part of the invention.

Other objects of the invention are to provide a strap connection of the character described which will be comparatively simple in construction, strong, durable, reliable, compact, light in weight and which may be manufactured at low cost.

All of the foregoing and still further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from a study of'the following specification, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views and wherein:

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of the forward end portion of a rifle, a portion of the forearm of the stock being broken away in section to reveal the front strap connection.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary view in side elevation of a portion of the butt, said butt being broken away in section to expose the rear strap connection.

Figure 3 is a view in vertical transverse section through the invention.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view in vertical section through a portion of the invention, showing a conventional loop mounted therein.

Figure 5 is a view in bottom plan of the invention.

Figure 6 is a view in side elevation of the device with the socket omitted.

Referring now to the drawings in detail it will be seen that the reference numeral I designates generally a conventional rifle, said rifle including a stock comprising a butt 2, a forearm 3 in which the barrel 4 is mounted, the usual strap 5, etc.

The strap 5 is detachably secured to the butt i and the forearm 3 by swivel connections which are designated generally by the reference numeral 6 and which constitute the present invention. The swivels 6 include sockets I which are permanently mounted in recesses which are provided therefor in the butt 2 and the forearm 3. The closed upper ends of the sockets l are provided with threaded openings 8. The front socket l is anchored in position in the forearm 3 by a screw 9 which is inserted in said forearm from the top thereof with the barrel 4 removed,

- as illustrated to advantage in Figure l of the drawings, said screw 9 being threadedly engaged in the opening 8. As best seen in Figure 2 of the drawings, the rear socket l is anchored in the butt 2 by a screw N? which is inserted in the socket from the open end thereof, said screw passing through the opening 8 and being threaded into the butt 2. At their outer ends the sockets 7 are provided with external flanges I I for engagement with the bottom of the rifle stock, annular grooves I2 being provided in said sockets immediately adjacent said flanges ll.

Each swivel connection 6 further includes a removable bearing I3 which is threadedly mounted in the socket I. On its outer end the bearing I 3 is provided with a knurled flange M which is adapted to abut the outer end of the socket I.

The reference numeral l5 designates an eye in which a loop I6 is journaled for swinging movement. The strap 5 passes slidably through the loops l6 of the front and rear connections. The eye l5 comprises a reduced shank I! which is journaled in the bearing I3. Immediately adjacent the shank I! the eye l5 has formed thereon a flange l8 which abuts the outer end of the bearing l3. On the inner end of the shank I7 is a reduced neck l9 on which a collar 20 is mounted. The free end portion of the neck i9 is upset in a manner to provide a substantially conical head 2| for securing the collar 20.

It will thus be seen that a rotary and swinging connection for the strap 5 has been provided which is capable of substantially universal movement, thereby preventing loosening of the connections in the rifle stock. The rotary eyes 15 are permanently mounted in the bearings I3. However, should it be desired to transfer the strap 5 to another rifle in which the sockets I have previously been mounted it is only necessary to unscrew the bearings I3 from said socket 1, said bearings carrying the eyes l5 and the loops l6. In Figure 4 of the drawings the reference numeral 22 designates another form of loop which, if desired, may be used in lieu of the loops l6. 7

It is believed that the many advantages of a swivel connection for gun stock straps conwith the gun stock, a removable bearing threadstructed in accordance with the present invention will be readily understood and although a preferred embodiment of the device is as illustrated and described, it is to be understood that changes in the details of construction and in the combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to which will fall Within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed is:--

A connection for gun straps comprising a socket mounted in the. stock of the gun, said socket having an opening in its inner end for the reception of a securing element, an external flange on the outer end of the socket engageable mam edly mounted in the outer end portion of the socket, said bearing including an external flange on its outer end engaged with the outer end of the socket, an eye member rotatably mounted in the bearing, said eye member including a reduced shank journaled in the bearing, a flange on the eye member immediately adjacent the shank engaged with the outer end of the bearing, a reduced neck on the inner end of the shank, a collar mounted on said neck and engaged with the inner end of the bearing, a head on the free end of the neck for securing the collar on said neck and a loop mounted for swinging movement in the eye of said member.


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