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Publication numberUS1786373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date23 Dec 1930
Filing date30 Nov 1929
Priority date30 Nov 1929
Publication numberUS 1786373 A, US 1786373A, US-A-1786373, US1786373 A, US1786373A
InventorsWalker Ralph C
Original AssigneeWalker Ralph C
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Electrically-heated therapeutical appliance
US 1786373 A
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Dec. 23, 1930. R. c. WALKER ELECTRICALLY HEATED THERAPEUTICAL APPLIANCE Filed Nov. so, 1929 VIIZII Cttorneg J5JZZ9 19 10 Zmventor 'MmmmIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl"IIIIIHIIIIIIl"IlIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Patented Dec."23',` 1930 UNITED STATES PATENT loI-l-lca'f RALPH c. WALKER.,- or PORTLAND, onEGoN ELnc'raicALLY-HEATED 'rnEnarEUrIcAL ArrLnNcn applicati@ med november 30.11929. serial No. 410,780.

My invention relates to improvements in electrically heated therapeutical appliances, adapted to be inserted into thecavities of the body for the treatment of internal disordersrand it is an object of the invention to provide a device of this character by vmeans of which the parts treated may be dilated by the introduction of a quantity of water or other suitable fluid so as to-comiplletely lill the cavity and conform to the conguration of thesame, thereby -forming intimate contact with every portion thereof.

It is another obj ect of the inventionto provide electrical heating means .preferably within the dilato-for heating the body Iof fluid and maintaining the degree of heat upon thel .affected parts substantially uniformor I fied orm.

constant, the fluid not only performing the function of dilating the instrument and parts treated, but providing means for transmitting the predetermined amount of'heat directly to the walls of thel cavity.

A further object of the invention is to provide an axial vibratory action to the dilator and to provide means for the introduction of radio-active material for influencing other pathological conditions.

.. Referring to the drawings, wherein similar reference characters indicate similar parts throughout the several views; l

Fig. 1 is a perspective illustrating one embodiment of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a similar'view showing the parts in unassembled relation;

Fig. 3, is a longitudinal section; and

Fi is a longitudinal section of a m'odi- Fig. `5 is a longitudinal section of a modilied form of core. f

In the drawings, reference character 10 indicates a supporting head or body provided with a reduced externally threaded extension 11, and a second similar reduced externally threaded extension 12. The body 10 is -provided with an axial bore 13 through its center and another longitudinal bore 14 through the body between the first and sec ondv extensions. The longitudinal bore 13 forms a passageway for conducting wires 15 which are woundfaroundfa cylindrical iron bar or core 16 which forms the coreof a soler noid or electromagnet. 1

The core is adapted to be housed within a cylindrical. body or shell 17 whichhas one end internally threaded for cooperation with thelthreads on the second extension 12. This shell forms the secondary of 'the coils and furnishes heat. The body or head 10 is preferably formed of bakelite, hard rubber, or the like insulating material. y Y AUpon the'extension 11 is secureda sleeve 18, having internal threads 19 by means of which it 1s secured upon the head 10-and also s "having staggered apertures 20 to` permit the free passage of the Huid therethrough. The

`outer end of the sleeve 18 has a closure plug 21 threaded into the end of the same, and said plug vis drilled out or tapped for thereception of a capsule 21 of radium or otherradio-v active material. The inner end of the sleeve is provided with external annular grooves orl corrugations 22.

About the entire sleeve and enclosing the apertures Ain the same is secured,a iexible sheath or membranous sack 23 oi? rubber or other thinp'material capable of adapting itself to irregularities and conforning to the conguratlon of the parts treated. kThis sheath is of inexpensive constructionso that it may be discarded after asingle use, thus promoting cleanliness. `As shown it may be secured in glace by a rubber band 23. flange plate 24 is preferably secured over thereduced extension 11 between 'the sleeve 18 and shoulder of the head, and such flange I'in use limits the insertion of the device and engages the fingers to'aiord a better grip or s complish this result instead ofl a singlebar w16 and winding 15'such as I have described and shown in Figs. l to 3, I provide in Fig. 4 two bars or cores 27 and 28, similar to the bar 16.1 About the cores 27 and 28 are disposed windings 29 and 30 connected at 31, the extremities of the windings being extended through the bore 13 to the binding posts-or terminals 26. A coil spring 32 is disposed between the contiguous ends of the bars 27 and 28, and the outer end of the core 28 directly engages the end of the enclosing shell which, as above described, forms the secondary of the coils and generates heat.

As shown in Fig. 5, I provide a core 33 similar to the core 15 and a shorter core 34, a spring 32 being located at each end of the short core 34. This type of construction is preferable since it is simpler and safer and a greater amount of vibration is obtained with the same amount of current.

My device isadapted to be used in conjunction with a small toy transformer supplying 6 to 24 volts as only a small amount of current is necessary to energize the instrument. y,

The construction above described 'provides a combined transformer and heating element with means for controlling the temperature of the uid within the sack or sheath, and -at the same time, for controlling the amount of pressure aswell as the use of radio-active material. y The constructions shown in Figs. 4 and 5, in addition to performing the above functions, likewise provide a longitudinal vibration of the instrument. Cleansing or sterilizing is easily made possible on account of the discarding of the part of the device that comes in contact with the surface treated. My device will beV found useful in the treatment of various disorders, for by the dilation of the elastic sheath and the application of heat and vibration, tissues may be replaced which have been displaced, as for example, a prolapsed uterus. The application of radio-active material with stimulative or destructive action renders the instrument valuable in the treatment of certain types of pathology. y, Therefore, the function of the invention is quadruple, being able to be used to apply heat, pressure, vibration, and radio-activity, or any combination of these at the will of the operator.

What I claim is:

1. A therapeutic appliance comprising in combination, a heating element, a sleeve surrounding the heating element in spaced relation t tlons for the passage of liquid therethrough,

and a dilatable sheath disposed aboutV and housing said perforated sleeve, and means for admitting liquid into the sheath.

2. An electrically heated therapeutical appllance comprising in combination, a combined transformer and heating element, a

sleeve surrounding the transformer and heatlng element in spaced relation thereto and provided with erforati'ons for the passage of liquid theret rough, and a. dilatable sack secured to and housing said sleeve, and means for admitting liquid to the sack.

3. A therapeutical appliance 'comprising a body constituting a combined heating and vibration producingv means, a perforated sleeve housing said body, and a dilatable sheath secured to and disposed about said sleeve, and means for admitting liquid into the sheath.

4. A therapeutic appliance comprising spaced cores, windings about each of said cores', spring means for normally maintaining the cores in spaced relation, a metal sleeve surrounding'said cores, a perforated second sleeve of insulating material enclosing the metal sleeve, and a dilatable sheath enclosing said last mentioned sleeve, and means for admitting liquid to the dilatable sheath.v

5. In a therapeutical appliance, a body of insulating material having a reduced extension, an elongated perforated tubular sleeve having one end thereof fitted onto said extension, said sleeve being constructed to house a combined heating and vibrating element and to support a dilatable sheath, and a removable closure for the other end of said sleeve having a cavity on the inner side thereof adapted to retain a capsule of radioactive material inoperativej relation to the surface being treated.

6. In combination, an elongated perforated sleeve of insulating material constructed to house a combined heating and vibrating `means, a dilatable sheath surrounding said sleeve and constructed to contact with the surface to be treated, means at one end of said sleeve constructed to introduce liquid into said sheath through the perforations of said sleeve, and means at the other end of said sleeve constructed to retain a capsule of radio-active material in operative .relation to the surface beingv treated.

.In testimony whereof I ax my signature.


ereto and provided with yperfora-

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International ClassificationA61M36/00, A61M36/02, A61B17/42, A61F7/12
Cooperative ClassificationA61F7/123, A61B17/42
European ClassificationA61F7/12B