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Publication numberUS1715237 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date28 May 1929
Filing date9 Jul 1927
Priority date9 Jul 1927
Publication numberUS 1715237 A, US 1715237A, US-A-1715237, US1715237 A, US1715237A
InventorsTom Huston
Original AssigneeTom Huston
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Card display stand
US 1715237 A
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May 28, 1929. T, HUSTON 1,715,237

CARD DISPLAY STAND Filed July 9, 1927 gmanloz -T0711/ Huston Patented AMay 28, 192.9.


Application fried July 9, 1927. serial No. 204,561.

My'invention -relates to a card display stand of the knock-down ltype adapted to be shipped fiat and when ready for use to be folded to produce interlocked top and front display flaps, the top iiap being adapted to receive and display a'jar or the like while the front flap over-hangs the counter upon which the display jar stands and bears advertising matter relating thereto. y

l0 The object of my invention is to provide a device of the above character which can be used to display peanut butter and the like in jars, the front flap which overhangs the counter having suitable advertising display matter which will be most elfectively displayed while the top iap is supported Vin spaced relation above the counter so as to engage the ar immediately below its display label and thus cause the jar to hold the display stand in place. I thus provide a very effective advertising display.

My invention further comprises the'novel details of construction and arrangements of parts, which, in their preferred embodiment onl draivings which form a part of this specification7 and in which Fig. 1 is a plan view of the blank forming the card display stand. Y

Fig. 2 is a side view of the stand set up in operating position; and

3 is a cross-sectional View enlarged on the line III-III of Fig. 2.

Similar reference numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawings.

In the embodiment of my invention illustrated, the stand comprises a main body or flap 4 connected by a weakened or score line 5 with a top Hap 6 having a central extension 7 having an opening 8 through which a jar or the like is adapted to pass with a snug it. The body flap 4 is inout on an angle at 10 on each side edge and at the base of each of these incuts is provided aA laterally extending liap 11 commencing at a vertical score line 12 which leads from the base of the inout 10 across and at right angles to the score line 5 and through the top edge of the flap 6. A strip of gummed paper 13 shown extending nearly to the vertical score line 12, is attached to each flap 11 and the score line 12 at each side provides the flap 6 with end iaps 14. The width of the flap 11 is determined by the height at which it is desired to support flap 6 above the level of the counter the top are illustrated in the accompanyingr Luisiana Torr nusromor cormncnnsienonera.

or show case 15,'and the length of the flap 11 i' i corresponds with the length from side to side of the .fia-p 14.' A cut l'extending from the score line 12 to the side serves to detach t-he adjacent iaps 11 and 14.

Insctting up the stand,` thecardboard is folded along the score line 5 to bring the flaps 4 and 6 at right are then inturned so from the ends of the Hap 6. The flaps 11 are angles. The flaps 14 as to hang vertically then folded over in a horizontal plane to overlap on the outer side of the flaps 14, and the free ends of the gummed stripsl are then bent around their respective overlapped pair of flaps 11 and 14 and gummed to the inner This is indicated more clearside of flap 14.

ly in Fig. 3. where the flap 11 and strip 13 are shown in dotted lines in unfolded position and in full lines in assembled position with their respective flap 14. Thus a card display stand is produced which will present the body .portion 4 in vertical display position overhanging the counter or show case with the inter-locked fia-ps 11 and 14 at each side resting on the top of the counter and supporting the iiap 6 so as to receive the ar 9', leaving the label thereon in display position. The interlocking of the fiaps 11 and 14 serves to hold the card display stand to provide a durable cheaply produced and in set up position and article which can be which will give an effective counter display for merchandise in Jars. cans and the like.

Though I have described with great particularity the details of the embodiment of 9 art without departing from the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters l Patent, is

1. In a card display stand for a counter,

a body foldable along a transverse line to form a verticalfrontV display flap overhanging` the countery and above the counter and receive the article to a horizontal top flap having an opening to be displayed and adto overlap on the out,

1de the said end iiapS, 110

lapped Aflaps assembled and the stand ready for use.

2'. In a card display stand for a counter',

a cardboard body scored transversely and adapted to be folded to provide a horizontal top flap lying parallelwitli the top of the counter and a vertical front Hap overhangingv the counter, and side iaps on both the horizontal and vertical iia'ps and :toldable downwardly and rearwardly respectively into overlapping position at right angles to the plane of the top flap and which are adapt- 2 in which the overlapping supporting flaps comprise a flap in the top body flap and foldable downwardly therefrom, a Hap on the front body Hap and foldable rearwardly therefrom, and a gummed strip adapted to be folded about the supporting flap elements when assembled inl overlapped position.

In testimony whereoil I alx my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/661.8
International ClassificationA47F5/11, A47F5/10
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European ClassificationA47F5/11B