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Publication numberUS20110083377 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 12/587,781
Publication date14 Apr 2011
Filing date13 Oct 2009
Priority date13 Oct 2009
Publication number12587781, 587781, US 2011/0083377 A1, US 2011/083377 A1, US 20110083377 A1, US 20110083377A1, US 2011083377 A1, US 2011083377A1, US-A1-20110083377, US-A1-2011083377, US2011/0083377A1, US2011/083377A1, US20110083377 A1, US20110083377A1, US2011083377 A1, US2011083377A1
InventorsRandall Lee Graffis
Original AssigneeRandall Lee Graffis
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Big drawer
US 20110083377 A1
A cantilevered sliding trolley to house a full-sized truck tool box or similar. The slide hardware is behind the toolbox. This allows complete exposure of the tool box to the user.
A pair of J shaped tracks are mounted to an outer frame. Treated lumber, 26 Inch fir or like being used for the frame. Weatherproof rollers 2 Inches or more in diameter suspend the trolley system slide.
A single cable and spring is attached at the roller axle. It absorbs the shock of fully opening and slamming closed.
A 12 Inch section of the J material is mounted upside down at the leading edge of the trolley frame. This relieves torque on the trolley frame when in the closed position.
The Big Drawer assemblies can be mounted laterally or longitudinally. The tool box can move to exposure along it's long or short axis.
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1. A cantilevered trolley frame and track system for containing and displaying a full size truck crossover toolbox from below a typical residential deck or other horizontal surface comprising in combination:
a pair of metal J shaped tracks affixed solidly to side rails such as 26 Inch treated fir that are suspended from the joist of said deck on either side of said trolley;
framework, such as 26 Inch treated fir, for providing cantilevered support for the entire weight of said trolley, said toolbox, and contents;
brackets, axle housings, axles and rollers affixed to said trolley framework behind said toolbox;
said supporting framework and said trolley to be approximately twice the length of said toolbox;
cable and spring affixed to said axle to absorb the shock of opening fully and slamming closed;
short section of said track affixed to both side leading edges of said trolley in an inverted position in order to support said trolley at the front when in a fully closed position.
2. A cantilevered trolley frame and track system for displaying storage or other items from below a horizontal surface comprising in combination:
a pair of tracks affixed solidly to side rails that are suspended from said horizontal surface on either side of said trolley;
a framework for providing cantilevered support for the entire weight of said trolley, said items for display,
  • [0001]
    This mechanism utilizes a cantilevered trolley framework. It houses a truck-sized crossover toolbox that is suspended below a deck's joists.
  • [0002]
    When pulled out, the toolbox is completely accessible. It provides tool, yard chemical and toy storage.
  • [0003]
    Most new subdivisions do not allow storage sheds or other out buildings.
  • [0004]
    Many homes do have wooden or composite decks. They are located at the rear or side of the residence.
  • [0005]
    The area under these decks is rarely used for storage purposes. The reason being access, security and weatherproof concerns.
  • [0006]
    The Big Drawer provides an accessible, weatherproof, lockable storage area previously not used.
  • [0007]
    Currently storage options for these homeowners include garage, basement storage and deck boxes. Garage and basement storage is not convenient to the area of eventual use. Deck boxes take up valuable space that would otherwise be used for entertaining.
  • [0008]
    This application relates to mechanisms for optimizing storage in primarily inaccessible areas.
  • [0009]
    Many spaces for potential storage use have not been easy to utilize. Access, security, or weatherproof features have been the primary reasons.
  • [0010]
    This device provides utilization of these spaces both outdoors and in.
  • [0011]
    Previously, most storage of outdoor equipment took place in mini barns or outbuildings.
  • [0012]
    Many subdivision covenants have outlawed these outbuildings. Thereafter, companies have worked to develop organizational aids to optimize garage storage space.
  • [0013]
    The following items are stored in garages some distance from their intended use:
  • [0014]
    Lawn and gardening equipment, yard toys, chemicals, athletic equipment, cords and hoses
  • [0015]
    In many garages, the family vehicle is crowded out creating safety issues.
  • [0016]
    Little or no use has until now been made of the space under residential decks.
  • [0017]
    The Big Drawer provides a shell to hold a full-size crossover truck toolbox. The storage is secure (lockable), unobtrusive and weatherproof. It virtually disappears when closed.
  • [0018]
    The equipment is therefore located close to its area of intended use. This saves the owner time and effort.
  • [0019]
    Additionally, space is freed up in the garage for other uses.
  • [0020]
    All parts are weatherproof and will withstand outdoor or indoor conditions for years.
  • [0021]
    Storage space is always at a premium. Garage or basement construction costs run upwards of $80 per Square Foot.
  • [0022]
    Two to three hundred pounds of the following item can be stored: rakes, shovels, hoes, brooms, garden hoses, chemicals, saws, cultivators, gas cans, seeds, plants, axes, pitchforks, spades, blowers, drop cords and other tools. Storage in the area discussed would reduce transport time to retrieve them.
  • [0023]
    The Big Drawer will keep them safe, secure and out of the way until they are needed.
  • [0024]
    FIG. 1 A full size truck crossover toolbox commercially available from multiple manufacturers.
  • [0025]
    FIG. 2 Trolley system to accept the full size crossover toolbox longitudinally.
  • [0026]
    FIG. 3 Carrier to be suspended beneath deck system and accept trolley with toolbox.
  • [0027]
    FIG. 4 Typical installation of above parts with the Big Drawer extended to it's open position.
  • [0028]
    FIG. 5 Trolley system to accept the full size crossover toolbox in a transverse manner.
  • [0029]
    FIG. 6 Carrier to be suspended beneath deck system and accept trolley with toolbox.
  • [0030]
    FIG. 7 Full size crossover toolbox.
  • [0031]
    FIG. 8 Typical wooden deck with the Big Drawer extended to it's open position.
  • [0032]
    FIG. 9 Bracket of 16 gauge galvanized metal to encase the trolley arms, such as 26 inch treated fir, and two axle housings.
  • [0033]
    FIG. 10 Bracket as above for a single axle housing.
  • [0034]
    FIG. 11 Assembly of brackets, axle housing and 2 inch weatherproof rollers.
  • [0035]
    FIG. 12 Assembly of brackets, two axle housings and rollers.
  • [0036]
    10 Full size truck crossover toolbox.
  • [0037]
    11 Side rail of trolley such as 26 Inch treated fir.
  • [0038]
    12 Bracket with two axle openings.
  • [0039]
    13 Axle housing such as ⅜ Inch ID galvanized pipe.
  • [0040]
    14 Bracket with one axle opening.
  • [0041]
    15 Side rail of carrier such as 26 Inch treated fir.
  • [0042]
    16 Galvanized J channel for 2 Inch rollers.
  • [0043]
    17 Typical wooden deck.
  • [0044]
    18 Access hole for unlocking toolbox.
  • [0045]
    19 Heavy Galvanized L brackets such as 1 1 10 Inch for attaching carrier to deck.
  • [0046]
    20 Access hole for unlocking toolbox.
  • [0047]
    21 Trolley side rail such as 26 Inch treated fir.
  • [0048]
    22 Carrier side rail.
  • [0049]
    23 Axle housing holes of 11/16 Inch.
  • [0050]
    24 Hole for 101 Inch galvanized pan head metal screws.
  • [0051]
    25 Weatherproof 2 Inch rollers with ⅜ Inch axles.
  • [0052]
    26 Axle housings such as ⅜ Inch ID galvanized pipe.
  • [0053]
    27 Attachment point for ⅛ Inch cable.
  • [0054]
    28 Spring attached to axle housing and ⅛ Inch cable.
  • [0055]
    29 Twelve Inch piece of J track in an inverted position both sides of trolley.
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